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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Heroclix 17th of June, Highlander Psychics

Sorry, this is later than planned but here is the post. Well this week was a 300 points build where no figures over 75 points, no feats, Highlander formate. Also the new news were in play. Well I did not really effect the game as there is new major changes that effects this weeks game. The Highlander formate is were the figures being played by all the players can not have the same name. To make sure this does not happen we sent the names of the figures we were planning to use to Darren on a first come first claim bases were Darren is first. I looked for a keyword I had not use that had enough useful figures. I got up to psychic and decided to use it. The characters I used Professor Xavier, Psylocke, Esme Cuckoo, Moondragon and Vertigo. Sadly I did not win any of the games, but apart from when I played ageist Darren I did take out 50% or more of my opponents team. Also in the second game I made a very stupid move which put my mind off that game. Well next week's game will be a 500 points, where you must how and only have five figures. Oh and feats are band in the club now unless the game lets us.

Now I will talk a bit about the new starter set, "Blackest Night" and ATAs. The figures from the starter are all good figs, however their keywords hinder their usefulness as but one of them have only one keyword (the one with two is Wonder Woman) and only two that have one keyword shares it with other figures in the game (Green Lantern and Scarecrow). So four of the figures, over half the set, can not form a theme team.
I have finally found the new rule for the old Alternate Team Abilities (ATA) on the new Heroclix website, and wow the Fantastic Four ATA got very screwed over. It is basically the same as Defenders Team Ability (TA), haha. Alpha Fight is basically same as it was and Thunderbolts now states it is Marvel TAs now, which does effect our club as Darren ruled it as Marvel only. Oh and they are all keyword based instead oh TA based.
Well that is it for this week I was going to be talking about the latests news in the world of clix and post some pictures of a Shadowcat conversion I did ages ago, but I did not have the time to do them so hopefully they will be in the next Heroclix post. Untill next time. Excelsior! Oh no Stan Lee's Twitters are rubbing off. Nooooooooooooooooo.