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Friday, 30 January 2015

Gaming News from Neoscream: 30th January 2015

Welcome to the “Gaming News from Neoscream”. This is my weekly gaming news post for miniature games, RPGs, some card games, my painting and upcoming local events.

“Gaming News”

First off is the HeroClix news. This week we get previews of John Constantine, Nick Necro, Lex Luthor, Mazahs, Dr. Sivana and Black Adam from DC Justice League Trinity War. They have also reveal images (but not dials) of their 2015 convention exclusive figure. The marvel ones are: Spider-Ham (but he was listed as Spider-Man), Loki Agent of Asgard, Ghost Rider (female version), Supreme Intelligence and Doctor Strange (with D20). And for DC there is: Adam Strange, the Weird, Animal Man, Brainiac Skull Ship and Felix Faust (with D20). Knowing how WizKids treat the UK, we be super luck to see one. I can only remember seeing one in person since NECA took over.

Next is the Privateer Press news. This week they revealed what they are releasing in April. These are: The Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game Core Rules; the Warmachine All-in-One Army Box for Cygnar; the Retribution Character Light Myrmidon Moros; the Mercenary Privateer Sea Dog Character Unit The Devil's Shadow Mutineers; the Hordes All-in-One Army Box for Trollbloods; Skorne Warbeast Pack Scarab Pack; and the Skorne Unit Venator Reivers.
Also they have revealed that the Army Deals will also come with a mini version of the rulebook.

Now for the Mantic news. Well more of a review than news. This week I finally got a closer look of the figures from the DreadBall Xtreme box set and found that they lied about the fact that everything would be one piece. However most of the terrain are two pieces and the guards are multipart with for a normal guard or a keeper. Luckily this was not a bad thing as they are easy the put together with less cleaning up to do compared to their past DreadBall figures and they hold on very well without glue. I am liking this as you can leave the guards unglued and swap the part around during a league when a guard is promoted to a keeper and then reset them for a different league or tournament.

Next is the Stonehaven Miniatures news. This week's green from their Half-Orc Adventurers KickStarter was a Corgi.

Now for the Conan from Monolith Board Games LLC news. It is currently at eleventh place in the top twenty non-computer game KickStarters. Since last week the goals they manage to smash and new add-on they added were: A Giant Scorpion; five Torch Stands; the hero Amboola; a pack of thirty-three Equipment cards; five more Tentacles; ten Overlord Hero tiles; the Paolo Parente box set as an add-on; 3D Scenery adventure pack as an add-on; and a set of ten Crossbowmen as an add-on.
The Stretch goals still going when I post this were: A Bones Golem and a free code for Age of Conan MMORPG at $1.4m.

Next is the Ninja Division news. It is all Robotech RPG Tactics this week again. The Europe wave one stuff should reach the UK by the 20th of February and the Australia wave one stuff should arrive is Sydney in early to mid-March. Please note that this is not set in stone and that this is arrive to the place, not the warehouse or backers. Because of this I have moved the Europe shipping date for wave one on the “Kickstarter Dates” section to March.

Now for the Guild Ball news. They are sorting out the problems they had and things are back on track. However they will now be hopefully shipping to backers at the start of March now.
We also got two preview images of pages from the rulebook.

Next is the Battle System news. They have now set up a web store that are their Sci-fi terrain, finally released to the general public.

Now for the Yashima: Legend of the Kami Master news. Due to the fact that the figures are costing them more than planned, they will not be making any additional miniatures. This means that the desert expansion will not be produced. However they have decided to bundled the Fairytale Miniatures with the two backer voted Kami and add some additional tiles to make a full Fairytale expansion. 

Next is the StarCrawlers news. The game is now ion Beta now which does not bold well for a February release of episode one.

Now for the Demigods Rising news. I have missed the news that they have started shipping the resin figures. I received my resin Wind on Monday. The game is still set for a July shipping.

Next is the Cool Mini or Not news. Both Arcadia Quest and Zombicide Season One were kicked out of the top twenty non–computer game KickStarters last week by both Conan and Exploding Kittens.

Lastly I learnt of a new KickStarer that has taken KickStarter like a storm. It is a card game called Exploding Kittens, a title that my mum does not like. It was 100% funded in just twenty minutes, 1000% funded in less than an hour and made $3m in three days. As I past this they are currently over $4.7m. It is currently at first place in the top twenty non–computer game KickStarters. There was only one Stretch Goal so far and it was made. It was to expand the KickStarter Exclusive Expansion pack to a stand alone game. I have not backed this yet, but I might just for a piece of KickStarter history. I should be posting the new top twenty non–computer game KickStarters list next week.

