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Saturday, 19 October 2013

DreadBall - The End of the KickStarter

Hi all, just after posting this week’s "Gaming with Neoscream" post, I received a call from my mum saying that a parcel has arrived for me at her place of work (where I had my DreadBall KickStarter stuff delivered to). Coaches Renton, Orcy and AJ were excited about the delivery too.

It has arrived.
AJ slaps Orcy for planning on opening the box with a sledgehammer 
The opening begins
Their in. But it is only the first half
The content of the first half
Now for the second half
Still working on it.
We are in. Season Three has started.

Mantic had sent out to backers more stuff than originally planned (or told knowing Mantic). In steed of just a Prone token for each of the season two teams as part of Striker for the final shipment, they included one of each of the extra sculpts too. Same goes for any extra season two prone tokens ordered. This means I have EVEN MORE robot players as I ordered two extra prone tokens for them. With the extra Mee`kel Judwan I mistakenly got in the second shipment, I can make a Judwan team. I would have posted earlier, but I have been busy starting painting my Half-Shell Blasters and Wyn Greth’zki, who will start appearing in late November to early December. Now it is the wait for Loka, Deadzone, Robotech RPG Tactics and OVA (which I beat it will not appear this year).

Until next time, Armour Up