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Thursday, 6 September 2012

DreamClix Special, These Extras are not from the 70's

Welcome to another DreamClix Special post. There was not HeroClix this week as Adrian and Michael could not make it at the last moment. So the 400 points "one figure must have the Deity keyword" game will be moved to next week. First off the HeroClix news for this week. This week there were previews of two versions of Thor from Marvel HeroClix 10th Anniversary; and Dr Hugo Strange from DC Batman.

Now for this week's DreamClix section. This week I am doing ideas for the RX-75 Guntank from the original Mobile Suit Gundam; a generic Soul Reaper from Bleach; and three different pods from Sam Witwicky's All special from the live action Transformers movies. But first I have designs of Izuchi from Battle Angel Alita; Major Metallitron from Dragon Ball; Aquila from CosmicBreak; a Deep Sea Boomer from Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040: and a generic Mithra from Final Fantasy XI.

Next is the RX-75 Guntank from the original Mobile Suit Gundam. The RX-75 Guntank was the first prototype mobile suit developed in the Earth Federation's Project V. However, the Guntank hardly qualified at all as a mobile suit, which generally referred to bipedal machines. The Guntank had the torso and arms of a mobile suit, but possessed a tank-like base with tracks. It also lacked the humanoid manipulator hands and had a canopy-style cockpit on the head, along with the cockpit in the torso. Like all Project V prototypes, the Guntank's design incorporate the Core Block System. The RX-75 Guntank was developed when the first rumors of the Principality of Zeon's mobile suits reached the Federation. The Guntank was designed as a long-range anti-mobile suit and artillery support unit. Although its performance in this role fell below expectations, it did pack a heavy punch. Its main weapons were twin 180 mm recoilless cannons, which were capable of both effective direct and indirect fires at both long and medium ranges. The Guntank's two arms ended in four-barrel missile launchers instead of manipulator hands. These weapons provided good cover fire against enemy tanks and aircraft but less effective against enemy mobile suits at close range. It should have Invulnerability, Toughness, Range Combat Expert, Energy Explosion and the Improved Sight (ignore elevated and ignore friendly characters). It should have eight clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 5, Attack 9, Defence 15, Damage 1 and Range 10 with one target. Its team ability should be the Mobile Suit one and its keywords should be Earth Federation Forces. The next Gundam UC idea should be a pilot card for Hayato Kobayashi.

Next is a generic Soul Reaper from Bleach. Soul Reapers are guardians of the souls who are going through the circle of transmigration. Namely, they are "balancers." They exterminate Hollows who did evil in the World of the living; they ensure the safe crossing of souls - the Pluses who have lost their way after death - by giving them a soul funeral. Soul Reapers are unearthly beings living in a world ruled by a different logic than the World of the Living. They possess high Reiryoku and a body of Reishi. They are invisible to those without spiritual powers. When souls with exceptional spiritual energy train their bodies, they reach the level of Soul Reapers. The most talented of them become affiliated with various organizations like the Gotei 13 and the Onmitsukidō. Sometimes, a Soul Reapers is born among the residents of the Rukongai, and in some rare cases from Seireitei. Soul Reapers  receive salaries, like workers in the living world and also earn bounties for defeating Hollows. They should have a trait called "Divisions", Charge, Blades and Combat Reflexes.
When you revile your force choose one of these keywords: Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, Division 4, Division 5, Division 6, Division 7, Division 8, Division 9, Division 10, Division 11, Division 12 and Division 13. Soul Reaper has that keyword for the rest of the game.
They should have four clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 8, Attack 9, Defence 16, Damage 2 and Range 4 with one target. Their team ability should be the Soul Reaper one and their keywords should be Soul Reaper. The next Bleach idea should be Zannosuke Kurumadani.

Next is the Four pods from Sam Witwicky's special. First the Light Object Bot. It should have the Tiny symbol, Incapacitate and combat values of Speed 9, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 1 and Range 4 with one target. Next the Heavy Object Bot. It should have Toughness, Range Combat Expert and combat values of Speed 8, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 1 and Range 5 with one target. Next is the Immobile Object Bot. It should have Toughness, Super Strength, Close Combat Expert and combat values of Speed 7, Attack 9, Defence 16, Damage 2 and Range 6 with one target. And lastly is the Ultra Heavy Object Bot. It should have the Giant symbol, Invulnerability, Quake, Charge, Range Combat Expert and combat values of Speed 6, Attack 9, Defence 15, Damage 2 and Range 7 with one target. The next Other section idea should be Eva Unit-01 and the next Transformers live action movies idea should be Sideswipe.

Next I want to do another special feature in this week's DreamClix. This will be the second of three HeroClix wish lists. This time we will have a look at Marvel comics, the biggest of the three wish lists. Where do I start? I start with House of M stuff I would like to see. Iron Man is an early one to call. I do really like the look of the armour in House of M. Also I would like to see the House of M versions of Johnny Storm, Howard Stark and the Things. Next I will do X-Men characters. I like to see new versions of Toad, Avalanche, Destiny, Captain Britain, Lady Deathstrike, a standard X-Men Shadowcat and an Ultimate universe Shadowcat. I also would like to see Surge, David Alleyne (aka Prodigy), Dust, Rockslide, Hellion, Blindfold, Mercury, Pixie and Ogun. Then we have more Iron Man armours we have not seen done it HeroClix from like Aqua Armour, Stealth Armour and Pepper Potts's Rescue armour. Also HeroClix figures of characters and armours from the Iron Man films (hoping this will happen next year when Iron Man III is released). Other comic book characters I like to see are Whiplash, Dreadknight Century and Galacta, as well as new versions of Blizzard and Whirlwind.

Lastly is the DreamClix Dial Designs page update news. I ended up only doing an update on Sunday due to time. It was the first of five One Piece updates. There has been a change to how I do Devil Fruit users. You will be able to see the changes by looking a Luff's dial design shown below. There should be at least an update to the DreamClix Dial Designs page on Sunday which should be the second of the five One Piece updates.

Well that is it for this week. Until next time, Mecha Up.