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Friday, 25 May 2012

MK HeroClix, the 24th of May, Previews and Players

Welcome to another MK HeroClix post. First off is the HeroClix news for the week. This week there were previews of Ra's Al Ghul from DC The Dark Knight Rises; Egghead, the Ant-Man and Wasp duo, Wasp, Ant-Man and Hank Pym from Marvel Chaos Wars; Spider-Women and Wonder Man from the Gravity Feed for Marvel Chaos Wars; Batman from DC Justice League 52 (as the unit section of HCRealms is calling it that I will call is that instead of Justice League 2); Collector from Marvel Infinity Gauntlet and Stan Lee from SD Comic Com exclusive Creators pack. Also there it has been reviled that there will be a convention colossal this year and it will be Giant-Man and three ne mechanics were reviled with the Ant-Man and Wasp duo figures which are Tiny (which is part of a new damage symbol), Split and Merge as well as a revile that there is a new rulebook out this year which will have the new mechanics in it. Split and Merge are two new mechanics for duo figures here are the new mechanics in detail HERE . All duos will gain these abilities meaning I will need to slightly redo my duos for DreamClix. I also might do a Kon in his normal teady bear with the Tiny ability and use the idea of merge and split for things like Transformers and Power Ranger if I ever get round to doing Power Ranges.

This weeks game was a strait forward 400 points game. This week I went for a Scientist team who were:

Tony Stark (209 Avengers Movie) 50
Howard Stark (021 Avengers Movie) 33
Iron Man (019 Avengers Movie) 115
Victor Van DOOM (115 Secret Invasion) 200
with Iron Man (205 Avengers Movie) on the side line for Tony Stark Alta-Ego ability
=398 points and two no re-rolls.

I for got until the end of the day a generic theme team needs to be at least six people at 400 point. Facepale, never mind. This week we had a new play called Andrew join us this week. So with five people, someone needs to take a bye each round. On the first round I was up against Darren and Michael had the bye. Darren was using a X-Force theme team who were:

Domino (017 Giant Size X-Men) 69
Archangel (104 Giant Size X-Men) 86
Wolfsbane (029 Web of Spider-Man) 65
Wolverine (043 Web of Spider-Man) 105
Psylocke (023 Giant Size X-Men) 74
=399 points and four re-roll.

Like normal Darren creamed me. In fact he white washed me. It help the his Wolverine kept on passing his Super Senses rolls. So I ended up losting that round. On the second round I ended up with the bye, meaning an automat win. As Andrew was new to the game I helped him out to understand the game as he battled Michael instead of writing up thing early. On the third and final round (due to time) I was up against Andrew will Darren had the bye. Andrew was using a Coalition of Ordered Governments themed team who were:

Marcus Fenix (001 Gears of War) 91
Dominic Santiago (002 Gears of War) 66
Augustus Cole (003 Gears of War) 88
Damon Baird (004 Gears of War) 79
Anya Stroud (005 Gears of War) 63
=387 points and four re-rolls.

It was a long battle, but DOOM won me the game with just Iron Man (AE Tony Strark one) on his last click and DOOM unharmed. For those who want to know Adrian was using a Thunderbolts team who were:

Moonstone (022 Hammer of Thor) 76 + Thunderbolts (ATA) 8 = 84
Photon (081 Supernova) 138 + Thunderbolts (ATA) 8 = 146
Blizzard (090 Infinity Challenge) 53 + Thunderbolts (ATA) 8 = 61
Luke Cage (014 Captain America) 98 + Thunderbolts (ATA) 8 = 106
=397 points and four re-rolls.

And Michael was using a Fantastic Four team who were:

Spider-Man (001 Secret Invasion) 50
Reed Richards (111 Secret Invasion) 100
Sue Storm (112 Secret Invasion) 100
The Thing (104 Secret Invasion) 100
Black Panther (108 Universe) 46
=396 points and four re-rolls.

Next week should be the same as this week. A strait forward 400 points. We should also have another person joining us, hopefully making it six people next week so no byes.

