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Friday, 9 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 27th March

On Friday night/Saturday Morning , Blaire came on Skype during the time she said that she would be on MFC and we had a quick chat.

[01:53:10] Robert : hi again
[01:54:10] Blaire : harroo
[01:54:31] Robert : how was the walk
[01:55:06] Robert : did they behave
[01:59:43] Blaire : barely lol
[01:59:49] Blaire : how was sleep?
[02:00:06] Robert : it was nice
[02:00:25] Blaire : :) ill be back
[02:00:26] Blaire : andn cam
[02:00:28] Robert : didn't go as early as planned

I went to bed at 9:30 when I had been going to bed at about 10/11 these days. So sadly thinking about it not really early like I plan.

[02:00:33] Blaire : :(
[02:00:36] Robert : k

An hour later she came on MFC. She was in her childhood bedroom. It look very bare as she does not leave there anymore, but it looks bigger than mine. I learnt a lot more about her. She likes the song “Fuck the Pain Away” by Peaches. I forget to state that she is also a Darf Punk fan earlier. Sadly for her most of her old friends had moved away while she was studying LA. But good news, the clothes she was being test on as part of her school work on Monday passed. Meaning she has gotten onto the course she wanted to get on. She was in a Group show and then she suddenly turned off her cam. I was not in the group show at the point so my first thought was that the group was over and she popped off for a moment but then I got a message on Skype. Oh and she wear that purple I like seeing her in.

[04:35:47] Blaire : my little sister came in!!!
[04:35:54] Blaire : hahahhahaha ohhh noooo
[04:35:56] Blaire : :(
[04:36:08] Blaire : i just shut my comp
[04:36:30] Robert : do not worry
[04:36:54] Robert : I ran out of tokens anyway
[04:37:16] Blaire : lol
[04:37:17] Blaire : ;)
[04:37:19] Robert : how old is she?

She came back on to MFC to tell people what happen and that she was now going out to party and get drunk. She also said that she would be on tomorrow. She left MFC. I then sent her what I thought was an offline message on Skype as her status said that she was off line but she replied back.

[04:42:08] Robert : don't drink too much
[04:42:19] Robert : lol
[04:42:34] Robert : ;)
[04:42:43] Blaire : hahahah
[04:42:46] Blaire : i wont!
[04:42:47] Blaire : shes 6

I was first thinking around 16, knowing that Blaire is 21 and the way she reacted. But I was wrong, by ten years.

[04:43:17] Robert : do u have any other brothers or sister
[04:43:41] Blaire : yes
[04:43:42] Blaire : little brother
[04:43:50] Robert : wow big age gap, but I've seeen bigger
[04:43:56] Blaire : and two other little sisters (by my dad)
[04:44:00] Blaire : yeah im older by a bit
[04:44:04] Blaire : my lil bro is 12
[04:45:04] Robert : I guess u mom must have had u when she was young
[04:46:19] Robert : I get a friend who is 26 with (I think) a 8 year old brother
[04:50:15] Robert : yes thinking about it his baby brother is 8 this year

Thinking about it again Simons baby brother must be 9 this year not 8.

[04:51:32] Robert : sadly I'm a only child, no brothers or sisters to care for or take care of me :(
[04:52:35] Robert : just say when ur leaving
[05:04:43] Robert : I'm taking it as u left ur laptop on with Skype open, as u r receiving messages but not replying
[05:16:51] Robert : Hope u had a nice night, if ur up contact me when u get back, a drunk Blaire Bear would be an interesting thing to see ;)

She must of turned off her computer as this last two messages when marked un-received. From our chat on Skype I sadly found out I was sadly right about her parents, about the fact that they do not live together. She grown up in San Diego with her mom. As she did not really talk much about her dad’s side apart from she had two other sisters from her dad, I am guessing she does not have much to do with that side of her family. But she seemed happy, so that is all that counts.