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Friday, 17 December 2010

CosmicBreak News Update 2

The Cosmic Break Finial Beta is now open. It will be running for a week before the standard version starts. There are several special event currently being ran:

Start Dash Campaign: Form the start of the Finial Beta until January 14th. During the hours of 2AM to 5AM GMT, UC, Exp and Drop Rate will all be multiplied x1.5.

Login Campaign: Login every day from Beta to gain prizes each day.

Limited Time Offers: Until Open starts next week several of the Roots only human robots (Cyborgs) are available to buy with UC.

Currently I am enjoying the game but with connection problems and other things I have not been able to do much. However I have posted two pictures of the customs I have done with my Robots. The first one is the front view of a repaint of Lily Rain which I call Lily Rain Flower who is the main bot I use and the second is a Mecha Knight repainted as Starscream. I also have a Katana Max GOLD, a Zero Fighter and a Jaguar Arm. I am thinking on getting Crimrose to repaint in to a Starscream fan girl and a Needle Mog to by Mr. Hedgehog. For those who what to know my in game name is Holica (sadly I did not know I could name the robots) and my union is WIZ. Until next time enjoy.