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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Neoscream's Life: 17th to 23rd August 2015

Oracle Think Tank
Welcome to the new Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of what games I have been playing and what I have watch. Sorry for the late post.

“Wargames Workshop MK Monday”

On Monday last week I went down to Wargames Workshop MK to play a game of Arcadia Quest. To check myself, Bob won the last game of Arcadia Quest. He choose the "The University Plaza" mission. I ended up winning the mission quicker than everyone thought.

Michael's Maya had a really bad day while my Montoya ruled. Maya (like the stupid brat she was painted after) stupidly ran up to an orc armed with melee weapon (when her ability makes her great with spells). She failed to kill the orc, but the orc killed her with its attack back. After she got resurrected, my Montoya (Sean Connery - Highlander) portalled in killing her, Michael’s Sonja and a big nasty Beastman, with just one blow due to Cleave II. He then drunk a potion that gives him another activation which he went off to over kill two sisters and a goblin archer with one blow again.

The next game of Arcadia Quest will be the last of the campaign.


On Thursday I went down to York House for HeroClix. "Men (or Women) without Fear". Marvel Knights, Heroes 4 Hire, Gotham City/Underworld, etc. 500 points with three Actions. No figure over 150 points. No figures with fantastical powers, for example shooting lightning bolts from their eyes, but electrical charges from a gun or power suit is fine. I decided to build a team around the brothers of archery. No not Green and Red Arrow, real life (in comics) brothers Hawkeye and Trick Shot. As the only keyword they both shared was Thunderbolts, it ended up being a Thunderbolts themed team who were:

Hawkeye (002 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 85 + Thunderbolts (ATA) 8 = 93
Trick Shot (048 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 104 + Thunderbolts (ATA) 8 = 112
Crossbones (009 Marvel Invincible Iron Man) 79 + Thunderbolts (ATA) 8 = 87
Ghost (036 Marvel Invincible Iron Man) 65 + Thunderbolts (ATA) 8 = 72
Dreadknight (106 Marvel Invincible Iron Man) 106 + Thunderbolts (ATA) 8 = 114
=478 points

Side bench
Hawkeye (039 Marvel Chaos War)

Yes I did use this team the other week against Darren S as I had it built for this and it let me test the team (which it lost the game it was in). In the first round I was up against Darren S who was using a Heroes for Hire themed team who were:

Shang-Chi (047 Marvel Deadpool) 90
Daredevil (015 Marvel Deadpool) 108
Punisher (032 Marvel Deadpool) 100
Falcon (017 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 75
Luke Cage (014 Marvel Captain America) 98
=471 points

Shock horror, I won the game, but it was close for most of the game. On the second round I was up against Adrian who was also using a Heroes for Hire themed team who were:

Daredevil (015 Marvel Deadpool) 108 + Heroes for Hire (ATA) 8 = 116
Elektra (031 Marvel Deadpool) 115 + Heroes for Hire (ATA) 8 = 123
Shang-Chi (012 Marvel Avenges) 58 + Heroes for Hire (ATA) 8 = 66
Black Knight (031 Marvel Chaos War) 90 + Heroes for Hire (ATA) 8 = 98
Iron Fist (007 Marvel Fear Itself) 80 + Heroes for Hire (ATA) 8 = 88
=491 points

Due to the poor luck of rolling double ones, Adrian quite it the middle of our game making me the winner. On the third and final round I was up against Michael who was using a non-themed team who were:

Bruce Wayne (037b DC Batman) 95
Catwoman (002 DC Justice League Trinity War) 99
Deadshot (005 DC 75th Anniversary) 89
Firefly (027 DC Arkham Asylum) 68
Owlman (002 DC Justice League Trinity War Fast Forces) 150
=501 points

I managed to win this game too. So I managed to win all three games. Wow.

Next week’s scenario will be a Standard 500 points. Bring one or more teams.

“Silver Age Sentinels"

On Friday me, Richard and Darren H went to Simon’s for a game of Silver Age Sentinels D20. We had to find the stolen device, which meant we had to find the thief who stole it, but first we had to find the detective who was sent to find the thief. Luckily the search for the detective lead to finding the thief and the captured detective. Sadly the thief has sold the device on but she did give us details on who she sold it to. At the end of the session Simon said we can level up and do some things to characters like my character's area effect whip.

"Cardfight Vanguard Tournament"

On Saturday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for a Cardfight Vanguard tournament. We were playing four rounds of best of three games (but with a time limit) and then a top four knockout. In the first round I was up against a Kagerō player and I lost the first two games losing the round. On the second round I was up against a Link Joker player and I won the first two games winning the round. On the third round I was up against a female Gear Chronicles player and I won the first two games winning the round. On the fourth and final round before the top four I was up against a female Pale Moon play. We each won one game and due to time we were not able to play a third game so it ended up as a draw. Sadly I did not get into the top four, but I get high enough to win a booster pack of "G-BT03 Sovereign Star Dragon" and I got two promo cards.

"Painting and Converting"

For this post I have for you all are five Rebel DreadBall players.

On Friday's post I should have for you all two Rebel tokens, Brute Force and a player for the special team I am built for DreadBall as well as a BattleZone Terrain sprue. I only managed to finish five zombies for Zombicide this week. Sadly not much as I was building a bunch of figures and doing a bit of modelling. Below is an image of my painting table at the end of last Sunday night (or the start of Monday morning).

“Watch, Listen and Read”

Watched: Episodes 5 to 9 of season one of Sword Art Online and the previous week’s episode of WWE Smackdown.
Events: Work and then Wargames Workshop MK.
Brought and Received: A boosters of Cardfight Vanguard G “G-BT01 Generation Stride”, some card sleeves and "Greygore Boomhowler and Co" from Warmachine.
Received: Both DreadBall wave three and Kings of War wave one.

Watched: That week’s episode of WWE Raw and episodes 10 to 25 (final) of season one of Sword Art Online.
Events: Work and then pasted last week’s "Neoscream's Life" post.

Watched: Episode 4 of Agent Carter.
Events: Work.
Brought: Eight 40mn resin bases.
Received: The non-Games Workshop Tau Female Snipper.

Watched: Episode 1 of Steins;Gate and episode 5 of Agent Carter.
Events: Work followed by Heroclix.

Watched: That week’s episode of WWE Main Event and episode 2 of Steins;Gate.
Events: Posted that week’s "Gaming News from Neoscream” post, work and then Simon's for some role-play.

Watched: That week’s episode of WWE Smackdown and episodes 1 to 3 of Sword Art Online II.
Events: Off work. I went to a Cardfight Vanguard tournament at Wargames Workshop. No coffee due to role-play the night before.
Brought and Received: The Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Weiss Schwarz trial deck.

Watched: That week’s episode of Weekenders XLBS, episode 36 of Cardfight Vanguard G and episodes 4 to 6 of Sword Art Online II.
Events: Work.

Still in the post or soon be should
Wave one of “Yashima: Legend of the Kami Master”.
The Sci-fi Twilight Knight Pin-Up.
August's Loot Crate.
Two packs of four 40mm resin bases.

Until next time, hope for a better tomorrow.