MK HeroClix House Rules

Friday, 28 May 2010

Heroclix 13th, 20th and 27th of May

Sorry, sorry,sorry. I know. I was meant to of done this a week ago but I have be busy works on M.S. Wars and trying to get a computer to run Mechcommander Gold or Mechcommander 2. Do not ask. Ok so I have three weeks of Heroclix to cover and I will do they all in one go.

Well lets start at week one, my 500 points theme time one. Sadly I realised I had to change the team I was going to use and to be class as a theme team I need four characters not three. I know there was a reason it should have been 600 points. So I changed the Secret Invasion Iron Man for a Super Nova Iron Man with the Stunning Blow feat card and Black Panther. The other teams I was ageist were, Masters of Evil, Atlantis and one other that I can not remember. Sorry. My team did well winning two out of the three games. I only lost to Darren and his dirty Ultron with Nova Blast. If you have forgotten the rest of the team the others are Thor and Captain America.

The second week was 400 points generics and leader. The leader can not be more then four times the cost of the highest cost generic. I decided to go for a Sentinel team lead by Ahab with two Advance Sentinels at there weakest setting and a Sentinel Trooper. The others teams were SHIELD, Asgard and Young Avengers. Yes Young Avengers. One of the players did not plan their team right and had to be given a random team by Darren. Sadly I only won ageist the Young Avengers team.

This weeks was a 500 points battle of the duo figure. Your team must have at least one Duo figure (a figure with two characters on it) and on feats as well. With the high point team build I decided to use the Thor and Loki duo figure with two Asgard Warriors, one Valkyrie, a Thor Frog of Thunder pog and a Dallas Riordan pog. I was up ageist a Detective team and two none themed team, one DC and one Marvel. Sadly I only won one game this week again. The guy in the green chair (Metron) was a real pain in the ass making all its Impervious rolls.

Next week will be a Spider-Man Clone war game. 400 point, each must have a Spider-Man or a Scarlet Spider. I still have not decided which Spired-Man to use. I have also picked up on ebay the comic book day Warmachine. Until next time enjoy.