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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Blaire Update 22nd June

HIPPY! She is back on line. I have been jumping in joy to able to see her again. OK, where to start? On Tuesday I decided to buy her the book she was after as a gift for all the hard school work she was doing. I was hoping that it would also make her come on to Skype to say thanks and to have a chat before she heads of for her holiday.

The next morning I was checked Tweeter and found that she made a Tweet during the night saying:
WHOO 4 years of college and I am entering the LAST night EVER of my undergrad. Oh homework, I dont think Ill miss you much. xoxo
I first thought hippy she might be back earlier than I thought, but then I realised, 0h crap, will she be leave for her holidays sooner than I thought. The two e-mails I had from Amazon gave two different delivery dates. The one that conformed that I made the order said 18th but the one to say it was on its way said 24th. CRAP!!!!! What to do! What to do?

On Friday night I went to bed at about 11pm (GMT). I made sure Blaire's chat room on MFC was opened on my laptop before going. Then at 1:30am (5:30pm PT) I was awoken by sounds coming from my laptop. I got up strait away and rushed to my laptop. Blaire was on line in her chat room. HIPPY!!! I then quickly hunted down my headphones and plugged them in so I was not disturbing my parents. She had received the book. Good. No need to panic. She was on MFC for around two and a half hours. During all of that time she was un-hemming a dress she made so she could adjust it to her size as all the clothes she had been making for school work were a little too big for her. She was also ironing Graduation Gown as her Graduation was the next day. And she also talked about her plans. She is leave her apartment in LA, she be heading home to San Francisco to baby sit her baby brother and sister while her mother and grandmother are on holiday in Germany, then on August she will be flying to Germany and then flying to the UK in September. I might be wrong about them due to lag problem. She also plans to get her own place in LA that has a garden for her doggy during January. She also had two group shows where in the last one she was wearing Graduation Gown open while jumping and dancing, cheering, "I'm Graduating" with only a panties on..... Oh she did have her hands covering her boobs. It was so wonderful seeing her so cheerful and happy, and it was nice seeing her wonderful body too. After she turned off her web cam we chatted a a moment on PMs:
08:01:09 PM neoscream: happy to hear u like the book
08:01:48 PM neoscream: and it is wonderful to see you again
08:02:19 PM neoscream: I've been missing u
08:03:51 PM Blaire: awww thanks
08:04:07 PM Blaire: yes I was very excited when it came in the mail!
08:04:10 PM Blaire: thank you so so much
08:04:16 PM Blaire: i came on right after i got it
08:04:25 PM neoscream: thats ok
08:04:33 PM neoscream: really
08:05:06 PM Blaire: yeah they had it for me at the front desk
08:05:08 PM Blaire:
08:05:22 PM Blaire: I will read some of it on cam with everyone and you can hear about it!
08:05:23 PM neoscream: do they open it
08:05:26 PM Blaire: no
08:05:33 PM Blaire: just give me the package
08:05:45 PM Blaire: i liked your note too
08:05:47 PM neoscream: good
08:05:59 PM neoscream: thats ok
08:06:38 PM neoscream: what ever happen about the dildo?
08:06:47 PM Blaire: i took it off
08:06:59 PM Blaire: i have a friend who can make me one
08:07:03 PM Blaire: custom!~
08:07:12 PM neoscream: really
08:07:14 PM Blaire: so i figured that would be way cooler
08:07:15 PM Blaire: yeah
08:07:25 PM Blaire: to have one that no one else could ever have
08:07:41 PM neoscream: got it let?
08:08:48 PM neoscream: so what is happening, with a slow connection I didn't hear all your plans
08:09:16 PM neoscream: oh that sure be have u got it let?
08:09:34 PM neoscream: oh suzy is on
Wow. She came on MFC because of me, wow. I am so over joyed to hear that and I am happy to hear she really likes the book too. I am interested on hearing and learning what it say. Sadly she left without confirming what I heard of her plans were right sadly.

When I was checked Tweeter Sunday morning, I found that she made two tweets during the night:
Graduation time! Congrats c/o 2010!!
@Neoscream thanks!
The thanks one might be joy to the fact I wished her good luck on one of my old tweets.

Lastly on Monday morning, I was awoken by sounds from my computer again. LOL. She was on MFC again and she was at a friends any by the look of it she was sleeping over. Well it was 10pm there. The friend was another MFC Model called RobinSwallows I know Blaire had Robin in her favourites (oddly not Suzy), but I never know they were friends out side MFC ever since Blaire started fashion school. Robin is a nude model and was jokingly flashing a nipple several times in open chat. They were on line for around an hour and then went off to chat about their latest sexily experiences. I do not know how to comment about that.

Well that is it for is week's Blaire update. However I while give some other MFC model news. There has been no sign of Blaire's friend NataliaRose, however ZoeySmartz has been on a couple of times and has moved in with Suzy too now. Other than that are is not any thing else to talk about. Until next time.