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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Neoscream's Life: 22nd to 28th of February 2016

Welcome everybody to another the Neoscream's Life post. This is my weekly post of life, what games I have been playing, what I have been painting and what I have watching and reading. This week's opening pictures is of the Phenox from Kingdom Death.


First off I like to amend a little mistake I made last week. I forgot to state that work did pay for most of the taxi fare (all bar 20p). However I still could not go to Cardfight Vanguard on Saturday.

Due to going to London this coming Friday (4th of March) to see the fabulous Foxes at the Round House, I decided to finally upgrade my phone from a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Sadly unless I spent something like £400 to £500 on a new phone (that is about to replace do in the market by the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, I cannot stay with 3. I managed to find a great deal at Carphone Warehouse. £30 up front and then £31 a month with unlimited calls and text and 7GB on 4G of data from Vodafone. Basically I will be paying £4 a month more.

On Monday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of Kingdom Death Monster. We were up against the Butcher. Original it was only going to be three survivors up against him, however as we were only a day out of the Valentines event, I decided to add the extra survivor so there was a full party against the Butcher. We managed to defeat him with only losing one survivor. Sadly it was one of our most experienced survivors. Due to the event we pulled one of the other survivors cannot make the next hunt. So it looks like two survivors against a level one White Lion and we cannot use our heavy gear.

Afterwards I meet up with Shell, Liam and Matt for some Cardfight Vanguard. I played two games against Shell with my Dimensional Robos and managed to win one. Me draw luck was better than it was the last time I played.

On Tuesday I went to the cinema with my friend Richard to watch Deadpool. We almost missed the film due to all the messing about from 3 when I tried cancelling my old contract. Deadpool was a great film. I was meant to see it again with Syed, however he cancelled on me at the last moment.

On Wednesday at work we finally had the audit which we did very well in. Shows what a refit can improve a store.

On Thursday I popped into CEX to see how much I could trade my old Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for. They offered me £82 cash or £116 store credit. I might do cash to have spending money/cash for my trip to London.

On Friday evening myself, Richard and Darren H went down to Simon's for some Kingdom Death. We decided to hunt down a level one Screaming Antelope. Thanks to how stupid it's AI deck seemed, we managed to defeat it easily (but not quickly).

On March 4th I will be heading to London  with my friend Richard. We are going to the Foxes concert at the Round House. However we are planning to leave Milton Keynes at about 9:20am to spend the day there. Our mean plans are to visit Forbidden Planet and Orc's Nest in the morning, then meet up with Darren H for lunch (he works in London) and then visit some of the markets. Due to the fact that my old phone was having battery and memory problems, I ended up deciding to get a new phone. However due to the fact that it will be a LONG day and that I will need the camera and flash for the Foxes concert, I have brought a second battery and I will be bringing my power pack and charger to try to keep it going. Do expect tweets with pictures though out the day and a blog post about it on ever Saturday or Sunday.

Due to this I have no clue when I will be doing the "Gaming News from Neoscream" post. If I can push it out quickly, it will be on Thursday. If I cannot get it done by then (I have strong doubts about it due to leave this post to the last minute to write), it will mostly be on the weekend.


Like normal on a Thursday night I went down to York House for some HeroClix. The scenario was a standard 500 points, however all specials rules on maps are in play.

I decided to do a Wreckers themed team due to the points. The team were:

Bulldozer (014 Marvel Invincible Iron Man) 70 + Wrecking Crew (ATA) 2 = 72
Piledriver (027 Marvel Invincible Iron Man) 125 + Wrecking Crew (ATA) 2 = 127
Thunderball (039 Marvel Invincible Iron Man) 137 + Wrecking Crew (ATA) 2 = 139
Wrecker (050 Marvel Invincible Iron Man) 155 + Wrecking Crew (ATA) 2 = 157
=495 points.

On the first round I was up against Darren S. He was using a Starjammers themed team who were:

Havok (024 Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men) 81
Polaris (025 Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men) 94
Korvus (022 Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men) 64
Binary (043 Marvel Chaos War) 158
Ch'od (032 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 101
=488 points.

Like normal Darren S won, however the map he chose was terrible for my team due to the lack of flyers and swimmers in my team. Also Adrian won his game against his brother Michael.

On the second round I was up against Michael. He was using an Brotherhood of Mutants themed team who were:

Magneto (015 Marvel HeroClix 10th Anniversary) 113
Scarlet Witch (006 Marvel WizKids Events) 75
Shadow King (043 Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men) 122
Lady Deathstrike (030 Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men) 76
Quicksilver (032 Marvel Chaos War) 111
=497 points.

It was a long game due to Shadow King, however I managed to win. Also Darren S won his game against Adrian.

On the third and final round I was up against Adrian. He was using a Green Lantern themed team who were:

Katma Tui (022 DC War of Light) 117
Rond Vidar (103 DC War of Light) 80 + Crossbow (Resource) 10 = 90
Guy Gardner (104 DC War of Light) 102 + Scissors (Resource) 8 = 110
Jade (106 DC War of Light) + Decoy (Resource) 6 = 157
=494 points

I somehow managed to win this game. Most likely due to luck. Also Darren S  won his game against Michael.

There is no game this week as I will be getting ready and having a early night as I have a very long and late day Friday at London.

"Loot Crate"

On Wednesday February's Loot Crate arrived. This time the theme was Dead with things from Deadpool and The Walking Dead. In it was:

A Deadpool Q-Fig Figure
A Deadpool Tacos T-Shirt
A McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Big Head Figure
A The Walking Dead Soap-on-a-Rope
The February 2016 Loot Pin
The Dead Magazine

Over all I love the Deadpool stuff and could not give a stuff of the Walking Dead stuff.

March's theme will be Verses due to "Batman V Superman" and "Captain America Civil War".

"Painting and Converting"

For this post I have for you all two more XCOM soldiers and my Wizard from my Frostgrave warband.

Sorry still work on the focus of my new phone. The quality "should" be better than the old one as it is a better camera.

If there is a "Gaming News from Neoscream post this week, I should have for you all my Apprentice and Captain from my Frostgrave warband and three Regult Battlepods from Robotech RPG Tactics.

During the week I managed to finish painting a figure for my Frostgrave warband and two XCOM board game figures.

Below is an image of my painting table at the end of last Sunday night or the start of Monday morning.

“Watch, Listen and Read”

Brought: Got a new contract with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, plus a new memory card and case for it.
Received: The fix for my Wizard for Frostgrave and the Messenger of the First Story from Kingdom Death Monster.

Watched: A Part of WWE Fastlane and Deadpool.
Received: My new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the new memory card for it.

Watched: The rest of WWE Fastlane and part of that week’s episode of WWE Raw.
Received: February's Loot Crate.
eBay: Warmachine Cygnar tokens.

Watched: The rest of that week’s episode of WWE Raw.
Received: The case for my new phone.

Received: The Convergence Warcaster Father Lucant.

Watched: That week’s episode of WWE Smackdown, and that week’s episode of Weekenders.

Watched: That week’s episode of Weekenders XLBS and episode 13 of Cardfight Vanguard G Gears Crisis.
Brought: A second battery for my new phone as a back up for my trip to London on Friday.

Still in the post or soon be should
Last Saga bits.
Slaughterball team.
Great Game Hunter Rogue female version from Kingdom Death.
Warmachine Cygnar tokens.

Until next time, enjoy life.

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