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Friday, 6 June 2014

Gaming News from Neoscream: 6th June 2014

Welcome to “Gaming News from Neoscream”. This is my weekly gaming news post for miniature games, RPGs, some card games and computer games.

“Gaming News”

First off is the HeroClix news. This week we had previews of: The Weaponer of Qward, the White Lantern version of Kyle Rayner, Krona, Swamp Thing, the Black Lantern Ring and the Black Lantern Power Battery from DC War of Light.

Next is the Dust: Operation Babylon KickStarter news. There was a little mistake do do on last week’s post. I did not read the whole Update from them that arrived before I posted the post. Due to retail backers that are not on KickStarter, they have made an extra $25k and 100 backers so far.  This meant that the goals have been reduced by that amount. This had meant that the next goal was made. However yesterday this was increased to $300k and 200 backers.
Goodies unlocked since last week were: New units for the NDAK (Axis) and the Spetsnaz (SSU) were added as add-ons; more weapon upgrades were added to the army deals; a new NDAK (Axis) walker and a new USMC (Allied) unit were added as add-ons; vinyl game maps were added as add-ons; and a set of Kickstarter exclusive Operation Babylon dice were added to each army deal.
Stretch Goals still left when I posted this post were: Each army deal will gain a new alternate pose hero figure at $350k $325k $275; a new USMC (Axis) mortar unit, a new Spetsnaz (SSU) Heavy Tank and two other units as add-ons at $375k $350k $300k; the choose of a KickStarter Exclusive Template or a set of KickStarter Exclusive Tokens added to your army deal at $400k $375k $325k; a new  USMC (Axis) Light Walker, a new SSU Steel Guard unit and a new USMC (Allied) Assault unit as add-ons at $425k $400k $350k; one free walker body added to every army deal at $450k $425k $375k; Kickstarter exclusive Operation Babylon decals added to each army deal at 1,250 1,150 1,050 backers; and an Abandoned Well terrain piece added to each army deal at 1,500 1,400 1,300 backers.

The Civilian NPC from Last Saga
Now for the Knight Miniatures news. They have revealed another 35mm comic book characters they are working on, Superman.

Next is a KickStarter I backed called Last Saga. It is a sci-fi skirmish game. I am backing it for one figure (the civilian). The figure do look good, however I do not have the money (with Zombicide Season Three coming) to washed on this. But it will not stop me posting about it.
Goodies unlocked since it started were: It was funded; the Dragon unit for the Council; the Calamity unit for the Uruhvel; all starter packs now includes an additional weapon set for the basic units; the Commando unit for the Council; the Vespidae unit for the Uruhvel; all Combat pledge levels gains one additional type A miniature of your choose; all Battle pledge levels gains two additional type A miniatures of your choose; Master pledge level gains three additional type A miniatures of your choose; the Civilian NPC was added to Combat Level and above; the Saanar Starter Pack was added; a new Dog of War unit; a digital art book for all backers; and Guardian of Tanaor Starter Pack.
Stretch Goals still left when I posted this post were: The Black Crow unit for the Council at £12,750; a new un-named Vespidae unit at £13k; and the Stalker unit for Uruhvel at £13.5k.

Now for the Privateer Press news. This week we got images of the Retribution Character Heavy Myrmidon Imperatus, the Cryx Ally unit Cephalyx Mind Slaver with Drudges, the Mercenary Unit Attachment Cephalyx Dominator, the Mercenary Con Exclusive Gobber Drudges, the Mercenary Solo Cephalyx Agitator, the Trollblood Trollkin Character Solo Horgle Ironstrike, the Circle Character Solo Una the Falconer, the Skorne Character Solo Tyrant Zaadesh and the Legion Epic Blighted Nyss Warlock Absylonia Daughter of Everblight.

