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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Neoscream's Life: 2nd to 8th December 2013

MSA-003 Nemo
Welcome to the Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of some of the things I have done last week and news on the great Geek Goddess, AJ Lee.


Finally did the Networking and Check Point exams. I got 75.5% in Networking and 78.3% in the Check Point exam. Both were passing grades meaning I did do well in them. However I do feel a bit disappointed with them after all my other exams (not including the first). Personal I am aiming at 80% or better.

I have not been 100% all week. I went down with a sore throat and a bit of love sick on Monday. The night before I kept on dreaming about AJ Lee. If you have been reading the blog you might know I have a HUGE crush on her. There is something about her is just magical (well she is the Geek Goddess). By Wednesday the sore throat turned into a cold. I was feeling fine by Friday, however I was still producing ten tons of snot.

“AJ Lee (and WWE)

AJ was in a six Diva tag match. AJ was teamed up with her body guard Tamina Snuka and the new Diva Summer Rae. They were against Natalya and the Bella Twins. Summer Rae did a hell of a lot better in this match then the last two divas tag matches. AJ’s head was not in the game for some reason as she spent most of the match skipping around the ring. Maybe she was bored stiff of always competing against the Total Diva, as she has proven she can beat them all. Sadly where AJ did get into the match she got defeated by Natalya. Because of this and the spiteful @itch Vickie Guerrero, Natalya has a title match against AJ at TLC.

AJ was also on commentary on Smackdown during Tamina’s match against Natalya. It always get to hear her talk. Sadly Tamina lost. Natalya threatened AJ at the end of the match, but AJ was calm about it. Perhaps too laid back.

On other AJ news a new photo shot of the Divas was posted on the WWE website called “Battle Ready Divas” and in it there are four fantastic pictures of AJ. Hang on a minute, why are thre only four of AJ?

The next Raw (which has just aired the night before I post this) is Slammys night. I could go and list EVERY award that is being given out. However, due to time I will only talk about the ones AJ in it or are interesting to me now and try to do the results of all of them in next week’s post. First off Diva of the year and the nominees are: AJ Lee, the Bella Twins, the Funkadactyls, Natalya, Kaitlyn and Eva Marie. I am a little pissed with the fact that it is “Diva” of the year but they have two groups, the Bella Twins and the Funkadactyls. They should really be entered as individuals. Seeing old polls and fan actions I would bet AJ would win this, however it is known in the past for the WWE to change major TV poll results to fit their story lines. A long time ago (over a year), there was a poll on who of Team Hell No would face CM Punk. As the WWE wanted Kane to fact Punk and not Daniel Bryan they swapped the real results around. I have a bad feeling that AJ will get screwed out of this one.
Next is the Superstar of the Year and the nominees are: John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Big Show and Brock Lesnar. I will be voting Cena, but I have a felling CM Punk or Daniel Bryan will win.
Next is the Double-Cross of the Year and the nominees are: Triple H costs Daniel Bryan the WWE Championship at SummerSlam, Shawn Michaels (HBK) Superkicks Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell, Mark Henry's "retirement speech" on Raw and Paul Heyman costs CM Punk the Money in the Bank Contract at Money in the Bank. I would have skipped this but one thing really bugged me about it, I personally believe the HBK Superkicks Daniel at Hell in a Cell event should not be in it. I do not see it as HBK double-crossing Daniel. Daniel had attack his best friend Triple H just before hand and was about to do it again if HBK had not kicked Daniel. He was defending his best friend from his former self centred student.
Next is the Insult of the Year and the nominees are: Stephanie McMahon degrades Big Show on Raw, AJ Lee disses the "Total Divas" cast on Raw, Paul Heyman disowns CM Punk and Zeb Colter offends the Universe. My vote is for AJ Lee disses the "Total Divas" cast on Raw. The true can hurt and be classed as an insult.
Lastly there is the "What a Maneuver!" Award and the nominees are: Running knee strike (Daniel Bryan), Black Widow (AJ Lee), Spear (Roman Reigns) and Cesaro Swing (Antonio Cesaro). I am voting for the Black Widow, but I have a feeling after Survivor Series the Spear will win.

OK now to next Sunday’s pay per view, TLC. Currently there are only five matches. First there the World Heavyweight Champion John Cena is up against WWE Champion Randy Orton in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match to unite the two titles. I am cheering for Cena, but he might need to be careful of ladders with AJ in the building. Then there are two handicap three on one matches: Daniel Bryan verses The Wyatt Family and CM Punk verses The Shield. Then there is a match I already revealed Divas Champion, the Geek Goddess AJ Lee verses Natalya. I am cheering for AJ, she has beaten Natalya in every title match they have but I have a couple of worries. AJ is being too relaxed about thing all week and Natalya is not a Diva to underestimate. Also on Smackdown AJ sad something that normally curses both Divas and Super Stars, how long she has be champion for. The only time I can think of that is has not lead to losses was during CM Pucks reign as WWE Champion when he was breaking records. I am hoping she has Punk’s luck with this. After doing a bit of research AJ Current has the third longest single reign of the title and the fifth longs collective rule. She just needs to keep it for about one more month to hold the longs single reign. Lastly there is the Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston verses Damien Sandow match for the title. I will be cheering for Big E. Oh sorry about no Big E write-ups this week. I forgot to do them.

“Watch, Listen and Read”

Watched: Episode 9 of Gundam Build Fighters, last week’s episode of BBC Click and episode 1 of season four of Blue Bloods. I have watched most of the past episodes of Blue Bloods, but never listed them. Now I will be.
Brought: Both Jake’s and my mum’s Christmas presents.
Received: 20 round 25mm Mantic bases.
Ebay: Won three items. Sorry I am not listing them yet. I will list them when they arrive, but they are all Warmachine related.

Watched: This week’s episode of the Gadget Show.

Watched: This week's episode of WWE Raw.
Received: Battle Damage Cyborg Akosha.

Watched: Doctor Who the Movie and episode 8 of season six of On The Table from Beasts of War.

Brought and Received: Dad's Christmas present.

Watched: This week’s episode of The JBL and Cole Show and this week’s episode of WWE Smackdown. I have watched several other episodes of The JBL and Cole Show, but never listed them. Now I will be.
Received: The stuff I ordered on Monday.

Watched: This week’s episode of the Weekenders from Beasts of War.

Well that is it for now. Until next time, Armour Up.