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Friday, 21 November 2014

Gaming News from Neoscream: 21st November 2014

Welcome to “Gaming News from Neoscream”. This is my weekly gaming news post for miniature games, RPGs, some card games and computer games.

“Gaming News”

First off is the new version Paranoia news. Over the week they managed to unlock: An extra adventure was added to Ultraviolet.
The Stretch Goals that still going on: The Game’s Master’s Scream at £150k.

Now for the Wireless Power Board Game Terrain and Miniature Lighting KickStarter. Sadly it is still being funded, however they have added a bunch of new backer levels and add-ons.

Next is the Privateer Press news. Wednesday saw the release of Skorne Epic Cavalry Battle Engine Warlock Xerxis the Fury of Halaak, the Minion Farrow Warlock Helga the Conquerer and issue 57 of No Quarter magazine. Also the re-release of the ten man Flameguard Cleansers Protectorate Unit, the fifteen man Blackbane's Ghost Raiders Cryx Character Unit, the six man Strider Blightblades Legion Blighted Nyss Unit, the six man Strider Rangers Legion Blighted Nyss Unit, the ten man Praetorian Keltarii Skorne Unit and the ten man Praetorian Swordsmen Skorne Unit.

Now for the Mantic news. The Kings of War Mini Kickstarter has started and is going strong.  In the KickStarter there are two main pledge levels. There is "Living Legend" and there is "God of War". At the start of the KickStarter you got both a hardback and mini softback version of the second edition rulebook in "Living Legend" and in "God's of War" you get everything in "Living Legend" and ever two Starter Armies or a Mega-Starter Army of your choice.
In a space of a week they have: Funded the new rulebook; Army List Creator and Chess Clock apps were added to Living Legend level; counters were added to Living Legend level; an Elf Mage Queen was added to the Elf Mega Starter Army; a Basilean War-Wizard was added to the Basilean Mega Starter; the Forces of the Abyss Starter set with 40 Lower Abyssals (can be built into ever melee or range versions), 20 Abyssal Succubus and 10 Gargoyles; the Forces of the Abyss Mega Starter set with 80 Lower Abyssals (can be built into ever melee or range versions), 40 Abyssal Succubus, 10 Gargoyles and an Abyssal Champion; a Kickstarter Exclusive Resin Tyrant King Blaine on Gramakh was added to Living Legend level; Movement Trays and dice as add-ons; an Undead Necromancer was added to the Undead Mega-Starter Army; the Dwarf Warsmith was added to the Dwarfs Mega Starter Army; and a new Map of Mantica was added to Living Legend level.
Currently as I post this these are the stretch goals that have not been done yet: A Kings of War Worldwide Campaign with a digital copy added to Living Legend level at $190k.
With DreadBall Xtreme, Mantic have started sending out the PDFs of the rulebook for Xtreme (not to be confused with the DreadBall Season books). I have received the email but have not had the time to look at it as I have HeroClix last night. On a bit of bad news Guardians of Tyr will no longer be running DreadBall Tournaments at Wargames Workshop MK.
Also the Mars Attacks rulebook and Compendium have been updated. What changes have they done I do not know as it was done yesterday.

Next is the Kingdom Death news. I somehow missed a short update last week. It was showing off the painted finished rulebook and some artwork. They also stated That there will not be any mini updates until after Black Friday, as they are working on a MASSIVE update for Black Friday.
On Tuesday they had a restock in their store of Savior, Savior Age 20, Savior Age 40, Savior Age 80 and Super Savior. However by the time I post this the Savior Age 40 has sold out.

Now for the Journey: Wrath of Daemons news. Due to some MAJOR problems they will not be able to start shipping until mid-December. This will mean that that it will not be arriving for Christmas for backers sadly. The delays is due to a bunch of quality problems with things like the packaging, cards and tokens.

Next is the HeroClix news. Last week the DC Flash set was released. HCRealm's are slowly getting all of the figures up on their units section. Hopefully they will be done by the end of the week.

