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Friday, 27 February 2015

Gaming News from Neoscream: 27th February 2015

Welcome to the “Gaming News from Neoscream”. This is my weekly gaming news post for miniature games, RPGs, some card games, my painting and upcoming local events.

“Gaming News”

First off is the HeroClix news. This week we get previews of Pandora’s Box, the Rock of Eternity and Sea King from DC Justice League Trinity War and Power Ring, Deathstorm, Johnny Quick and Atomica from DC Justice League Trinity War Crime Syndicate Fast Forces.

Next is the Privateer Press news. Wednesday saw the release of the second wave of the February releases. These were: the Cygnar Warcaster Major Markus "Siege" Brisbane; the Khador Greylord Warcaster Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova; the Khador Warjack Extreme Destroyer; the LONG AWAITED Convergence Battle Engine and Solos Transfinite Emergence Projector and Permutation Servitors; the Trollblood Unit Northkin Fire Eaters; Hordes Skorne All-in-One Army Box; and the Quick Measuring Sets.

Now for the Stonehaven Miniatures news. This week's greens from their Half-Orc Adventurers KickStarter were another Half-Orc child.

Next is the Ninja Division news. Wave one of Robotech RPG Tactics has landed in the UK at the beginning of the week and is on its way to the warehouse. It might have even arrive as is being shipped to the EU Backers.

Now for the Ghostbusters the board game news. Since last week’s post they managed to smash stretch goals and new add-on, which were: A KickStarter exclusive Grey Lady ghost was added to the Paranormal and Mass Hysteria Pledge levels; Original Backstory written by Erik Burnham and illustrated by Dan Schoening; the KickStarter exclusive Ghostbuster Kylie Griffin with Pagan was was added to the Paranormal and Mass Hysteria Pledge levels; the Baddies pack 1 (Zuul, Gozer, Vinz Clortho and Grey Lady) as an add-on; an extra set of the ten base game double-sided game board as an add-on; a KickStarter exclusive Boogieman ghost was added to the Paranormal and Mass Hysteria Pledge levels.
The currently Stretch Goals that were still going as I post this was: The KickStarter exclusive Ghostbuster Ron Alexander will be added to the Paranormal and Mass Hysteria Pledge levels at $0k.

Next is the Crooked Dice Games news. They have released two Harbingers figure this week which are two of the new Paranormal Exterminators (Not Ghostbusters) figures they I posted greens of last week. I am guessing the rest will be release on Sunday or early next week.
I know I have not been doing team pictures lately or updated team lists. I plan on fixing that soon. I may do a special post on Sundays doing a team a week. If I do that will start ever this or next Sunday.

Now for the Wild West Exodus Unfinished Business news. The KickStarter will be starting this Sunday. The Wild West Exodus week on Beasts of War has been going well. Here is the first ten the planned Stretch Goals (the list is far too long to list now): Initial funding of the four new factions at $65k; free sidekicks added to all bundles at $75k; the Golden Army Boss Poncho Villa at $85k; the Dark Nation Underboss Avonaco at $95k; the Watchers Light Support Scarab at $105k; the Confederate Rebellion Boss Quantrill at $115k; free underboss added to all bundles at $125k; the Confederate Rebellion Underboss Marie Laveua and Nazombie at $135k; new models for all six original factions at $150k; and the Confederate Rebellion Light Support Blackhoof at $160k.

Next is the Cool Mini or Not news. With Zombicide Season Three due to the shipping delays in the USA, they are still waiting for one more container before shipping to the USA backers. The stuff for the UK warehouse SHOULD have ship, however they is no word about it from China or the UK warehouse at the moment to confirm if it is on its way or not. The Australia stuff is on its way to Australia from China.

Now for the Mantic news. Dungeon Saga is now on Beta.

Next is the Dragon Tides news. Domino Bonaparte has been unlocked. The pledge managers will be closing on the 3rd of March.

Now for the Yashima: Legend of the Kami Master news. They have Manufacturer Proofs of the card and paper stuff like the boxes, cards and rule books.

Lastly I have backed two new KickStarter, the first being “CosmicBreak 2”. Yeas that is right they are working on a new version and it is being built from the ground up. So it SHOULD be more balanced and bug free compared to the original. They graphics look fantastic. I have backed it at Early Bird Iron Hero level, but I have a bad feeling it will not make its target of $150k.
The currently Stretch Goals that were still going as I post this was: Funding the game at $150k; a Mac version at $170k; Addition of two supporting characters and an additional stage at $220k; Character songs for one of the three new main heroines at $270k; a new game mode at $320k; a PS4 version at $370k; another new game mode at $420k; and a XboxOne version at $470k.

The Second is called DAC: Dungeon Architect Cards. It is a deck of cards to help build randomized dungeons for role play games like DnD. The goals unlock since starting were: The deck was funded; and backers will be a packet of tiff files for making their very own dungeon cards.
The currently Stretch Goals that were still going as I post this was: They will give you a bunch of dungeon symbols in layered tiff format so you can add them to your dungeon cards at $3k and Traps (currently no detail on what this is) will be added at $4k.

