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Monday, 13 December 2010

CosmicBreak News Update 1

Lily Rain
The Single player mode for CosmicBreak is now up. It is a stand alone (while two stand alone) mission where you can play one of three characters with the others being NPC squad mates. There is a medium difficulty mode and a hard difficulty mode. Both have different characters to choose from and by the sound of it they might also be different missions too. As I am posting this post I have only tried the medium difficulty twice. First time I did crap as I did not know the controls. However I manage to work out how to attack and manage to get to the boss of Stage 1. Currently I do not know if there is any more stages after that  as the boss killed me. In both tries I used the human robot Lily Rain. By the look of Crimrose's background the human robot are more like cyborgs. Well tomorrow at 5PM GMT CosmicCommander Alpha test will be ending and the final Beta test for CosmicBreak will start of the same time on Thursday. Until Next time, enjoy.