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Friday, 19 September 2014

Gaming News from Neoscream: 19th September 2014

All the stuff that were added to Dungeon
level from Stretch Goals
Welcome to “Gaming News from Neoscream”. This is my weekly gaming news post for miniature games, RPGs, some card games and computer games.

“Gaming News”

First off is the Battle System news. With their Fantasy Dungeon Terrain KickStarter the Stretch Goals that they managed to unlock since last week’s post were:  Two Tomb, a Table, a Torch, a Torture Rack, two Treasure Chests, two Thrones, three Balustrades, a Broken Arch and a Great Throne were added to the Dungeon pledge level; a wide Archway with a Butcher’s Block as an add-on at an unrevealed amount; all tables, bookcases and Tombs are reversible; half of the Thrones have been replaced with Wooden Chairs; An Arch Surround with two doors, two Pillars, a Wide Portullis with Arch Surround and an Altar lid to convert a Tomb into an Altar as an add-on as £135k.
Stretch Goal that was still going when I posted this post were: Three Pristine Walls and a Pristine Doorway with a door as an add-on at $140k; and Fortress parts as a future goal(s).
The KickStarter will be ended Sunday so let us see what can back unlocked between now and then.

Next is the Stonehaven Miniatures news. The characters we got since the last post for their Half-Orc Adventurers KickStarter were: The Half-Orc Necromancer, a fantastic Hedgehog, the Mysterious Stranger, an Undead Skelton Half-Orc, the Tengu Samurai, the Grippli Witch Doctor, the Hengeyokai Songbird, the Half-Dragon Dualist and the Half-Orc Scholar.
There is also a stretch goal of 300 Facebook shares will add a Hengeyokai Messager.
The KickStarter will be ended Sunday so let us see what can back unlocked between now and then.

Now for the Mantic news. They have been gearing up for when they start shipping Mars Attacks all week by showing off painted figures that we have not seen yet, like the DreadBall team. With Deadzone the Inferno Drill and Brokkr Engineer where missing from everybody’s the Forge Father Booster Bundle. This will be ship in the third shipment which is being delayed until November (may be late October, but knowing Mantic and KickStarter I am saying November). Due to the longer wait for wave three there is going to be another survey to add more stuff. The Survey should be released on the 22nd of September and will close on the 5th of October.
Ref! Ref! They have weapons on the patch
Due to this I have a strong feeling that DreadBall Xtreme will be delayed to December as their warehouse will be busy with the wave three Deadzone in November. But the way Mantic is going at the moment, it might even be delayed to next year. Now this is just my thoughts and NOT news from Mantic.
Speaking of DreadBall Xtreme, more stretch goals were competed from the survey (which ends at the end of this month). We now have Keepers and Prone tokens for both Seasons 5 and 6. Sadly only four teams are getting Keeper from Seasons 5 and 6. Both the Kalyshi and Tsudochan teams do not have Guard and the Hulk in the Hobgoblin team and the Crystallan guards are too large to make Keeper upgrades. Also the final Xtreme Xpansion set giant was funded as well, Krastavor. There are currently no news on any more stretch goals.
Oh and the next Mantic Open Day will be on the 29th November at our Nottingham HQ.

Next is the Cool Mini or Not news. They have released a new mission for Zombicide online called “Hungry, Thirsty, and Dangerous”.

Now for the Privateer Press news. Next Wednesday will see the release of Cryx Ally Unit Cephalyx Mind Slaver with Drudges, the Legion Light Warbeast Nephilim Protector, the new High Command box set “Faith and Fortune”, High Command Faith and Fortune Expansion set called “Escalating Conflict”, Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Monsternomicon and LEVEL 7 [INVASION].

Next is the Shadows of Brimstone news. We finally got more deals on the waves. Wave one is the two core set, rules for (but no figures) the Outlaw and maybe the paint set and several other bits if they have arrived in time. This should start shipping Sometime this week for every one apart for Europe. The Europe stuff will ship next month.
Wave two will be everything else and will ship in Summer 2015, mostly likely August (which is what I am listing it as). If people are willing to pay extra post and packing there will be a Wave 1.5 for them that will send whatever is ready by then. They are currently planning on releasing it in April/May 2015.
They have decided to swap out the extra Passages and Standard Room Tiles that they were planning to added to the two core starter sets for six new Frontier Bandit Enemies for the Outlaw pledge level and above as well as an add-on, Due to rule changes they have replied the single Void Sorcerer for a set of three at no extra cost. Trun Hunters, Trederran Mutants, and Tribal Ghost Warrior Enemies, Bases, Corpse Piles and Derelict Ship Auto-Turrets as optional Add-Ons which may be purchased in the Pledge Manager!

Now for the the HeroClix news. This week we got previews of Forest Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood and Forest Hunter from Yu-Gi-Oh Series Two and the Marvel 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit figure Psylocke.

