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Saturday, 5 April 2014

4th Anniversary of Neoscream Log (the Blog)

Wow, four years now. Things have changed over the past four years on the blog but it still is going. From Blaire from MFC to AJ Lee from WWE. From just HeroClix to gaming in general. Where will time lead this blog to over the coming years?

I could going on talking about how it all came around, however I have done it ever anniversary post so far so I will not this time. The old posts are still around, just go to the Blog Archive section on the right hand side (towards the bottom).

You may have noticed that I am slowly phasing out the labels "Bleach", "Death Note", "Dragon Ball", "Naruto", "One Piece" and "Yu-Gi-Oh" and replacing them with the “Shonen Jump” label. Also I do know I have sadly missed out yesterday with a post a day thing. This was because I have been busy gaming the last could of days, which you can read about in tomorrow’s post. I will be to make up for it next week as I plan on doing a Wrestlemania 30 post next week and the picture posts from Salute like I did last year. I was original planning to do a new HeroClix Listings post with the missing sets, however thinking about it now I will save it until after Salute just in case I manage to pick up any there.

Well I better tidy up and get ready for tomorrow’s post and new label/button images. Until next time, Keep Rolling.