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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Chatting with Blaire 1st May

This is the second of three chats with Blaire posts that has built up on me. Hippy. So lets start, Blaire was on MFC on an early Saturday morning. 2:40am. After her first group session, I PMed her:

07:05:54 PM neoscream: can we did the pri, that really turned me on
07:18:30 PM neoscream: so?
07:25:08 PM Blaire: ok newo
07:25:11 PM Blaire: neo*
07:25:23 PM neoscream: thanks

I was super nervous asking, her. My heart was racing and my hands were shaking. WOW. She was awesome, seen better but wow. Did not see any private parts due to the camera angles. Do not know if to class them as well angled or badly angled, LOL. Also she did not seem as cheery as other show, sadly but I learnt way later.

07:36:11 PM neoscream: sorry prob with tokans
07:37:49 PM neoscream: al I had time to say was sorry before I ran out
07:37:59 PM neoscream: sorry about that
07:38:25 PM neoscream: have wet did u get?

Now I later learned she did show how wet she was twice, but with my internet the connection I missed them.

07:39:35 PM Blaire: very wet
07:39:40 PM Blaire: i had to finish hahahah
07:39:48 PM Blaire: so thats why i took a little bit to get back on cam
07:39:58 PM neoscream: k
07:40:00 PM neoscream: brb
07:42:19 PM neoscream: back needed to clear meself

I ready love hearing that. She had another private later. From what I saw while spying it was steamier than mine but after talking to her I know why. She finished after the private and we chatted on PMs for a bit.

08:41:27 PM neoscream: here was that private

That was meant to be how not here.

08:41:49 PM neoscream: u seemed to had more fun :(
08:42:05 PM neoscream: lol
08:42:11 PM Blaire: it was longer
08:42:22 PM Blaire: i was nervous i wasnt going to be able to cum for you in 5-10 min!

wow. she was nervous too. I really felt heart warming from what she said afterwards.

08:42:25 PM neoscream: u smiled more
08:42:27 PM Blaire: very scared
08:42:31 PM Blaire: awwww :(
08:42:39 PM Blaire: im sorry robert!
08:42:41 PM neoscream: k
08:42:50 PM neoscream: thats fine
08:42:57 PM Blaire: i didnt mean to feel pressured
08:42:58 PM Blaire: with you
08:43:02 PM Blaire: i know you wouldnt want that
08:43:14 PM neoscream: thanks

After hearing that the private we had felt a lot more special to me.

08:43:52 PM neoscream: what r u up to tomorror
08:44:01 PM Blaire: hw :(
08:44:08 PM Blaire: but i should be on in the evening
08:44:30 PM neoscream: want to chat in the morning are afternoon
08:44:49 PM Blaire: afternoon probably
08:44:57 PM Blaire: im going out tonight i might need to sleep in
08:45:07 PM neoscream: lol
08:45:13 PM neoscream: have fun
08:45:16 PM Blaire: thanks :)
08:45:34 PM neoscream: did we put u in the right mood
08:45:45 PM neoscream: lol
08:49:50 PM Blaire: yes!
08:50:08 PM neoscream: good
08:50:50 PM neoscream: let me know if anything happens ;)
08:51:02 PM Blaire: ok!
08:52:31 PM neoscream: I bet to have a have a bath or something now
08:52:33 PM neoscream: lol
08:52:50 PM Blaire: hahahha
08:54:20 PM neoscream: wish I could of made u cum with out the toy
08:54:23 PM neoscream: ;)
08:55:01 PM neoscream: well I best let u wash up and get ready
08:55:32 PM neoscream: and I best going back to bed for some more sleep
08:56:18 PM Blaire: sweet dreams robert (heart symbol)
08:56:28 PM neoscream: thanks
08:56:39 PM neoscream: will do ;)
08:56:43 PM neoscream: (heart symbol)
08:56:50 PM neoscream: nite
08:57:16 PM neoscream: hope to cu tomorrow

I later went onto the Archive section and downloaded to private with Real Player. What the fuck! How much did I miss from lag! Well I missed a lot of good parts, if not all of them. I felt beaming with energy afterwards. The day was going well as I was also going to see Iron Man 2, until I finished work and them saying that I will not be paid for my two week holiday I had booked for the next two weeks. Trust them for destroying what was a wonderful day.

While that is that post done, next will be last week's Heroclix.

29/05/10 - Parts of the post were altered on Blaire's request.