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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

CosmicCommander News

Sadly Cosmic Commander Alpha Test has ended Yesterday evening. I was a very nice mini game. I would like to see it come back with a lot more features and units. Like the ability to custom you units a little like up grading weapon or levelling up, more worlds to fight on, Many be even the human robots (Cyborgs) too like Lily Rain. Anyway can not wait to hear how well I did in the tournament. Hoping to get into the top 100.
Well here is a Cosmic Break time table of known events that are coming soon:

16/12 - Cosmic Break Final Beta begins and participation prizes from Cosmic Commander will be given out.

23/12 - Cosmic Break Final Beta will end and Official Service (Open) will start with no data wipe. So everything you did in Final Beta will still be around in Open. Open will feature a second currency called Roots (Rt). Roots is a special game money brought with real money. 50Rt = $5. You use Roots to buy stuff that you can not normally buy with UC, the standard in game currency like some robots.

25/12 - Prizes from the Cosmic Commander tournament will be given out to the top 100 players. All the prizes will contain free Roots and Items. Starting from 50Rt for 100th to 11th up to 5,000Rt for 1st.

For those who want to know what are the participation prizes from Cosmic Commander are here is a list of them: Zero Fighter in limited edition full colour, Slot Protector Alpha x1, Cosmo Harmonics ALPHA x1, ALLx3 Ticket Alpha x1, 7DAYS Air Loop x1, EXP+30% Ticket Alpha x1, UC+30% Ticket Alpha x1, DROP+30% Ticket Alpha x1Respawn -30% Ticket x1, Limit Remove Lv5 x1, Limit Remove Lv8 x1 and 3DAYS Respawn Pass x1. Until next time, enjoy.