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Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Foxes and London Neoscream's Life Special: March 4th

The amazing Louisa Rose Allen aka Foxes
Welcome everyone to a special Neoscream's Life post that covers my journey to London and the fabulous Foxes concert.

There will be a normal "Neoscream's Life" post on Tuesday, however it will not be covering Friday. Maybe a brief mention of it.

As I was about to leave home I decided to buy Pokémon Yellow from the Nintendo eShop, so I could play the game on the train. However I realised after doing that I did not have the time to download it first. Facepalm.

I met up with Richard at Milton Keynes train station at about 9AM (well he turned up more like ten past, but it is very common for him to be late). We catch the 9:22AM to London and the London/Foxes adventure started there.

From Euston (after getting drinks) we catch the underground to Tottenham Court Road. Once there we headed to Forbidden Planet and lost track of the time. I was about to go buy some stuff when Richard spotted the time. It had gone 11:45AM. As we were meant to meet up with Darren H at Tower Hill at 1PM and we still had the Orcs Nest to visit, we needed to get a move on. So I quickly brought my stuff (forgetting to buy something I wanted to get) and rushed to the Orcs Nest.

At Forbidden Planet I picked up issues 0 and 1 (Forbidden Planet exclusive cover) of the new Mighty Morphin Power Ranges comic from Boom, a HeroClix booster of Marvel Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD (pulled the super rare female Thor) and two Cardfight Vanguard boosters of G-BT01 "Generation Stride" (got another Final Wrench that I needed). I need to remember to ask Carl at Wargames Workshop to get in future issues if he has not already.

Luckily due to the size of the store, we did not take too long at Orcs Nest, in fact it was quicker than I thought it would be. I picked up a Reaper Miniatures Bones figure "Shaeress, Dark Elf Queen" to use as a Zombie for my Frostgrave warband and some based basing staff for my Frostgrave stuff. I might need to retake the photos of my Wizard, Apprentice and Captain as I might be adding a bit more to their bases. Richard also found a board game he liked, but he did not buy it as he did not want to carry it around London.

The Tower of London
We did have more time than we thought so we walked to the Embankment Underground station to catch the underground train to Tower Hill. Once there we met up with Darren H for some lunch. We walked to a market and got some Japanese wraps off a VERY popular and quick market store. We chatted like we normally do at coffee or on car journeys to and from Simon's, but wondered around. Darren H later had to go back to work (he works at London and was not going to the concert). So myself and Richard went to a Starbucks for some coffee and some rest.

At 3PM (well before that) we catch the underground to Camden Town. Once there we looked at a random comic shop and Camden Market before going to the massive Camden Stable Market. Camden Stable Market was quite interesting. It is a great place to visit and I would like to go there again. I would also strongly recommend it to cosplayers of all types as they might be able to find odds and ends they need or to give them ideas. I did find a store I liked called Cyberdog, more due to my liking for mecha and tech. Sadly I did not buy anything from there because of the cost and they did not do my size in t-shirts and jumpers. Maybe next time if I am ever there again and have lost some weight. Also as there was a lot off no photos signs (more for certain items I think) I sadly did not take any in the store.

One of the new t-shirts
I did managed to get at the Camden Stable Market two anime t-shirts (Dragonball Z and Evangelion) and a Mother's Day gift for my mum. I was after a Dragonball Z zip-up jumper as I wanted a Geeky Jumper, however they were out of my size.

At 6PM we went to Weatherspoons for dinner and some warmth as it was getting cold. I also changed the battery in my phone so that I have a fully charged phone at the Foxes concert.

After that we headed to the Roundhouse for the Concert. Due to the number of people already in the Roundhouse building when we arrived, they started a queue outside with us in the front. I did not know it at the time, however the time table was changed from what was on the Roundhouse website. Entry to the stage was now at 7:15PM instead of 7PM, however it was more like 7:20PM when they did open it. The website however did state that the time table might change without notice.

When we finally managed to get into the building we dropped our bags off and my coat and then headed to the merchandise stand. I was originally planning on getting a Foxes t-shirt. However as I could not get or find a suitable Geeky Jumper and ended up getting anime t-shirts, I decided on getting a Foxes tour zip-up hoodie instead. It was just alittle too small for me, but I am trying to lose some weight so hopefully I will be OK (read the "Neoscream's Life" post this coming Tuesday).

The first supporting act started later than what it was originally listed as online. The act was Matt Wills. He was good, but not someone I would listen to normally.

The second act was the band Rivrs and they were really good and enjoyable. I will be checking them out more in the future.

During the break between the second supporting act and Foxes (there was a break between the two supporting acts too), a bunch of people did the usual mistaking Richard for Jesus Christ. Facepalm. Why does this always happen? Facepalm.

Anyway after the break Foxes finally came on stage. WOW. Just WOW. She was breath taking, amazing, fantastic, wonderful and dreamy. I almost lost my voice twice singing a long. LOL. I just wish my camera could have gotten the experience of seeing her live a lot better. The only little (and I mean little) problem I have with the show is that I have seen pictures of her in better outfits in some of the other shows on the tour from her Twitter and Instagram (@iamfoxes). Oh and more Foxes on stage. LOL. I do hope she will tour the UK again soon as I would love to see her again in concert, however sadly I might have to do it alone.

The third supporting act that was originally meant to follow Foxes (according to the Roundhouse website), Curfew, never happened. Maybe they were cut off due to time or problems or they bailed out on Foxes and the Roundhouse. Anyway this meant the concert ended at 11PM instead of midnight. This also meant for us that we could get the underground to Euston instead of by bus or walking and to a catch MUCH earlier train. In fact I got home about 1AM when it was originally going to be some time past 3AM.

Overall it was a fantastic day and a dreamy night. I wish there was more hours in a day to fit in a lot more things, however sadly my legs would not have taken much more as they when aching from the long day on the way home. OK I could think of thinks to top that (like Louisa's love), but sadly you cannot have everything in life. Sadly.

In a normal "Neoscream's Life" post, I would have a "Watch, Listen and Read" section. However is is not a normal post so here is a recap of all the things I managed to get during the day instead:
Pokémon Yellow for my 3DS.
Issues 0 and 1 of Boom's new Power Rangers comic (issues one being the Forbidden Planet excursive cover).
A HeroClix booster of Marvel Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD. (containing 001 Nick Fury, 009 Sarah Garza, 011 Agent May, 021 Fitz and 050 Thor.)
Two Cardfight Vanguard boosters of G-BT01 "Generation Stride". (Key pulls Masuraoraizer, Starlight Violinist and Final Wrench).
Reaper Miniatures Bones figure "Shaeress, Dark Elf Queen".
Shrub White Flowers.
A Mother's Day Gift. A Jewellery Box.
A Dragonball Z T-shirt.
An Evangelion T-shirt.
And a Foxes Zip Up Hoodie.

Again (as I did this on Twitter and Facebook) I would like to thank for this brilliant day:
Immand for giving me the time off hell work.
Richard for coming with me when he was not a Foxes fan.
Darren H for meet up with us for lunch and showing us an interesting place to have lunch in London.
The stuff and helpers at all the places we went to like Forbidden Planet, Orcs Nest and the Roundhouse.
Foxes supporting acts Matt Wills and Rivrs.
Foxes band (sorry I bad at remembering names).
And of course the main reason this happened, the amazing, fantastic, wonderful, brilliant, talented, dreamy, sexy, cute, beautiful, funny, beam of sun shine, Louisa Rose Allen (Foxes).

Until next time, enjoy life.