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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Neoscream's Life: 26th January to 1st February 2015

Season Two Female Corporation Team
Welcome to the new Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of what games I have been playing, what I watch and news on the great Geek Goddess, AJ (when she is not injured).

“Blog News”

Sadly there is still no sign of AJ yet. I have a bad felling we will not be seeing her until after the next Pay-per-view, Fast Lane.

Due to a massive build-up in painted figures now, I will be adding an extra “Painting and Converting” section to this post from now on. However this and the one in the “Gaming News from Neoscream” post will each be a lower number of figures per post compared to the old once a week section, but it will be fifty percent more a week between the two posts than in just one post.

My Battle Angels Team with Alita and AJ
Oh and here is a shout out to the Baka from work, Immad.

“Arcadia Quest”

On Monday night both me and Roxy (who was visiting) went to Wargames Workshop MK for some games of Arcadia Quest. I had ten out of the twelve heroes from the starter just about finished. I have started on Friday to post the first wave of five, however I do think that the second wave are much better. I have a feeling that more love was put into them. Well anyway, we got two games in and we did start on a third game, however we had to call it quits due to time. We played the “District of Hammers” scenario first which I won, the “Brightsun Arena” scenario which I won too, and the third one that we never finished was the “The Moon Gate” scenario.


Like normal on a Thursday, I went to York House to play some HeroClix. We played a "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” scenario which is 400 points, four figures (no more no less), no figure over 100 points. One figure will be Famine and will get penetrating Poison. One figure will be Pestilence and will get Steel Energy that cannot be reduced below one damage. One figure will be War and will gain penetrating Quake. And the final figure will be Death and will gain double victory points for all figures it KOs. I went for an X-Men themed team who were:

Colossus (002 Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men) 100 (Famine)
Wolverine (001 Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men) 100 (Pestilence)
Beast (010 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 95 (War)
100 MU014 Bishop (014 Marvel Mutations and Monsters) 100 (Death)
=395 points and four TTPCs.

On the first round I was up against Adrian who was using an Avengers themed team. His team was:

Scarlet Witch (006 Marvel Avengers vs X-Men) 100 (Famine)
Spider-Man (004 Marvel Avengers vs X-Men) 100 (War)
Black Panther (007 Marvel Avengers vs X-Men) 100 (Death)
Rogue (021 Marvel WizKids) 99 (Pestilence)
=399 points and four TTPCs.

Sadly I ended up losing. Also Darren S won his game against Michael. On the second round I was up against Michael who was using an X-Men themed team. His team was:

Archangel (049 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 99 (Death)
Polaris (025 Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men) 94 (Famine)
Cyclops (009 Marvel Avengers vs X-Men) 100 (War)
Emma Frost (010 Marvel Avengers vs X-Men) 100 (Pestilence)
=393 points and four TTPCs.

Sadly I also lost this game too. Also Adrian won his game against Darren S. On the third and final round I was up against Darren S who was using an X-Men theme team. His team was:

Colossus (002 Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men) 100 (Famine)
Husk (027 Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men) 100 (Pestilence)
Banshee (051 Marvel Deadpool) 98 (War)
Cyclops (009 Marvel Avengers vs X-Men) 100 (Death)
=398 points and four TTPCs.

Like normal against Darren S, I lost. Also Adrian won his game against his brother Michael. Over all Adrian won this week.

On this Thursday we should be playing (unless it gets pushed back) a "War of Kings” scenario which is 500 points, the team must have at least one figure with the Ruler keyword. Choose a figure with the Ruler keyword, that ruler is King. King figures have Master Mind and if they KO another King you gain 50 extra Victory Points.

