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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Neoscream's Life: 16th to 22nd June 2014

MS-14J ReGelgu
Welcome to the Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of some of the things I have done during last week and news on the great Geek Goddess, AJ Lee.


I managed to see X-Men Days of Future Past on Tuesday, but sadly it cost me more than I was planning. Beep. However it is a really great film as *SPOILERS* it was fantastic to see the old group back together again *SPOILERS*. Oh and Transformers 4 it out now as well. So I get to see it soon.

I finally managed to pick up Persona 4 the game this week, which I started playing on Friday. I have been watching a Let's Play of the game on YouTube all week. It is by KZ. On the the Let's Play I have gotten to, by the end of Sunday, the team first goes into Rise Kujikawa’s dungeon, the Marukyu Striptease, and in the game I had got to, by the end of Sunday where the party can enter Kanji Tatsumi's dungeon, the Steamy Bathhouse. I am enjoying the game but not too sure what Social Links I should try to max first. As KZ has Max out the Sun Social Link in the Let's Play, I will most likely not focus on that any time soon. I might ever go for work on the Strength Social Link and wait for Rise's one to be locked or Max out Yukiko Amagi's one or just get the main characters up to rank five and wait for Rise's one. OK, OK, it is mainly, do I go for Yukiko or Rise. Oh also I just heard that there is a new Persona 4 anime coming out, based of the extended PS Vita version of the game called Persona 4 Golden. The Persona 4 Golden game added a new major character, bikes, a garden to grow items, several new Social links, new social events for the team, new difficultly levels, new Personas, the team gains new Ultimate Personas, customs for TV world battles and a epilogue..

“WWE Money in the Bank”

As of Sunday there are currently only three matches listed for Money in the Bank. First one is a Ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The seven contenders are Roman Reigns, John Cena, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, U.S. Champion Sheamus, Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio. I am wanting to see Roman Reigns win this, however I am fine with John Cena or Sheamus winning it. HOWEVER,  I do not want that head case Bray Wyatt winning it.
The second match is the Tag Team Champions the Usos defending their titles against the other members of the Wyatt Family. Go Usos.
The three is the Money in the Bank match. Sadly their is currently only one person in it at the moment as of Sunday, the back stabbing Seth Rollins.
By time this post goes out there will most likely be more people in the Money in the Bank match and more matches. However as I have not seen Raw from the 23rd yet and this is a post about last week I have not listed them or checked for them.

“AJ Lee News”

AJ and Punk have officially married and now are rumours that AJ might be pregnant now. There has not been any official word on this so it is still a rumour. If the rumour is real than it is a massive congratulations to the happy couple. Sadly if it is true it will mean that there will be no return from AJ for a long time, if she does return. We will have to wait and see.

Also AJ is going to be in WWE 2k15. From what I heard the graphics are meant to be a hell of a lot more realistic, however it is a next gen game by the sound of it (X-Box One and PS4).

“Watch, Listen and Read”

eBay: I won an Allegiant of the Order of the Fist.

Watched: This week’s episode of WWE Raw, X-Men Days of Future Past, episode 10 (final) of season four of A Game of Thrones and parts 1 to 7 of KZ's Let's Play Persona 4.

Watched: Parts 8 to 14 of KZ's Let's Play Persona 4.
Received: The Allegiant of the Order of the Fist.

Watched: Miniatures ER – Saving an Ordic Pistoleer part two, episodes one and two of Persona 4 the Animation and parts 15 to 21 of ZK's Let's Play Persona 4.

Watched: Episode 3 of Persona 4 the Animation and parts 22 to 28 of KZ's Let's Play Persona 4.

Watched: This week’s episode of WWE Smackdown, episodes 4 to 9 of Persona 4 the Animation and parts 29 to 35 of KZ's Let's Play Persona 4.

Watched: Parts 36 to 40 of KZ’s Let's Play Persona 4 and The Monuments Men.

Still in the post or soon be should
A free Battle Zones accessory sprue.

Until next time, Keep Rolling.