Next is the Mantic news. The pledge manager is up and run, and it will be running until the end of September. With the money made so for, the Ada-Lorena MVP Phantasm has been added to Rampage level and above as well as an add-on. The next stretch goal is the Tsudoshan MVP M’zei Kein who will be added to Rampage level and above as well as an add-on at $600k. We also got CAD images of the three Extreme Cheerleaders. The only problem I have with the new Cheerleaders is that they are all in one piece, making them harder to convert.

Now for the Ninja Division news. There was a Robotech RPG Tactics update this week. We got a line art breakdown of the components of the re-design Spartan which is currently still being tooled. Many items for wave one will being manifesting next week and according to them the rest should follow quickly.

Lastly a new monthly feature was meant to happen this week, the top twenty Wargames KickStarter. This started last month, but I never stated that it would be a monthly thing (in fact I decided to make it monthly after posting it). However as there has been not change. I will not be doing one this month. I did have a feeling that Dust will be in it next month, however the retail backers will destroy these as the chart is only for money made ON KickStarter. If it included other sources, things would be a hell of a lot different.

“KickStarter Dates”

·         Both “Mekton Zero”, “Kingdom Death Monster” and “Mechabrick” have been delay due to problems and both currently have no dates
·         “Last Saga” KickStarter will ended on the 15th of June
·         “Dust Operation Babylon” KickStarter will ended on the 19th of June
·         “Zombicide Season Three” should start sometime between now and the end of June 2014
·         “Wolsung” should start about mid June 2014
·         Wave one of “Robotech RPG Tactics” might start shipping in late July 2014
·         “Interface Zero 2.0” should begin shipping in July 2014
·         “Battle Systems Sci-fi Modular Terrain” and wave two of “Deadzone” should ship in July-August 2014
·         Wave one of “Journey Wrath of Daemons” should ship in July-September 2014
·         “Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Set” (comes with a digital copy of the old RPG rulebooks), “Shadows of Brimstone”, “Mars Attacks” and “Dust Operation Babylon” are all listed to ship in August 2014
·         “Warmachine Tactics” Computer game is listed to be done and out by August 2014
·         The "Battle System Fantasy Dungeon Terrain" KickStarter should start sometime between August and November 2014
·         “Arcadia Quest” is listed to ship in September 2014
·         At a wild guess “OVA” main rulebook will ship in September 2014
·         Wave two of “Robotech RPG Tactics” should hopefully be shipping in September-October 2014
·         Wave two of “Journey Wrath of Daemons” should ship in October-December 2014
·         “StarCrawlers” is listed to be done and out by November 2014
·         Wave One of “DreadBall Xtreme” is listed to ship in November 2014
·         Both “Super Dungeon Explore The Forgotten King” and “Guild Ball” are listed to ship in December 2014
·         Wave two of “DreadBall Xtreme” is meant to ship sometime in 2015

“Painting and Converting”

This week we have a Convergence Wrecked Heavy Vector, a Convergence Wrecked Light Vector, a Ronin, Knight Miniatures 35mm Iron Man, a zombie version of AJ Lee for Zombicide, Captain R, the giant Dozar, three Forge Father Players, a Judwan player and a Police Officer.

Today's figures front view
Today's figures rear view
Today's DreadBall figures
All three DreadBall giants I own
All my DreadBall Forge Fathers
Today's Warmachine figures
The remaining figure for today
All three AJ Lee figures I made.
On the Left is the new Zombie AJ I done for Zombicide. I did this in my Berserker Zombie skin colour.
The middle is the first one I did which is my DreadBall coach.
And lastly the one on the right is the mean version for 7TV and Zombicide. 
Here are some multi angle views of Iron Man
My Malifaux Outcast Hired Swords band

In this week’s post there will He-Woman, Woman at Arms, a Place Guard, Battle Damage Akosha, Female Drone Trooper, Enforcer Captain, three Enforcers/X-Guard and a Judwan Medic. I plan on having the new Sherlock team listings on Sunday's "Gaming with Neoscream" post, if I have the time.

Until next time, Keep Rolling.