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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Neoscream's Life: 13th to 19th July 2015

Welcome to the new Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of what games I have been playing and what I have watch. Sorry for the late post.

“Wargames Workshop MK Monday”

On Monday last week I went down to Wargames Workshop MK to play several games with Dave and Ian. The first game we played was Boss Monster which Dave brought with him. We were joined by Mark for this game. Being Mark's first game he shockingly won it, but I do come second. Just needed that onr extra one.
The second game we played was Batman Love Letter which I brought with me. Mark left to play Magic the Gathering, but Will joined us. Ian ended up winning.
The third and final game we played was Skulls which Ian brought with him. It was a new game to me. All the game pieces are beer mats and it is basically a betting/guessing. Quite interesting and I won the game. Sweet!


On Thursday I went down to York House for HeroClix. We finally played the “The Reservists”. Named theme teams only, 400 points build plus each team will also have up to 400 points of ‘Reservists’. Essentially a sideline of characters with the same keyword as the main team. No characters may have the same name in both teams. When a character is KOed from your main team, you may, on your turn, use an action(s) from your action pool 1 per full 100 points added to bring in a Reservist(s) figure from your sideline. This character is now a permanent part of your force until KOed itself or removed from play by some other game effect. This Reservist is limited by the point limited of 400 points, so that you may only bring in character(s) to take your force up to 400 points. Reservist may be placed in any legal square adjacent to one of your existing figures, or within your starting area. This reservist may take actions immediately and does/does not have first turn immunity.
I went for using some of my new figures from Marvel Avengers Assemble, in fact the whole team was from the set. The theme was Initiative and my team were:

Mettle (007 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 88
Justice (014 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 64 + Avengers Heroic Age (ATA) 2 = 66
Rage (016 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 74 + Avengers Heroic Age (ATA) 2 = 76
Thunderstrike (021 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 98
The Hood (057 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 70
=398 points.

Hazmat (006 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 86
Reptil (008 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 70 + Avengers Heroic Age (ATA) 2 = 72
Ultragirl (022 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 98
Veil (023 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 47
Hybrid (035 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 96
=397 points.

In the first round I was up against Darren S who was using a Sinister Syndicate themed team who were:

Venom (007 WizKids Marvel Events) 120
Shocker (002 Marvel Amazing Spider-Man) 65
Kraven the Hunter (031a Marvel Amazing Spider-Man) 95
Vulture (019 Marvel Amazing Spider-Man) 61
Mysterio (050 Marvel Ultimates) 57
=398 points.

Sandman (040 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 140
Electro (021 Marvel Amazing Spider-Man) 82
Scorpion (037 Marvel Web of Spider-Man) 62
Green Goblin (018 Marvel 10th Anniversary) 117
=401 points.

Like normal Darren won, big time. Also Adrian won his game against his brother Michael. On the second round I was up against Michael. He was using an X-Men themed team who were:

Havok (024 Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men) 81
Polaris (025 Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men) 94
Dagger (003 Marvel Amazing Spider-Man) 45
Cloak (022 Marvel Amazing Spider-Man) 55
Cannonball (024 WizKids Marvel Events) 125
=400 points.

Cyclops (009 Marvel Avengers verses X-Men) 150
Emma Frost (010 Marvel Avengers verses X-Men) 100
Dazzler (008 Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men) 75
Longshot (009 Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men) 75
=400 points.

I just managed to win this game, but it was close. Also Adrian won his game against Darren. OMG! The third and final round I was up against Adrian. He was using an Avengers themed team of figures he always use who were:

Scarlet Witch (006 Marvel Avengers verses X-Men) 100
Iron Fist (018 Marvel Fear Itself) 94
Dr. Strange (021 Marvel Fear Itself) 145
Amadeus Cho (027 Marvel Incredible Hulk) 59
=398 points.

Spider-Man (004 Marvel Avengers verses X-Men) 100
Black Panther (007 Marvel Avengers verses X-Men) 100
Hellcat (012 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 73
Iron Man (009 Marvel 10th Anniversary) 125
=398 points.

Sadly Adrian won but it was close, but not as close as the game against Michael. Also Darren won his game against Michael. Over all Adrian won.

Next week’s scenario will be "Men (or Women) without Fear". Marvel Knights, Heroes 4 Hire, Gotham City/Underworld, etc. 500 points with three Actions. No figure over 150 points. No figures with fantastical powers, for example shooting lightning bolts from there eyes, but electrical charges from from a gun or power suit is fine.

“Silver Age Sentinels"

On Friday I went down to Simon’s with Richard and Darren H for role-play. We continued the Silver Age Sentinels campaign we have been doing (oh and talked about things like Warhammer Age of Sigmar). Darren's character's sidekick had worked out a counter for the Nulls Power Nullifier, however it needed a newly created device which sadly we had to steal. We spent the mission infiltrating the offices of the company that owns the device. However someone had beaten us to the punch about a week or two ago by a stealth based meta human. We ended up talking to the inventor of the device and company owner. We told him about why we need the device and he said we can have it if we catch who stole it. And that is where we got to.

"Painting and Converting"

Sorry again for last week. I took both posts photos on Monday and when I went to post Tuesday's post I found that the images had became corrupted. I do not think that this had ever happen to me before and I do not know why. Anyway, for this post I have for you all are the Minotaur from Arcadia Quest, two Zombie Berserker Walkers, two Zombie Berserker Runners and a Zombie Berserker Fatty from Zombicide. Please note I am not a hundred percent sure if these were the right zombies and they were mixed up with the others as I thought I had the photos.

Zombie Berskers Wave Five

On Friday's post I should have for you all five Zombie Berserker Walkers, two Zombie Berserker Runners and a Zombie Berserker Fatty. I managed to finish painting last week three Mars Attacks figures and a large Kingdom Death figure. Below is an image of my painting table at the end of last Sunday night (or the start of Monday morning).

As the results of the painting contest was not revealed until this Monday I will talk about the results in next week's post.

“Watch, Listen and Read”

Watched: Episodes 1 and 2 of season two of Knights of Sidonia.
Events: Work and then Wargames Workshop MK for some gaming.
Brought and Received: Six boosters of Cardfight Vanguard G “G-BT03 Sovereign Star Dragon”.

Watched: Episodes 3 to 12 (final) of season two of Knights of Sidonia and Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.
Events: Work.

Watched: That week’s episode of WWE Raw and Terminator Genisys
Events: Off work and went to the cinema with a coworker.
Brought: The XCOM board game from the Amazon Prime sale as well as some card sleeves.
eBay: Won the “99th-gen Dimensional Robo Commander, Great Daiearth” card from Cardfight Vanguard.

Watched: The past two weeks episodes of BBC’s Click.
Events: Work followed by HeroClix.
Received: XCOM the board game and some card sleeves.

Events: Work followed by role-play at Simon’s.

Watched: That week’s episode of WWE Main Event, that week's episode of WWE Smackdown and that week’s episode of Weekenders.
Events: Work.
Received: The “99th-gen Dimensional Robo Commander, Great Daiearth” Cardfight Vanguard.

Watched: That week’s episode of Weekenders XLBS and episode 31 of Cardfight Vanguard G.
Events: Work.

Still in the post or soon be should
My Super Dungeon Explore: The Forgotten King KickStarter stuff.
DreadBall Xtreme wave three.
A pack of Cardfight Vanguard card sleeves.
July's Loot Crate.

Until next time, hope for a better tomorrow.