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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Build Analysis: Cardfight Vanguard Dimensional Robos

Due to some spear time at work, I have decided to start a new series of posts that will first look into my decks for Cardfight Vanguard. This should in the future be expanding to include army/team builds for miniatures games. I would like this to be a more interactive post and get feedback from readers on things like improvements and tactics. Unlike "Neoscream's Life" and "Gaming News from Neoscream", this will be a fortnightly post, how ever I will most likely have multiple posts written a head of time. In fact I am in the middle of writing the next one. If I do get too ahead of my self I might make it weekly, however after the refit at work I do not have the extra time to write the posts and materiel to write about.

Team Caesar from the anime
The first deck I am looking at is my newest one, well more like a return of my first ever deck, Dimensional Robos. Anyone who really knows me knows I am really into Robots. As a kid I was a huge Transformers fan and I even studied Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at University. So Dimension Police and Nova Grappler my clan of choose, however Dimension Police is my favourite of the two, most like because Team Caesar in my favourite team from the Cardfight Vanguard anime. Cannot wait until they make a comeback in G Gears Crisis. My first and only deck for a was a Dimension Police, and the original version of  it was a Dimensional Robo sub clan until until I moved on to Cosmic Hero sub clan.
Anyway with the release of Fighter’s Collection Winter 2015 which comes new support for the Dimensional Robo sub clan, I finally decided to rebuild my Dimensional Robo deck. It was something I have been planning to do for a while and had been doing some planning for it, but I finally got off my butt with these new cards. This is the deck I have built with the cards I own (or waiting to arrive):

Grade Four
Super Cosmic Hero, X-falcon x1
Legendary Dimensional Robo, Daikaiser Leon x4
99th-gen Dimensional Robo Commander, Great Daiearth x2
Dark Superhero, Omega

Grade Three
True Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daikaiser x4
Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha x2
Super Dimensional Robo, Daikaiser x2

Grade Two
Dimensional Robo, Daibazooka x4
Dimensional Robo, Daijet x4
Dimensional Robo, Daidragon x2
Dimensional Robo, Daibarrett x1

Grade One
Dimensional Robo, Dailion x4
Dimensional Robo Operator, Yuka x4
Cosmic Hero, Grandguard x4
Commander Laurel x2

Grade Zero
Dimensional Robo, Daishot (Starter) x1
Dimensional Robo, Gorescue (Heal) x4
Dimensional Robo, Daibattles (Critical) x4
Operator Girl, Reika (Stand) x4
Dimensional Robo, Daiwolf (Critical) x2
Dimensional Robo, Gofight (Stand) x2

Yes for those who do not know, I have managed to pick up two more Daikaiser Leons. Insert evil laugh.
The main Tactics in from grade three is to ever Break Ride into my Legion (True Daikaiser and Ultimate Daiyusha) or Stride into Daikaiser Leon or Daiearth at the are time (eg not as the first Stride). Then with the help of Laurel I can ever attack twice with my Vanguard or make my opponent use up defensive cards blocking the first attack from Vanguard and have the Rearguard do the damage. However with the fact I field a lot of Stand triggers and this deck does not need high attack values to trigger abilities (Cosmic Heroes). With Laurel on the field and the field is full, I could get away with attacking with an un-boosted Rearguard first (Daidragon would, be the best choice), then attack with an un-boosted Vanguard, if I get a Stand trigger I can Stand the Rearguard that attacked so it can ever help Laurel re-stand my Vanguard if the Vanguard hit the attack or so it can attack again.
I am quite happy with this deck. There are a couple of changes I could do, but I do not know if I should do them.
The first is in the grade ones. Releasing a Dailion and a Yuka with two more Laurels. This would up the chance of playing Laurel. However this does heavily weaken the chance of me getting a grade one Dimensional Robo to ride on my first turn as over half of my grade ones would be none Dimensional Robo. I need it to be a Dimensional Robo to help activate the abilities some of my higher grade cards have as they will not trigger unless I have three Dimensional Robos in the soul. I could change the Grandguards with "Dimensional Robo, Daishield", but I need the Counter Change ability of Grandguard as the main attackers use a lot of Counter Blast.
With the grade twos Daibarrett was a place holder for a third Daidragon, however Daibarrett is quite useful. It fact I am wondering if I should drop a Daijet for a second Daibarrett.
I am using eight grade threes which is the normal for most deck builds. However due to the grade three drive trigger abilities of True Daikaiser and Daikaiser Leon most people field ten. I feel that it is a little over board, especially when Daibazooka is classed as a grade three on drive checks. But then again the only game I have gotten with this deck was a loss as I did not draw a single grade three during my drive check with my True Daikaiser/Ultimate Daiyusha Legion attack. However this might just be bad luck as I did not even draw a standard trigger. I have to wait and see. If I do up the number to ten I would have to drop a card from both my garde one and two line ups.
Lastly the grade fours. I do not own a copy of "Super Cosmic Hero, X-tiger", however if or when I get my hands on one I might replace X-falcon or Omega with it. Or I could hunt for two more copies of Daiearth and replace both X-falcon or Omega with them. However I most likely  spending money or trade fodder working on my other decks than getting more Daiearths.
Well it would be nice to get people's opinions on this deck and I do hope to hear from you all ever on here, Facebook or Twitter. At a later time I might come back and do an update post about this deck based on feedback and play testing.

As I was writing the post, the theme music of the above video kept on playing in my head. It is from an anime called Gravion. I wonder why? LOL. The next deck I will be doing will most likely be my Cosmic Hero deck.

Until next time, enjoy life.