Now for the Mechadrome Heavy Metal Combat news. Yesterday I received my stuff. I got the rulebook and cards. The rulebook is much shorter than I expected, but it is a more handler size. Sadly they have dropped the ability for pilots to improve during a league. I am have said it before, but I am planning on using this as the basis for my Mecha Knights game. I was planning on doing some changes a I would have preferred a smaller scaled game. I am planning on doing it as 12mm scale instead of the 28mm. This will mean I will be halving all the movement and ranges to fit the scale change better. So adding a pilot enchantment system will just another thing.

Next is the Dust: Operation Babylon news. They should be receiving the stuff from the manufacturers in their UK Warehouse by the end of the month and in their US and Australia by early December. They have decided to split the shipment to backers into two wave (WTF they decided to do this three months after the KickStarter original was meant to ship). Wave one should hopefully arrive before Christmas and will contain: Operation Babylon, Army Deals (Primed and Premium), Cards, Rulebooks, Tokens, Templates and any Achilles releases. Everything else will be in wave two which there is currently no date for.

Lastly is the current Hasslefree Miniatures Sculpting Contest news. I finally got a message on last Friday night saying that they just received the figures and will bill me soon and ship it on Saturday. Oddly I received a message on Saturday that it was on its way and then received the figures on Tuesday, however I never got the bill until this morning (which I paid).

“KickStarter Dates”

·         “Kingdom Death Monster”, “Mechabrick”, wave two of “Robotech RPG Tactics”, wave two of “DreadBall Xtreme”, wave two of “Journey Wrath of Daemons” and wave two of “Dust Operation Babylon” have all been delay due to problems and currently have no dates on when these will start shipping, but I feeling that they will be sometime in 2015
·         “Arcadia Quest” from all but the European hub, wave one of “Shadows of Brimstone”, wave one of “Robotech RPG Tactics” and “Mechadrome” should have (or soon will) started shipping
·         The digital copy of “Mekton Zero” rulebook, the coloured ran of “Pop-Up Miniature Terrain Kit”, “Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Set” (comes with a digital copy of the old RPG rulebooks), “Arcadia Quest” from the EU hub and hopefully the physical copy of “OVA” are meant to start shipping sometime this month
·         “Kings of War Second Edition” KickStarter will end on the 1st of December
·         Both "Wireless Power Board Game Terrain and Miniature Lighting" and “Paranoia” KickStarter will end on the 3rd of December
·         The physical copy of the “Mekton Zero” rulebook, wave one of “DreadBall Xtreme”, wave three of “Deadzone”, “Last Saga”, wave one of “Journey Wrath of Daemons" and wave one of “Dust Operation Babylon” all should hopefully be shipping in December 2014
·         Both “Super Dungeon Explore The Forgotten King” and “Guild Ball” should be ship in January 2015
·         “StarCrawlers” Episode One is listed to be done and out by February 2015
·         “Zombicide Season Three” should ship in February 2015
·         "Wireless Power Board Game Terrain and Miniature Lighting" should ship in April 2015
·         Wave 1.5 of “Shadows of Brimstone” should ship in April/May 2015
·         “Half-Orc Adventures” and the PDFs for “Paranoia” should ship in May 2015
·         “Paranoia” should ship in June 2015
·         “Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain”, “Demigods Rising”, “Yashima: Legend of the Kami Master” and “Kings of War Second Edition” all should ship in July 2015
·         “Dragon Tide” should ship in September 2015
·         Both “Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest” and wave two of “Shadows of Brimstone” should ship in August 2015

“Painting and Converting”

This week I have for you two Rebs Sorak, a Rebs Yndij, a Standard Zombie Runner, a Standard Zombie Fatty, a Dog Companion and three Standard Zombie Walkers.

This week's figures front view
This week's figure rear view
The week's Deadzone figures

Next week there should be six Standard Zombie Walkers, two Standard Zombie Runners and a Standard Zombie Fatty.
I have not really done much painting this week, but I did do a ton of undercoating for Christmas.

Until next time, Keep Rolling.