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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Build Analysis: Revisited Part One

Welcome everybody to the first ever Build Analysis Revisited posts. This is basically me revisiting several of my old Build Analysis posts and doing an update on them. This will be covering the first three Cardfight Vanguard decks I posted which are: Dimensional Robos, Cosmic Heroes and Nova Grapplers.

First off is the first of my Dimension Police decks, Dimensional Robos. For those who missed the post here is a link to it. Since the post I have changed one G-unit. I have been using "Super Cosmic Hero, X-rogue" instead of "Super Cosmic Hero, X-falcon", but was planning on replacing it with "Super Cosmic Hero, X-tiger" when ever I got round to getting one. However I have seen a new grade four coming in Fighter's Collection 2016, that would work well with how things go in my games. The card is called "Super Cosmic Hero, X-phoenix". Basically, if your attack is 35k or higher and you missed with you attack, Counter Blast one to draw a card. With Commander Laurel on the field, my opponents rarely lets my Vanguard's attack to hit so the draw effects that my Vanguards normal have never come into play as I need to hit to draw. So X-phoenix might change things. There might be other changes (bigger ones) coming to the deck in the not to distant future, however I will talk about that after Cosmic Heroes.

Next there is my second of the Dimension Police decks, Cosmic Heroes. For those who missed the post here is a link to it. Sadly nothing has changed since the post as I have been using the Dimensional Robos deck than the Cosmic Heroes deck and I still have not gotten around to buying any X-tigers, however the deck is expecting some major changes in the not too distant future.

Before moving on to the Nova Grappler, there is something that will effect both the Dimension Police decks. The next main set, G-BT07 "Glorious Bravery of Radiant Sword", will contain new Dimension Police cards. There will be new support for Gallop (Cosmic Heroes) which includes a new Stride version of Gallop called "Super Cosmic Hero, X-gallop". There is no word if there will be any Dimensional Robos support, but I would guess that there will be at least a couple of cards. I am hoping for a G format grade three Daikaiser and/or a Dimensional Robos grade one Stride fudder that searches for a grade three Kaiser and/or a G-Guardian for Dimension Police (Dimensional Robos mainly).

Now for the third revisited deck, Nova Grapplers. For those who missed the post here is a link to it. With the release of G-BT06 "Transcension of Blade and Blossom" and playing with what what I currently have the deck has changed the deck I wanted to build. It is still a Extreme Battler deck, but now with more Extreme Battlers and support for Victor, Extreme Battler's main grade three who now has a grade four version. Here is what the deck I plan on building looks like at the moment:

Grade Four
Meteokaiser, Vic-Ten x2
Meteokaiser, Tribrut x2
Meteokaiser, Victor x4

OK, there is no change here as I already knew about the Stride version of Victor when I did the other post.

Grade Three
Exxtreme Battler, Victor x4
Exxtreme Battler, Danshark x4

Replacing Raybird with Danshark is not a hundred percent set in stone. Let us see if Danshark does help or not. I might even look at re-adding Gold Rutile.

Grade Two
Extreme Battler, Arbarail x2
Extreme Battler, Gunzork x2
Extreme Battler, Kenbeam x1
Cool Hank x2
Extreme Battler, Sazander x4

Both Magical Gambler and sadly the Starlight Hedgehog (if you do not know, my favourite animal is the Hedgehog) were dropped for the new Extreme Battler support. The Kenbeam might get changed for a third copy of ever Arbarail or Gunzork or Hank. Just need some play testing to find out which would be better for me.

Grade One
Final Wrench x4
Extreme Battler, Arashid x3
Lady Cyclone x4 or Extreme Battler, Headstrong-battle x4
Extreme Battler, Malyaki x3

Not really any changes here. However I still thinking of which to go for. Lady Cyclone or Headstrong-battle as my Perfect Guard.

Grade Zero
Extreme Battler, Runbhol (starter) x1
Ring Girl, Clara (heal) x2
Ring Girl, Ai (heal) x2
Extreme Battler, Break-pass (critical) x4
Battleraizer (stand) x3
Energy Girl (stand) x4
Turboraizer (stand) x1

The only change here I have done was to replace Zanbhara with Break-pass due to the effect. The Heals are really be any Nova Grappler heal trigger as the is none with abilities or with Extreme Battler in the name.

As I am writing this I only have the cards I got from the Sneak Peek. I have sadly not been able to get to Wargames Workshop MK since the release. Hopefully I can start building it soon.

Well that is all for now. Please any feedback on these decks would be appreciated. The next Build Analysis post should be an analysis of my Touken Ranby deck.

Until next time, enjoy life.