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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Neoscream's Life, the 29th of November to the 5th of December

Sorry about the late posts, I have not been felling well so I could not concentrate on writing. Last week was building, but what will this week be like?

Not much happened on Monday. I posted another units post on my MS Wars. I worked form 10AM to 12PM and then I went to Hobbycraft for bits to try to make ladders with.

On Tuesday morning Blaire was on-line but she was not on cam or responding, however she did post a tweet on Twitter saying that she wound be cutting patterns for her thermal Bra and Thong and sewing them together with her special guest CuddaHunter. I noticed that Blaire had updated her Amazon wish-list so I decided to order her Christmas gift. In fact it was two, a book about dyeing clothes and some white fabric. These should be useful with her with her designing. I then posted last week's Neoscream's Life post. As I was getting ready I noticed that it had snowed but not that heavily. I left the house at 8:50AM for the bus as I was meant to be at work for 9:30AM. I waited for half an hour in the cold but the bus never turn up, not even one going the other way. I had to phoned for a taxi. The taxi would not be able to pick me up until 9:45AM so I was late work but luckily they were OK with it due to weather. I ended up finishing at 12:15PM. On the why home I text my mate asked they mates about what gifts would they like. When I got home I started working on the ladders. I work on two different designs of ladder. One made of silver rubbing and one of card board. The rubbing one is too thin and curls up and the card board one looks more like they are wooden ladders than metal ones. During the evening I received a reply from Jake saying "Anything". So I went onto Amazon so that I could hunted down and order Christmas gifts for Marisa, Jake and Cole.

Blaire came on-line on Wednesday about 12:30AM. She was making a prototype thermal a thong with CuddaHunter hiding behind the camera with the job of designing mens thermal underwear. After she made them she showed them off on CuddaHunter's member cam. She went off camera about 4:30AM so I went back to bed. When I went to check the laptop at 6:45AM she was back on-line. I did not notice her coming back on-line as I for got to unplug the headphone. She was cooling out and getting ready for a body painting show in group. She went off line at about 8:15AM. I worked from 10AM to 1PM. When I get home my mum got me to ordered a couple of things off my Amazon Wise-List. When my dad got home we watch his open his cards and saw what his staff got him. It was his 65th birthday.

Early Thursday morning Blaire came on-line and was making reversible version of the thong she was making yesterday. As I was too tired I went back to bed after 15 to 20 minutes asking her to PM my if anything big happens as the computer would still be on. When I woke up I looked out to the window to check on the snow. Be the look of is it had not snowed during the night. I posted the next MS Wars rules post on the MS Wars blog. About two hours after waking up I was about to leave for work when I noticed that I had started snowing heavily between when I got up and then and when I was leaving. Luckily the bus was only running a little late and still got me to work on time. I worked from 10AM to 4PM. Due to the bad weather Darren S called off Heroclix off so I work on a double bill of DreamClix.

When I woke up on Friday morning I had a sore throat. I post posted the Heroclix post. I worked from 10AM to 4:30PM. The throat got so bad I could not speck. So after work I headed to Sainsbury's for some throat sweets and Ibuprofen. Will doing this I received a text from Richard about celebrating his birthday tomorrow (his Birthday was on Wednesday too). Blaire came on-line during the evening but not on cam at first. We chat on chatted for a while and she was saying would be would be on cam later on it the day meaning early in the morning tomorrow. However some thing happen that made her come on cam much early then she was plan. The Postman came with the book I ordered for her as a Christmas gift. Poor Buddy (Blaire's dog) was scared by the post arriving. She really loved the book and was planning things. She was cam for about an hour and a half before going off line. I then headed to bed.

At coffee on Saturday were just me, Richard and Darren. We started at 10AM instead of 10:30AM due to packing problems during the Christmas time. But that did not stop Darren turning up at 11AM. While waiting for Darren, Richard told me that a person he use to know was back in Milton Keynes and is instested in joining the Necromuda campaign as well as running some role-play games who also has some friends that might join too. Sadly I had to leave early because of ordit had started at work. I worked from 11:30AM to 4:30PM. It looked like they sent me home earlier than planned as my throt got bad again. Most looooikely the constantly taking orders next to an open window in cold weather just made the healing sore throat to a badly sore throat and a cold. Even tho the way I felt I should not have gone out to the get together for  Richard's birthday, I still went. Richard, Jake, weird Rob and his brother, Collett, Lynda, Sara, Jenny, Darren and Lisa all turned up for it.

Lastly on Sunday I was up early as I could not sleep as I felt too cold. I was still unwell. As I was expecting a phone call from Richard any time after 10AM about meeting up with his friend to talk about Nercomunda and role-play games. While waiting I found an interesting on-line game, CosmicCommaner. It was an on-line multi player strategy simulation game where you own a bunch of robots, you put them is squads of 5 to 6 bots and send them off on missions/battle. It get to about 3PM when I said damn it and phoned him. He said he would pick me up about 5PM. When we got then we first talked about Necromunda Nathan F. Nathan F was planning on doing an Enforcers team by making them out of plastic Imperial Guard and Space Marine scouts as you can only get Enforcers as a box of 6 guys and a Cyber-mastif (just over half of the team) for a whopping £20. All he needs is a robot/cybernetic dog to use as a Cyber-mastif. Richard is thinking of doing a Delaque gang and I am planning on doing a Van Saar team. Then we move on to Role-play games. After going though all the games we could do we came up with a list of six games we would like to do: D&D 3.5, Hunter, Star Wars, Starship Troopers, Excited and Shadow Run. Nathan decided that he would run a boot camp Starship Troopers for several weeks to let us get use to the way he runs games and then decided to continal or choose another game. When I got home I look around for figure to use as Van Saar. The Nomads from a game called Infinity look great however they very costly at about £6 a figure. Afterwoulds I headed off to bed. Saddly I forgot to post a new MS War post or work on this post.

Well that is another week over and done with. Here is a list of the planned posts coming this week:

8th of December – Units: Human Heavy Weapon team (MS Wars blog only) and Units Update: Amago, Standard Type (MS Wars blog only)
10th of December – Heroclix post
12th of December - MS Wars Update (both blogs) and Watch, Listen and Read (maybe if not the next day)
14th of December – Neoscream's Life
No Planned Date - Labels A to Z

Until next time, enjoy.