“KickStarter Dates”

·         Wave two of “Robotech RPG Tactics” (December 2013), wave three of “DreadBall Xtreme” (November 2014), wave two of “Journey Wrath of Daemons” (July 2014) and the physical copy of the “Mekton Zero” rulebook (March 2014) have all been delay due to problems and currently have no dates on when these will start shipping, but I feeling that they will be sometime in 2015.
·         “Wild West Exodus: Unfinished Business” KickStarter should start on the 1st of March 2015.
·         “Dragon Tide” Pledge Manger will end on the 3rd of March 2015.
·         “Ghostbusters the board game” KickStarter should end on the 12th of March 2015.
·         “CosmicBreak 2” KickStarter should end on the 15th of March 2015.
·         “Dungeon Architect Cards” KickStarter should end on the 27th of March.
·         “StarCrawlers” (November 2014) Episode One, the digital copy of “Mekton Zero” rulebook (December 2013), “Last Saga” (November 2014), “Zombicide Season Three” (February 2015), the physical copy of “OVA Second Edition” (Dec 2013), “Guild Ball” (December 2014) and wave one of “Robotech RPG Tactics” for Europe and Australia and the rest of the world (Dec 2013) should be shipping in March 2015.
·         The PDF version of Dungeon Architect Cards should ship in April 2015.
·         Wave one of “Journey Wrath of Daemons" (July 2014), wave 1.5 of “Shadows of Brimstone” (August 2014) and “Super Dungeon Explore: The Forgotten King” (January 2015) should ship in April/May 2015.
·         Both “Half-Orc Adventures” and the PDFs for “Paranoia” should ship in May 2015.
·         “Mechabrick” (April 2014), “Paranoia” and “Slaughterball” should ship in June 2015.
·         “Kingdom Death Monster” (Dec 2013), “Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain”, Demigods Rising”, “Yashima: Legend of the Kami Master”, “Kings of War Second Edition”, “Exploding Kittens” and Beta version of “CosmicBreak 2” all should ship in July 2015.
·         “Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest”, wave two of “Shadows of Brimstone” (August 2014), “CosmicBreak 2” and “Dungeon Architect Cards” should ship in August 2015.
·         “Dragon Tide” should ship in September 2015.
·         Both “Conan” and “Ghostbusters” should ship in October 2015.

"Up and coming Events"

These are local gaming events in Milton Keynes I know of, Guardians of Tyr events at Wargames Workshop Northampton and other events I plan on going to or want to advertise.

·         On Mondays (not including Bank Holidays) at Wargames Workshop MK is Wargaming night.
·         On Tuesdays at Wargames Workshop MK it is Card games night (or is it just Magic the Gathering).
·         On Thursdays York House in Stony Stratford is open from Wargamers and Boardgamers.
·         On Fridays at Wargames Workshop MK it is Friday Night Magic.
·         On Sundays, Wargames Workshop MK is now open. It will be for role-play and board games day on every Sunday apart from the last Sunday of the month which will be a card games day (Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic and Cardfight Vanguard).
·         On Thursday the 5th of March 2015, there should be HeroClix at York House in Stony Stratford. It will be a "War of Kings” scenario which is 500 points, the team must have at least one figure with the Ruler keyword. Choose a figure with the Ruler keyword, that ruler Is King. King figures have Master Mind and if they KO another King you gain 50 extra Victory Points. Yes this keeps getting pushed back.
·         On Saturday the 7th of March 2015, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Star Wars X-Wing tournament at Wargames Workshop MK. This event is sold out.
·         On Sunday the 8th of March 2015, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Steam Roller Warmachine/Hordes tournament at Wargames Workshop Northampton.
·         On Saturday the 14th of March there will be a RPG and board game event in Milton Keynes, called Concrete Cow. It will be happening at The Old Bath House in Wolverton.
·         On Saturday the 21st of March 2015, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Warhammer 40,000 Conquest tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         On Saturday the 4th of April 2015, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Steam Roller Warmachine/Hordes tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         Saturday the 25th of April will be Salute 2015. It is being held in the London Excel Centre and this year's theme is Agincourt.
·         On Sunday 3rd of May at Jury’s Inn Milton Keynes, there is a Malifaux event called Cow Wars 2: The Attack of the Freisans.
·         The weekend of the 9th and 10th of May will be Campaign. Yes It Is back from a one year break and will be back in the Centre MK.

Wargames Workshop MK has a £2 gaming fee or £4 with a pack of Magic the Gathering cards unless it is a paid tournament run by Guardians of Tyr (not including High Command). Weekday events normally start “playing” at 7PM.

For rules for Guardians of Tyr tournaments and leagues as well as information on pre booking your place in tournament. Pre booking is highly recommended so they know how many people are coming. So please go to their website which there is a link to it under my links section which are located on the right hand side of this blog.

York House has a £3 on the day gaming fee and a £5 fee for a year’s membership. However the first day is free and they only take yearly membership fee at the start of the year. The Hall officially opens at 7PM, but normally people start arrived 15 to 20 minutes early.

“Painting and Converting”

This post I have for you two BattleZone sprues of terrain and Kanga.

This week's stuff front view (yes I forgot the second Battle Zone sprue. It is in later photos)
This week's stuff rear view (yes I forgot the second Battle Zone sprue. It is in later photos)
BattleZone sprue one. I am lossy basing my BattleZone terrain on the Transformers home world Cybertron.
The second BattleZone terrain sprue

The next post should be may Arcadia Quest figures. these will be Maya, Scarlet, Seth and Spike.
During the week have finished off some DreadBall Xtreme figures and three more BattleZone terrain sprues. I am also be working on Shen and five Arcadia Quest figures and Shen, as well as undercoating more Arcadia Quest and Zombicide figures.

Until next time, hope for a better tomorrow.