“Silver Age Sentinels”

On Friday evening me Richard and Darren when down to Simon’s for a game of Silver Age Sentinels. We continued from when we left off last time. We had just defeated an alien invasion and another team of super heroes appeared to take in to custody an NPC that was helping us. After sorting out the confusion, the aliens attacked again. The heroes fought them and a laud us to escape. Sadly the aliens ended up capturing the heroes and clocked off. We are currently trying to find them, however we managed to learn that the aliens have technology to steal powers from metahumans. Oh Crap. We left my character's ship and Darren H character's sidekick searching while we meet up with an old friend of Darren's character who needed his help. The guy's son who works for the Russian Super Human project has gone missing and he felt like he was being followed. We went looking for his son and bumped into a bunch of humans with the same weapons as the aliens. We got some Information on where he is and manage to escape when the military appeared for some unknown reason. This is where we ended the session. The next one should be on Friday 13th of February.

“WWE Royal Rumble Results”

In the preshow match the team of Cesaro and Tyson Kidd defeated The New Day members Big E and Kofi Kingston in a tag team match.
Next The Ascension destroyed The New Age Outlaws in a tag team match.
After that the tag team champions The Usos defeated the team of The Miz and Damien Mizdow retain their titles
Next sadly the Bella Twins defeated the team of Paige and Natalya in a divas tag team match.
After that Brock Lesnar sadly defeated John Cena, oh and Seth Rollins in a triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It was a good match, just pissed that Brock Lesnar is still champion. Sadly I have to say it, but I would have preferred that Seth Rollins over Brock Lesnar. Please note I was cheering for John Cena.
Lastly Roman Reigns won the 30-man Royal Rumble match for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania 31. One of my two bets to win. The other was Daniel Bryan. Sadly this did not go down well with the fans as most of them wanted Daniel Bryan or Dolph Ziggler (and there are some freaks wanted Bray Wyatt) to win.

“Loot Crate”

OK, last week I said I would do this as its only post. However, I kept on forgetting to do it (but I did take the photo. So I am doing it here. January's Crate was fantastic. The theme was Rewind. It has a Voltron t-shirt, a geek black tie, 8-bit sunglasses, a great little games cartridge figure (I would have preferred the Dr. Who one), a Star Wars comic and a comic book note book for making your own comic books.

February's theme will be Play. As a war/board gamer, I cannot wait to see what will be in it. Oh and next week I will be doing the crate from November 2014.

“Painting and Converting”

This post's figures are three more Arcadia Quest heroes. These are Grom, Hobsbawm and Johan.

This posts figures

In the next post there should be three Standard Zombie Walker, two Standard Zombie Runners, a Standard Zombie Fatty and three Toxic Zombie Walkers.

“Watch, Listen and Read”

LARPS: The Series
Watched: WWE Royal Rumble.
Received: The Loot Crate for January 2015 and the resin Wind from Demigods Rising.
Brought and Received: Three pots of paint.
Events: Work and I went to Wargames Workshop MK for some games of Arcadia Quest with my friend Roxy.

Watched: That week’s episode of WWE Raw, Maleficent and episode one of LARPs the Series.
Events: Work.

Gundam Build Fighter Try
Events: Work.

Watched: Episodes 4 and 5 of Gundam Build Fighters Try, episode two of Ghost In the Shell Arise.
Events: Off work and went to York House for several games of HeroClix.

Events: Work and there when to Simon’s with Richard and Darren H.

Watched: That week’s episode of WWE Smackdown, that week’s episode of Weekenders and episodes 6 to 8 of Gundam Build Fighters Try.
Received: The Xmas Special Pinup Twilight Knight.
Events: Work. No Coffee due to going to Simon’s.

Watched: That week’s episode of Weekenders XLBS and episodes 9 to 14 of Gundam Build Fighters Try.
Events: Work. I was also meant to be meeting up with a couple of friends, however it got cancelled at the last minute.

Still in the post or soon be should
November 2014 Loot Crate. (Received yesterday)
Weave two of DreadBall Xtreme. (Received yesterday, well sort of. More details in Friday’s “Gaming News from Neoscream” post)

Until next time, hope for a better tomorrow.