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Sunday, 12 December 2010

MS Wars Update, 12th of December, Quickly

This is a robot of the games CosmicCommander and
Hi, nothing to really update at the moment sadly. The main structure of the Tower is done just need to build things like ladders and the plans for the Necromunda Campaign is going ahead. Due to the Holiday period there while be a five day wait for MS Wars posts instead of three and the next update post will be in just over four weeks time. So here is a list of up and coming MS Wars post. Please note these date are not set in stone and may change.

16/12/10: Rules - Unit Special Abilities part 1
21/12/10: Units - Cavendish Troop Transport
26/12: Units - Amago, Scout Type
31/12: Rules - Pilot Skills part 1
5/1/11: Units - Human Scouts
10/1/11: Story or Units - North Jeep
13/1/11: New Update post

Until next time, enjoy.