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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Chatting with Blaire 2nd, 3rd and 5th May

Would of done this earlier, however I have been busy tiding and getting ready for both Campaign and my Birthday. So lets start, Blaire was on MFC Sunday morning and she was on for a very long time for her. She did take a short break after a hour long true private. I manage to watch an episode of Naruto and most of that weeks Doctor Who with a gap in-between by time she did the private and break. We chatted on PMs.

01:20:03 AM neoscream: u enjoyed ur self last night?

She went to a club the night before.

01:21:55 AM Blaire: mmhhmm
01:22:04 AM Blaire: i left for home kinda early
01:22:41 AM neoscream: good early leave or just tired
01:22:48 AM Blaire: leave early and tired
01:22:59 AM Blaire: i smoked a blunt on the street corner with a funny kid
01:23:10 AM Blaire: and some undercover cops while i waited for my ride
01:23:11 AM neoscream: lol
01:23:12 AM Blaire: it was fun
01:23:14 AM neoscream: really
01:23:17 AM Blaire: but yeah i was really tired
01:24:29 AM neoscream: well I should be going cloth shopping with my mum soon
01:24:46 AM neoscream: and going to a bbq later
01:25:45 AM Blaire: ooo fun!
01:25:59 AM neoscream: oh I realised the lag on MFC with my internet is really bad
01:26:56 AM neoscream: rewatch the private in the archive and i did miss a lot of parts
01:27:37 AM neoscream: at less the videos in the archive have buffer
01:27:56 AM Blaire: mmhhmm
01:28:01 AM Blaire: i cant see my privates :(
01:28:16 AM neoscream: I have saved it
01:28:34 AM neoscream: I can send it to u if u like
01:30:21 AM neoscream: i never saw u showing me the wet dildo (both times) or the quick bj at the start
01:30:33 AM Blaire: really?
01:30:34 AM Blaire: huh
01:30:35 AM Blaire: interesting
01:30:36 AM Blaire: hahah
01:30:51 AM neoscream: u want me to send u
01:31:13 AM Blaire: sure

I sent her the file on Skype.

01:32:03 AM neoscream: look at skype
01:32:46 AM neoscream: i'm sending it via skype
01:36:08 AM neoscream: on and the way u say robert seems formal, try Robby or Rob
01:36:17 AM Blaire: lol
01:36:18 AM Blaire: ok
01:36:19 AM Blaire: rob
01:36:21 AM Blaire: is better
01:36:46 AM neoscream: thinks :0_not_found
01:36:47 AM neoscream: lol
01:41:30 AM neoscream: oh don't forget
01:56:05 AM neoscream: well i be going in a moment
01:57:30 AM neoscream: oh if u have not seen Iron Man 2, u should watch it
01:58:27 AM neoscream: and wait until the credits end to, there is another extra again
01:59:15 AM neoscream: cu
02:00:08 AM neoscream: I'll leave my computer and skype on so u can download the video
02:00:29 AM neoscream: hope u enjoy ;)
02:01:22 AM neoscream: sweet dreams if u have time to sleep
02:03:19 AM Blaire: mr 7?
02:03:22 AM Blaire: sorry
02:03:24 AM Blaire: wrong one

Looks like I am not the only one she was speaking to on PMs. That answers the lag in replies.

02:03:25 AM Blaire: thanks
02:03:40 AM neoscream: ok see u
02:03:48 AM neoscream: bye
02:03:53 AM neoscream: :D

It looked like she tried to download the video but found it too big. The next night I had internet problem and been having it every night this week. When I got up on Monday morning I found I was not in Blaire's chat room and she was on MFC, but not on camera. Had she been on cam and had finished? Was she going to be coming on? I had no clue so I PMed her.

10:06:16 PM neoscream: hi
10:06:32 PM neoscream: coming on or leaving
10:39:39 PM neoscream: ?????

She never replied and logged off not long after my last PM. Did I miss her? was she ever on camera? Why did she not reply? I had no clue what was going on. She appeared on Skype on Wednesday morning, but I never got to ask about Monday morning, Sunday night for her.

[05/05/2010 04:05:46] Robert: hi
[05/05/2010 04:06:02] Blaire: hi im doing hw
[05/05/2010 04:06:03] Blaire: busy
[05/05/2010 04:06:24] Robert: k will u be on later
[05/05/2010 04:06:33] Blaire: no
[05/05/2010 04:06:35] Blaire: bye
[05/05/2010 04:06:36] Blaire: !
[05/05/2010 04:06:40] Robert: bye

She started to download the video. That what she must have been on Skype for. When it finished the downloaded I sent her a message about the video.

[05/05/2010 07:14:46] Robert: its best to watch the video the Real Play, the sound does not want to work with VLC for some odd reason

Yes, it did took that long for her to down loaded from me. MFC also stated that she was on-line some time that day. But I never saw her. But I have noticed she has change the times on her profile to:

Sunday Sometimes from 12:00 pm to 07:00 pm (PST)
Monday drop in to find out!
Tuesday drop in to find out!
Wednesday drop in to find out!
Thursday drop in to find out!
Friday Usually 04:00 pm to 11:00 pm (PST)
Saturday Sometimes from 04:00 pm to 11:00 pm (PST)

This this could have been done this week or it could of been done earlier. Well that it for now. There is no more Blaire posts, there is just the Suzy one left. The Campaign post will be replacing both the Review and Heroclix for this week. I will be doing a brief update on M.S. Wars tomorrow, and the Suzy post if Blaire is on in the morning.