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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Neoscream's Life: New Year's Week 2013/2014

Welcome to the Neoscream's Life New Year’s Special. This is a weekly post of some of the things I have done during the New Year’s week and news on the great Geek Goddess, AJ Lee.


On New Year’s Eve I went to a New Year’s party at a pub at Kilm Farm with a group of my friends. Darren H could not make it for some reason sadly. I was an interesting night with a good band. Sadly I had to go early as I had opening at work on New Year’s Day.

I decided to put a screen lock on my phone which I have never done. I have been finding it a real nightmare as it takes time to unlock now. At least it is more secure.

With the New Year, I wanted to have a look back into 2013 and talk about my hopes for 2014. What to start?
With the gaming side of things, DreadBall (which was released in December 2012) played a major role in getting me back into miniature gaming (other than HeroClix). OK it slightly started with 7TV back in 2012, but if it was not for DreadBall getting me into Tournaments at Wargames Workshop MK which got me into other games like Warmachine, Zombicide, Deadzone and High Command (ok this is a card game). 2014 will be bringing in Robotech: Tactics and Kingdom Death: Monster into the fold. Sadly it does not look like that anyone at backed ever game, but I have heard some interest in Kingdom Death: Monster so I might try to run some games of it in when it finally comes.
In the WWE 2013 has been AJ Lee’s year. She started the year with her “On Screen” boyfriend Dolph Ziggler and their bodyguard, the new comer Big E Langston. Dolph is now a loser due to dumping her and Big E is now the Intercontinental Champion thanks to AJ’s training. AJ became Diva’s champion in 2013 and she is about to become the longest ever Diva’s Champion (single reign), oh and she is currently dating the self calmed “Best in the World” Chick Magnet Punk (yes in sadly know what the CM means. Face palm). Unless AJ doubles the length of the reign or becomes the longest collective reigning Divas Champion, I cannot see how she will top 2013 in 2014 with her career.
2013 saw the release of two of my favourite films, Iron Man 3 and Pacific Rim. It also brought me back to education with the A+ Course I am currently doing. Hoping thing course will led to a better job with better pay, stable hours and weekends off (or at least being more optional).
With the blog 2013 brought several major changes to it. First off the posts are a bit more organised it their layouts with the introduction of sub headers. The Cosplay Deviants stuff split away from the “Neoscream’s Life” post to from its own post. And it marked the end of one of the longest running weekly posts “MK HeroClix” as it was replaced with a more general gaming post “Gaming with Neoscream”. What will 2014 bring? I have to make a major decision with the “Cosplay Deviants” post. It sadly somehow takes more time to physically post in online. I have three thoughts for this. Drop it which will HEAVY cut the traffic to the blog down, split it up to three posts a week (a set each) or just post about the Deviants I like (like Foxy, KittyStar and Underscore). I keep things as they are for a week or two and then I decide what I will do.

“AJ Lee (and WWE)

There was no AJ this week. However Big E Langston defended his Intercontinental Championship against Fang Dim Bat (Fandango) on Raw. Even with one leg, Big E won against Dim Bat to retain the title. Also he was on Smackdown against Curtis Axel and won.

“Watch, Listen and Read”

Watched: Last week's episode of BBC's Click.
Brought and Received: A new blood work bag.
Received: A Revenger Light Warjack.

New Year’s Eve
WLR: Nothing.

New Year’s Day
Watched: This week's episode of WWE Raw, episode 57 of the JBL and Cole Show and episode 12 Gundam Build Fighters.
Brought and Received: I have decided to become a Beasts of War backstager.

That looks more like a D6
WLR: Nothing.

WLR: Nothing.

Watched: This week’s episode of the Gadget Show and the final episode of season six of On The Table and this week’s episode of WWE Smackdown.

Watched: Episode 1 of season three of Sherlock, this week’s episode of BBC’s Click and episode 58 of the JBL and Cole Show.

Until next time, Keep Rolling. Only nine more posts until post 1,000.