Now for this week's DreamClix section. As you may have noticed I started another DreamClix set on Sunday, Nintendo. I will also be adding Transformers Generation One (with the extra IDW, War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron stuff) soon with the ideas for Starscream. However this week I am doing ideas for a City Guard Captain from Fairy Tail, a Pilot card for Patrick Colasour from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Yomiko Readman from RoD (Read or Die) and a Paper Construct. But first I have designs of Maka from Soul Eater, the DWMA team ability, Kneesocks from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Sanji from One Piece, the Straw Hat Pirates team ability and a fixed Pilot Card of Amuro Ray from the original Mobile Suit Gundam.

As you my have noticed I have started at SE-001 again, this is because I decided to do a major change to Soul Eater with the ideas the new mechanics have given me.

Next is a City Guard Captain from Fairy Tail. The City Guards are the generic police and soldiers you see though out the show and manga. Ok I do not know if that is the right team for them, but it is the team I am using. The basic City Guard should be basicly a heavy modified version of the Soldier generic I did for the Iron Man Anime and the up and coming Soldier generic for Ghost in the Shell (keep an eye out for the DreamClix Dial Designs page updates for next week). City Guard Captain should have Charge, Blades, Toughness, Defend, Leadership and Outwit. They should have about five clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 8, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 2 and Range 0. They should not have a team ability and their keywords should be Police and Soldier. The next Fairy Tail idea might be was going to be Mirajane, but after reading up about her I decided to leave her until a much later date and do Gray instead.

Next is a Pilot card for Patrick Colasour from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Patrick is overall highly egotistical, disproportionately overconfident, a show-off, a dedicated soldier, dim-witted, a glory hounder, and a womanizer. He thinks he's the best there is and often makes a grandiose introduction whenever he can to make a lasting and memorable effect on people. Due to his ego and overconfidence, he constantly fails or comes close fo failing his missions. His enthusiasm on the battlefield is as great as his lust for women. He changes his womanizing ways after falling deeply in love with Colonel Kati Mannequin at first punch. Patrick also has a tendency not to be observant of things, such as when Kati criticized Patrick for his non-existent knowledge of Innovators. After winning the heart of his beloved Colonel, Patrick completely devoted himself to Kati like a love-sick puppy. So great is his devotion to her that he heartily followed her when she joined A-Laws and later the ESF Coup d'état Faction to protect her as her champion. He would continue his long-life devotion to her throughout his military career and life. As his own way of being affectionate, Patrick constantly called Kati "Colonel" despite her being promoted to Brigadier General after the defeat of A-Laws. Because Patrick was born in France, it's highly likely that he fluently speaks French. He's a great womanizer as he never once had difficulty in gaining the affections of a woman. Military wise, he is a skilled MS pilot, possibly one of the top aces in the world, and certainly among the top ten in the AEU as he was assigned one of their 10 GNX's during Operation Fallen Angels. During the events of AD 2312, he easily gained membership into A-Laws due to his skills and reputation. He was later granted a Commander Type GNX-803T GN-XIV with the ESF Army and showed great skill in combat. Probably one of the greatest abilities of Patrick is his dumb-luck. His survival odds are ridiculously high, almost to the point that he could survive anything. Patrick is one of the rare few that survived all major engagements against Celestial Being, Innovators, and the ELS relatively unscathed. It's because of his high survival odds that he earned the title: The Immortal Colasour. His requirements should be ever the AEU, A-Laws or Earth Space Forces. his special ability should be: When this character is KO'd roll a D6. On a result of a 5 or 6, the points value of this card is not awarded as victory points. He should not have a Mecha Ability and his team ability should be the Earth Federation Forces. I decided to give all the "AEU", "Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations", and "Human Reform League" pilots the Earth Federation Forces team ability. The next Mobile Suit Gundam 00 idea should be the GN-001 Gundam Exia.

