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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Neoscream's Life, the 6th to the 12th of December

Alternity Starscream, a Starscream that transforms
into a sports car WTF

Last week was sickness and gaming plans, but what will this week be like?

On Monday morning, for a first time for a long time SuzySmartz was on camera on MFC. Suzy was introducing a new Smartz girl, ChristySmartz. Blaire also came online too but not on camra as she had done her back in. Poor Blaire wish I could help. I posted the Watch, Listen and Read post before going to wortk which I did not get around to do on Sunday night. I started work at 11AM and was down to finish at  3PM, but I ended up finishing at 5:30PM. This would have been OK if I was not still filling sick. At least I was down to have Wednesday off I can regain my stronght then. When I got home I work on last week's Neoscream's Life post, watched some stuff and played some CosmicCommander. Also I noticed t-shirt on the Monday Madness sales on that Darren might like however I was not able to get his size until it was too. Never mind.

Not much happen on Tuesday. I started work as 12PM and was down to finish at 4PM, however due to staffing problems I ended up finishing at 7:45PM and I had to come on Wednesday now. Sadly I only just finish writing last week's Neoscream's Life post at 11PM so I did not have time to post it as I needed to go to bed as I have work the next day.

On Wednesday morning I managed to post last week's Neoscream's Life post, a whole day late sadly. I worked from 12PM to 4PM. After work I headed to Sanisbury's as I ran out of Ibuprofen in the morning. While there I noticed a deal on gift ideas which helped solve Richard's and Darren's gifts. When I get home I posted two units posts on my MS Wars blog, Played a bit of CosmicCommander and worked on my Heroclix post.

On Thursday I worked from 11AM to 4PM and Heroclix happened like normal.

Friday was my day off work. Finally I can rest to try to get rid of this damn cold and coth. I got up about 10AM and started work on finishing off the Heroclix post which I thought would not take that long. It took about six hours to finish and post. After I done that I started filling out the fourm Nathan F e-mailed my and Richard for background for our characters for role-play. However, I did not get that far as I was also playing on CosmicCommander too and cheecking out stuff about the main game CosmicBreak.

At coffee on Saturday were just me, Richard and Darren. While speecking to Richard I learnt that he had really done any work on the fourm ever. Also Richard recived a massage from Richy, saying that he will be coming back to Milton Keynes for Chrismas and New Year on the 21st. I worked from 12PM to 4:30AM. At 6PM, me and Richard got to Nathan's for Role-Play, where we meet the other play. We first talked about our characters backgrounds. Then we had to redo our characters as Nathan decided to make us level one Civilian instead of level zero characters. After we finished our characters we final started the game. For those who have forgotten we are playing Starship Troopers. We all had to go and sign up, deal with friends and family and start our training we did a fantastic run in the first training exesides. We finished about 11PM. As Richard is busy next Saturday we move Role-Play to next Sunday at the same time but with a earlier finish.

Lastly early Sunday morning Blaire came online. She show off her reorganised studio and talked about a change of plan on how she uses MFC. By the sound of it she has had enough of people with closed minds complaining and bad mouthing her for sewing on camra on MFC. So she will now only go on MFC if she is feeling Horny. However she is planning other ways to be online while working on clothes. Sadly I was not off work this Sunday (or next Sunday too). I started work at 12PM and finish at 2:45PM. When I got home I played some CosmicCommander and cheecking out the CosmicBreak forums. I am planning on trying out CosmicBreaker when it comes back online.

Well that is another week over and done with. Here is a list of the planned posts coming this week:

16th of December - Rules - Unit Special Abilities (MS War only)
17th of December – Heroclix post
19th of December – Watch, Listen and Read (maybe if not the next day)
21st of December – Neoscream's Life and Units - Cavendish Troop Transport (MS Wars Only)
No Planned Date - Labels A to Z
No Planned Date - CosmicCommander review.

Until next time, enjoy.