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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Neoscream's Life: 23rd to 29th September 2013

RX-77-3 Guncannon Heavy Arms Type
Welcome to the Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of some of the things I have done last week and news on the great Geek Goddess, AJ Lee. This post will no longer hold gaming news or results from League and Tournaments I have been in now (but if I win anything I will most like talk about it briefly here). All of that will be moved to the new “Gaming with Neoscream” post.


At work last week we had some major problems with the repair work on the fry station on Wednesday. Also for most of the week I had problems with my throat, headaches and feeling sleepy.

I have picked up a small Bluetooth keyboard for my phone to help write down course notes, however there are a couple of problem I have been having with it. First the buttons for it are a bit stiff (OK this could be happening because it is new. Second the predictive text function of the phone does not work with the keyboard. Third is if the phone's screen turns off while the keyboard is connect, the keyboard stops working. And finally it does not grip on to a surface well (but there are ways round that I discovered while writing this). Otherwise it is a nice piece a kit to use when sitting down at a table.

The Bluetooth Keyboard
Thursday was the first day of my A+ course at Milton Keynes Collage. I was a bit nervous as it has been years since I was last a student and due to not feeling a hundred percent due to my bloody throat. Bloody as in being a pain, there is no blood. I think!!! Luckily the throat was not really playing up during the lesson.  Anyway, the bus stop the collage bus stops at is the same stop as the bus I using to use going to University. Scary. The first lesson reviled a couple of important things about the course. First off I can forget about the whole Part 1 thing. They were originally planning on splitting the course into two parts when they first advertised the course, but decided to keep it as one and split it into two next year (most likely with a price increase). Next it looks like I will be able to get a game of HeroClix at the end of this month as the collage will be closed for a week for half term. But looking at the calendar here will not be a game at Christmas time and there might not be a game at New Year’s time as the Thursdays are the day after the big days. And lastly I will be getting a Certificate for doing the course. Ok, it is not THE A+ Certificate, but a certificate that provides I did the course which would make job hunting much more easier. I did not really learn much this week's lesson as it was covering things I already knew from the past and the book. Sadly the website the lecturer tried to sign us up with never sent us our passwords before the end of the lesson or the end of the week (got it finally about 11:30AM this Monday).

Here are the links to the three polls for the Hasslefree Sculpting Competition 2012; Modern sculpts, Fantasy sculpts and Sci-fi sclupts. Please have a look through all the entries and choose your favourite 3 from each category. All polls close on Monday the 7th of October at midnight. Followers of this blog will know I have three entries in them. These are Unnamed Fighter (Lilly Rain Eve from Cosmic Break) in Fantasy, Unnamed Sci-Fi Adventurer (Kallen from Code Geass) in SciFi and Unnamed Shapeshifter in Sci-Fi.

