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Monday, 31 March 2014

Cosplay Deviants: Foxy - Fairy Dance

Asuna from Sword Art Online
Foxy in "Fairy Dance"
Hi everybody and welcome to the first post of the four year anniversary week of the blog. The BIG day is on Saturday. I have done some work on the basic layout (background colours, text font, text colour and text size). I plan on adding a new banner and a new section on the right hand side of the blog tomorrow. Well anyway let us move on to the real post.

On Wednesday last week there was a new set from the fantastic bright eyed deviant Foxy which I kept on forgetting to post about, until now. The set is called "Fairy Dance" and in it she cosplays as Asuna from Sword Art Online. This was the ALfheim Online version of Asuna. Yet another fantastic cute and sexy set from her, however I have seen a better Asuna set from Foxy.

Until next time, Keep Rolling.