Next is a new cheep little KickStarter I backed called Yashima: Legend of the Kami Master. It is a card-driven miniatures game where each player customises their chosen kami master and engages in player vs. player or team vs. team combat. You are a Kami Master. Trained in the art of channelling the spirit energy of the Kami, unrivalled in expertise of your chosen fighting style, you are sworn to uphold the honour of your House. The game comes with four characters (each with a deck of cards, a card Tome and a fantastic figure), four Kami decks and Tiles to play on. There are two main level Bronze and Silver. Bronze comes with the Base game and all unlocked Bronze stretch goals, while Silver comes with the Base game and all unlocked Bronze and Silver stretch goals.
Since the Kickstarter started they have unlocked for Bronzer level: Double Sided Boards and thirteen Alternate art cards. And for Silver level: Both Forest Expansion Masters (both with deck and figure); both Foil Card Set one and two; and Sculpted Status tokens.
Stretch Goal that were still going when I posted this post were: Forest Map Tiles and the Fox Kami deck for the Forest Expansion will be added to Silver level at $55k; the Level Up Pack one will be added to Bronze level at $60k; an Arcane Wonders promo Master (with deck and figure) as an add-on (and to Gold Level is they make that level) at $65k; Foil Card Set three will be added to Silver level at $70k; New Kami Pack one as an add-on (and to Gold Level is they make that level) at $75k; the first Snow Expansion Master will be added to Silver level at $80k; four Alternate art cards will be added to Bronze level at 625 backers; an Alternate art card for every 100 likes on Board Game Geek (up to at least 300); and ; an Alternate art card for 400 and again at 500 Facebook Shares.
I at Bronze level which is only $30 (about £20) before postage.

Now for the OVA news. An update version of the rulebook is available to download and anyone who missed out on out during KickStarter can now buy the PDF version from DriveThruRPG for $15. The book should be going into print soon and should be finish printing sometime in the next couple of months.

Next is the Ninja Division news. Here is the Robotech RPG Tactics news. Wave one is coming to them as five containers. The first container had arrived a while ago, sadly it did not have every component of Wave One in it unlike what they expected. So it sadly means that wave one has NOT started shipping.
More Mars Attacks
The second container has arrived in the US earlier this week and should arrive at their warehouse by the end of next week or the following Monday. Once this container arrives they should be able to send a bunch of backer rewards.
The third container is currently at sea and is scheduled to reach the US around the same time second container is being delivered to their warehouse. They should have the third container at the warehouse a week after the second. After that, they would have received some of everything, and all of most things. From what I understand they will have enough Battle Cry sets to send one to everyone, but not multiple copies.
The fourth container has been loaded and sent to the port in China yesterday, and will ship at the beginning of next week. It should have the last of the Battle Cry extras in it, along with a bunch more main boxed games.
The fifth Container will ship a week after the fourth and the sixth container should either ship at the same time as the fifth or a week later. This should round up all the last bits that they are missing from wave one.
According to them about half of all Wave One rewards should be shipped by the middle of October, and the rest should be shipped by the end of October. Due to this I am remove wave one of Robotech RPG Tactics from on the way to should ship in October.

Lastly the Kingdom Death news. There should be a new update SOON. Hopefully!

“KickStarter Dates”

·         “Kingdom Death Monster”, “Mechabrick” and wave two of “Robotech RPG Tactics” all have been delay due to problems and currently have no dates on when these will start shipping. Plus I do not know when the second wave of “Shadows of Brimstone” will ship
·         Both and the Sepia version of “Pop-Up Miniature Terrain Kit” has started shipping
·         Both the “Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain” and the “Half-Orc Adventures” KickStarters will end on the 21st of September 2014
·         The “Deadzone” wave three survey should start on the 22nd of September 2014
·         “Dust Operation Babylon”, the digital copy of “Mekton Zero” rulebook, “Arcadia Quest”, the physical copy of the “Mekton Zero” rulebook, wave one of “Shadows of Brimstone” for all apart from Europe and "Mars Attacks" all should start shipping this month
·         Wave one of “Robotech RPG Tactics”, wave one of “Journey Wrath of Daemons and wave one of “Shadows of Brimstone” for Europe are meant to ship in October 2014
·         The “Deadzone” wave three survey should end on 5th of October 2014
·         The “Yashima: Legend of the Kami Master” KickStarter will end on the 15th of October 2014
·         “StarCrawlers” is listed to be done and out by November 2014
·         Wave three of “Deadzone”, wave one of “DreadBall Xtreme”, “Last Saga”, the coloured ran of “Pop-Up Miniature Terrain Kit”, “Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Set” (comes with a digital copy of the old RPG rulebooks) and hopefully the physical copy of “OVA”  should all be shipping in November 2014
·         “Super Dungeon Explore The Forgotten King”, “Guild Ball” and “Mechadrome” are all listed to ship in December 2014
·         Wave two of “DreadBall Xtreme” is meant to ship sometime in 2015 and I am guessing wave two of “Journey Wrath of Daemons” has be push back to this time as well
·         “Zombicide Season Three” should ship in February 2015
·         Wave 1.5 of “Shadows of Brimstone” should ship in April/May 2015
·         “Half-Orc Adventures” should ship in May 2015
·         “Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain”, “Demigods Rising” and “Yashima: Legend of the Kami Master” should ship in July 2015
·          Both “Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest” and wave two of “Shadows of Brimstone” should ship in August 2015

“Painting and Converting”

This week we have a Fatty Berserker, both the Zombie and Human versions of Kyoko and three Zombie Dogs.

This week's figures front view
This week's figures rear view
Wave three Berserker Zombies

In next week’s post there will the finish Warmachine figure for Monday’s points gathering for the Wargames Workshop MK Warmachine/Hoard League 2014.

“Wargames Workshop MK Warmachine/Hoard League 2014 Painting Challenge Day 4 of 28”

Here is what my paint table looked like last night before going to bed.

Here is a closer look of the five I am focusing on at the moment.

And Here are the figures I have finished yesterday.

No new points of yesterday so I am still on two hobby points.

Until next time, Keep Rolling.