A Hasslefree Sculpting Competition 2012 Sci-Fi
entry. This is not one of mine, but one I would
recommend. It has a Bubblegum Crisis feel to it.
With receiving my Mini MicroSD Reader for Android and soon to receive the third and final DreadBall shipment, I would like to talk about KickStarters and deadlines. Over the space of over a year I have backed fourteen KickStarters (not including the one I pulled out of). The first was DreadBall and like I said it is back to come to an end as the third shipment should be on its way to me soon if it is not already. I am not saying it is the end of DreadBall, just the KickStarter side to it. There were delays and I have mood about them in the past, but with more experience with KickStarter from the KickStarters I have backed and from other people I know, I can tell that these delays were nothing. However unlike other KickStarters Mantic does not really keep the promise that KickStarters will get their stuff before retailers as most of the time they are out in stores before the KickStarter deliveries arrive. The problem Mantic has with this which other companies I know of do not is the fact they place the retail release far too close to KickStarter release and they will not delay retail release. The second KickStarter I backed, Judge Dredd was the first KickSterter I have received stuff from. This was because the stuff I got was from the old catalogue and not the stuff from KickStarter and they ship stuff a lots of mini waves that must have really cost them. Then there was Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk. We should be getting the PDF of the main rulebook end of October/beginning of November according to last week’s KickStarter post. Loka is running ahead of time and should ship in November instead of December. By the sound of things East Asian Village for 28mm Gamers have shipped 20% of the stuff. Their dead line is on January 2014. Sadly I have not yet received my reward yet. After that came Robotech RPG Tactics and Deadzone. Both of these are meant to ship before Christmas (well the first shipment for Deadzone) and still seem to be going out on time. Robotech RPG Tactics is meant to hit store though out next year, while the stuff from the Deadzone is meant to hit stores before Christmas. I have a feeling that Mantic will have the same problem they had with DreadBall here. Next was Mini MicroSD Reader for Android this has arrived now, but it was two months late. After that was The Calamus which sadly failed to raise the funds it needed. Then there was Among the Sleep which I backed for a friend. The game is due in December, but there has not been any news for a month so I have no clue how ahead or behind they are with making the game apart from it being on Alpha testing. Next was the role play game OVA. The PDF version was due back in August and the physical copy is due out in December. However due to problems with the artwork for the book taking longer than planned, we still do not have the PDF version yet and it has been almost two months since we last heard from the author. After that there was The One Piece Podcast Goes to Japan. Zach has been to Japan and Video clips are coming soon. Then there was Mekton Zero. The book is almost done and physical book is due to ship in December (figures are due March 2014). Lastly there was Warmachine: Tactics. As it is due to done by August 2014, I cannot really judge this KickStarter. Will problems I seen or heard put me of KickStarter? No not really. However 14 in a space of a year is a bit too much so I really have to cut down. There are some KickStarters I wished I had backed. These were the two Zombicide and Kingdom Death: Monster.

“AJ Lee (and WWE)

AJ was in an eight diva tag match on Raw last week. She was teamed up with Layla El, Alicia Fox, Tamina Snuka and Aksana. They were up against the Funkadactyls, Natalya and the Bella Twins. AJ did try to talk Stephanie McMahon out of having her in the match or at least put the Total Diva divas on a break, as show is currently on a break. However it did not work and AJ's lost. Brie Bella pinned AJ. However, the lose did seem to pull the none Total Diva divas together as Tamina pulled AJ out of the ring and carried her away with the others on guard.

AJ also had a match on Smackdown against Cameron last week. As AJ could no longer have Big E at her side during matches, AJ has hired a bodyguard, the daughter of Hall of Fame legend Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Tamina Snuka. AJ won the match and Tamina took out Naomi too.

There are photo of AJ and CM Punk at a Baseball game. Is this a sign of something or are they just friends that enjoy baseball? I have no clue, but there are not holding each other or that close so it might just be friends at a ball game. However if they are seeing each other than good for them. AJ seemed very happy, which is always a good thing to see.

As of last Sunday there are only three announced for this Sunday's pay per view, Battleground. First off there is Daniel Bryan verses Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. I want to see Daniel Bryan win, but I can see Triple H doing something to screw him over ever at Battleground or on Raw the next night. Then there is World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio verses Rob Van Dam in a Battleground Hardcore Rules Match. I want to see RVD to win this.  And lastly there is CM Punk verses Ryback. I want to see Punk win this, but knowing Paul Heyman I bet this will not be a fair fight. I can also see the members of the Shield getting matches too to defend their titles against Dolph Ziggler and the Usos.

“Watch, Listen and Read”

Listened: Episode 376 of Anime Pulse.
Brought and Received: Some paint and Liquid Green Stuff.

Watched: This week’s episode of WWE Raw and last week’s episode of BBC’s Click.

Read: Finished chapter 6 “Microprocessors" of the eighth edition of CompTIA A+ Certification.
Received: My Bluetooth keyboard.

Read: Started on the new stuff from chapter 7 “RAM" of the eighth edition of CompTIA A+ Certification.

Watched: Episode 4 of Season 6 of On The Table, episode 1 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the final episode of The If Crowd.
Read: Finished the new stuff from chapter 7 “RAM" and started the new stuff from chapter 8 "BIOS" of the eighth edition of CompTIA A+ Certification.
KickStarter: I finally received my Mini MicroSD Reader for Android.

Watched: This week’s episode of WWE Smackdown and Oblivion.

Watched: After Earth, Brake and Olympus has Fallen.
Brought and Received: The PDF version of the 7TV main Rulebook.

Well that is it for now. Until next time, Armour Up.