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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Neoscream's Life: 9th to 15th March 2015

Nameless team
Welcome to the new Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of what games I have been playing, what I watch and news on the great Geek Goddess, AJ.


Me, Richard, Darren H and Simon planned to get to gather on the 14th of March for a while.  We were original planning on going to Concrete Cow 15. A local RPG/Boardgame event. Sadly after some thinking everybody else decided that they would prefer to game at Richard’s then to meet and game with new people. This ended up being a good thing for me as I have been sick for most of the week with flu, and would not be up to doing anything like that in my conduction. We ended up playing. Britannia. I was green player while Richard was yellow player, Darren was red player and Simon was blue player. Darren H ended up winning with over 300 points, Simon was at second with over 200 point, Richard got around 180 point while I was at last place with around about 160 points.

“AJ and the WWE”

On Raw last week, AJ had a match against Summer Rae. Paige was on AJ’s corner while Cameron and Eva Marie were on Summer’s corner. AJ won the match with the Black Widow.

On Smackdown last week AJ was is tag team action. Her and Paige versus Summer Rae and Cameron who had Eva Marie at ringside. The beeping Bella Twins were on commentary. AJ and Paige won. After the match thing broke down and Paige and Nikki Bella. The ref, AJ and Brie Bella had to keep them separated.

“Painting and Converting”

For this post I have for you all are Kitsune, a Sci-Fi Civilian and five four Convict Players (there was a mistake on the spreadsheet.

This post's figures front view
This post's figure rear view
A Sci-Fi Civilian
This post's DreadBall Xtreme figures. Yes I do know I have not guild 

In the next post there should be four more Convict Players and Convict Prone tokens to go with them.

“Watch, Listen and Read”

Watched: Episode 13 of the Flash and episode 1 and 3 of Transformers Robots in Disguise.
Events: Work.

Watched: Episode 13 of season three of Arrow, the previous week’s episode of BBC Click, hat week’s episode of the Gadget Show and part of that week’s episode of WWE Raw.
Events: Work, but finished early due to throat problems.

Watched: Episode 14 of the Flash and rest of that week’s episode of WWE Raw.
Events: Was off work sick, it was Flu then a sore throat.

Events: I stupidly went into work. It wrecked my throat and ended up leaving very early.
Received: The first half of my 2013 Christmas gift, wave one of Robotech RPG Tactics.

Watched: Episode 15 of the Flash and Godzilla (2014).
Events: Was off work sick.

Watched: That week’s episode of WWE Smackdown
Events: Off work. Was at Richard’s with Richard, Darren H and Simon for a bit of gaming, however I was still not well.

Mother's Day
Watched: The Imitation Game and The Equalizer.
Events: Off work, I was still sick.
Give: A card and flowers to my mum.

Still in the post or soon be should
Zombicide Season Three (should be shipping soon).

Until next time, hope for a better tomorrow.