“KickStarter Dates”

·         “Mechabrick” (April 2014), wave two of “Robotech RPG Tactics” (December 2013), wave three of “DreadBall Xtreme” (November 2014), wave two of “Journey Wrath of Daemons” (July 2014), wave two of “Dust Operation Babylon” (August 2014) and the physical copy of the “Mekton Zero” rulebook (March 2014) have all been delay due to problems and currently have no dates on when these will start shipping, but I feeling that they will be sometime in 2015.
·         Wave one of “Dust Operation Babylon” (August 2014), the coloured ran of “Pop-Up Miniature Terrain Kit” (November 2014) and wave two of “DreadBall Xtreme” (November 2014) should have (or soon will) started shipping.
·         The “Conan” KickStarter should be end on the 11th of February 2015.
·         The “Exploding Kittens” KickStarter should be end on the 20th of February 2015.
·         “StarCrawlers” (November 2014) Episode One is listed to be done and out by, plus the digital copy of “Mekton Zero” rulebook (December 2013), “Last Saga” (November 2014), “Zombicide Season Three” and the physical copy of “OVA” (Dec 2013) should ship in February 2015.
·         “Guild Ball” (December 2014), wave one of “Journey Wrath of Daemons" (July 2014) and wave one of “Robotech RPG Tactics” for Europe and Australia and the rest of the world (Dec 2013) should be shipping in March 2015.
·         Both wave 1.5 of “Shadows of Brimstone” (August 2014) and “Super Dungeon Explore: The Forgotten King” (January 2015) should ship in April/May 2015.
·         Both “Half-Orc Adventures” and the PDFs for “Paranoia” should ship in May 2015.
·         Both “Paranoia” and “Slaughterball” should ship in June 2015.
·         “Kingdom Death Monster” (Dec 2013), “Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain”, Demigods Rising”, “Yashima: Legend of the Kami Master”, “Kings of War Second Edition” and “Exploding Kittens” all should ship in July 2015.
·         Both “Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest” and wave two of “Shadows of Brimstone” (August 2014) should ship in August 2015.
·         “Dragon Tide” should ship in September 2015.
·         “Conan” should ship in October 2015.

"Up and coming Events"

These are local gaming events in Milton Keynes I know of, Guardians of Tyr events at Wargames Workshop Northampton and other events I plan on going to or want to advertise.

·         On Mondays (not including Bank Holidays) at Wargames Workshop MK is Wargaming night.
·         On Tuesdays at Wargames Workshop MK it is Card games night (or is it just Magic the Gathering).
·         On Thursdays York House in Stony Stratford is open from Wargamers and Boardgamers.
·         On Fridays at Wargames Workshop MK it is Friday Night Magic.
·         On Sundays, Wargames Workshop MK is now open. It will be for role-play and board games day on every Sunday apart from the last Sunday of the month which will be a card games day (Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic and Cardfight Vanguard).
·         On Saturday the 31st of January 2015, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Warhammer 40,000 Conquest tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         On Thursday the 5th of February 2015, there should be HeroClix at York House in Stony Stratford. It will be an "War of Kings” scenario which is 500 points, the team must have at least one figure with the Ruler keyword. Choose a figure with the Ruler keyword, that ruler Is King. King figures have Master Mind and If they KO another King you gain 50 extra Victory Points.
·         On Saturday the 7th of February 2015, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Steam Roller Warmachine/Hoards tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         On Saturday the 21st of February 2015, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Warhammer 40,000 tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         On Saturday the 7th of March 2015, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Star Wars X-Wing tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         On Sunday the 8th of March 2015, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Steam Roller Warmachine/Hoards tournament at Wargames Workshop Northampton.
·         On Friday the 13th of March there will be a RPG event In Milton Keynes. Sadly I have missed placed the leaflet so I do not know the name of the event or the place.
·         Saturday the 25th of April will be Salute 2015. It is being held in the London Excel Centre and this year's theme is Agincourt.
·         The weekend of the 9th and 10th of May will be Campaign. Yes It Is back from a one year break and will be back in the Centre MK.

Wargames Workshop MK has a £2 gaming fee or £4 with a pack of Magic the Gathering cards unless it is a paid tournament run by Guardians of Tyr (not including High Command). Weekday events normally start “playing” at 7PM.

For rules for Guardians of Tyr tournaments and leagues as well as information on pre booking your place in tournament. Pre booking is highly recommended so they know how many people are coming. So please go to their website which there is a link to it under my links section which are located on the right hand side of this blog.

York House has a £3 on the day gaming fee and a £5 fee for a year’s membership. However the first day is free and they only take yearly membership fee at the start of the year. The Hall officially opens at 7PM, but normally people start arrived 15 to 20 minutes early.

“Painting and Converting”

This week I have for you an Enforcer Sniper, an Enforcer Engineer, two Gun Drones, an Enforcer with a Rocket Launcher, Diva and Greensleeves.

This week's figures front view
This week's figure rear view
This week's Deadzone Figures
This week's Arcadia Quest figures
My green haired and blue (ice) armoured version of Diva
Just noticed the error in the hair as I was posting this and have quickly fixed it
Legolas Greensleeves

Next week there should be Grom, Hobsbawm, Johan, three Standard Zombie Walkers and two Standard Zombie Runners.
During the week I have finished off one more DreadBall players from season three, some Battlezone terrain panels, five more Arcadia Quest heroes and four more Zombies. I am currently working on more BattleZone terrain panels. As well as under coat a bunch more DreadBall, Zombicide, Kingdom Death and Elven Adventures figures.

Until next time, hope for a better tomorrow.