Next is Yomiko Readman from RoD (Read or Die). Yomiko works as a secret field agent for the British Library, using her papermastery to thwart the British Library's foes and collect valuable books and documents. Yomiko's code name is "The Paper" (while this is said in English even in Japanese dialogue, English dubs often turn this into "Agent Paper" or "Miss Paper" to make dialogue more smooth). She is the 19th person to serve the Library in this capacity. Yomiko is assigned her missions by the British Library special operations commander, codenamed "Mr. Joker." She often works with partners, such as the American mercenary Drake Anderson, the clumsy but capable junior field agent Wendy Earhart, and the suave wall-phasing gunslinger girl, Nancy Makuhari. When not on missions for the British Library, Yomiko works as a substitute teacher, a job through which she meets her favorite author, Nenene Sumiregawa. She resides somewhere in Jinbōchō, a neighborhood of Chiyoda, Tokyo known for its large amount of used bookstores. She occupies a small shack at the top of an apartment building called Yomiko Building (the building itself is used entirely to contain her book collection). Yomiko was trained by Donnie Nakajima, who served as the British Library's 18th Agent Paper. Yomiko was deeply in love with Donnie. After he failed in one of his missions, Donnie was killed because of the failure, which was labeled as betrayal by Joker. He was then used as a card to trigger Yomiko's power of a paper master. Yomiko recalls that she killed Donnie in her memories in both manga and novel, and is greatly troubled by that. In the manga, the "Donnie" killed by Yomiko is actually another paper master in disguise, which followed Joker's order to help Yomiko in discovering her power, and he appeared in the story later to retell the true events. This part of the story is yet to be told in the novel's last volume, and Donnie's death by Yomiko's awakening power is the only known factor, why Yomiko killed him is unknown. She became the 19th Agent named The Paper after the incident. In the novels only, she worked for the British Library until she was kidnapped by a character named Faust, who took her to Dokusensha headquarters in China. The novels and the manga recount Yomiko's first meeting with her favorite author, 17-year-old prodigy Nenene Sumiregawa. Kidnapped by a vicious kidnapper, Nenene is rescued by Yomiko, and they become fast friends afterward. In the manga, Yomiko goes undercover at a private academy while searching for something called "The Underground Library"--but she is also there because of a mysterious letter she believes to be from her presumed-dead love Donnie. The Donnie-imposter turns out to be a former friend of Donnie's, Ridley Wan, who seeks the Underground Library, and its contents, the "Book of Truth" for himself. He blames Yomiko on Donnie's death. Yomiko becomes entangled in a complex conflict involving Ridley, the superhuman "A" class students at the academy, and the British Library. When Joker reveals his plan to use the Book of Truth for his own, evil purposes, Yomiko manages to stop him, but the Underground Library "awakens" and appears to devour Yomiko as she protects everyone from its destructive forces. The end of the story hints she is still alive, but whereabouts unknown. She should have Stealth, Pulse Wave, Range Combat Expert, Blades, Barrier, Energy Shield Deflection, Support and a special called "Paper Construct".
Paper Construct: Give Yomiko Readman and place ROD-002a or ROD-002b from outside of play in an adjacent square to her.
She should have about five or six clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 7, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 1 and Range 6 with one target. She should not have a team ability and her keywords should be Detective and British Library.

Next is Yomiko Readman's Paper Constructs. They should be two versions of them a ground type for combat and a flight type for transport. The ground one should have Blades, Close Combat Expert  and the Giant symbol. It should have about three clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 6, Attack 9, Defence 16, Damage 2 and Range 4 with two targets. The flying one should have the Flight symbol and the Giant symbol.  It should have about three clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 12, Attack 8, Defence 17, Damage 1 and Range 4 with two targets. They both should not have any team abilities and they should have the keyword Summon. The next Other section idea should be The Player Character from Minecraft.

Lastly is the DreamClix Dial Designs page update news. On Monday (should have be Sunday but I forgot) I added Fairy Tail to the page with a new dial design shown below and on Wednesday I added Final Fantasy to the page with a new dial idea and a slightly changed to a dial or two as well. There should be at least an update on Sunday which will be the first of three Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex updates.

Well that is it for this week. Until next time, Mecha Up.