MK HeroClix House Rules

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


OK, I slight change of plan, I have decided to talk but my blogs and my plans for them. I might do a general chat about Cosplay Deviants later this week or some time next week. Below is a list of the different types of posts I make or plan to do in the future.

Watch, Listen and Read - Weekly post normally on Sunday night or Monday. - Here I list all the shows I have watch, podcasts I have listened to, books, comics and manga I have read and DVDs, books and video games I have brought. Some times this may include a review of a show I have just finished or a talk about a new season of anime coming up or a talk about the UK anime industry.

Heroclix - Weekly post unless it does not happen, posts happens any time after Thursday. - Normally every Thursday I go to play a collectable comic book miniatures game called Heroclix with sadly only three other players normally. I talk about the team I build, a bit about the others' teams and how well I done. I am planning to also talk a bit about the new Heroclix news.

Blaire - Weekly post but use to be whenever she was on. - Here I normally log my chats with her, her tweets on Twitter and I also talk about her. Blaire is a girl I know off MFC, who I have a huge crush on.

M.S. Wars Update - Every week or two on my M.S. Wars blog. - Here I talk about the progress of the game and slowly posting up the rules for the game.

Cosplay Deviants - Whenever Cosplay Deviants adds a new quinn, Noel or Jsica gallery or one to a nice new model. - Here I will talk about the new gallery on the site from these three Deviants and news on them and former Deviants Lexicon.

Wii Fit and Friends - Whenever/Weekly. - Yes this might be coming back. Here I record and chat about my progress on Wii Fit and Wii Sports too in the future and probable other game Wii and X-Box 360 games.

Specials - Whenever. - These are posts that do not fit in with any of the other posts and can appear on ever of my blogs. Like the Suzysmartz post, the Stan Lee post and the Campaign post on M.S. Wars. This includes the Review posts I was planing to be a weekly post in the past but never done any apart from Monster Hunter Tri and Campaign.

Well hope you all enjoy. The next post should be ever a Heroclix one or a Cosplay Deviants one.

PS. It looks like Blaire will be finishing college sooner then I thought, as according to her tweeter post last night, Tuesday night is her later night of homework. Hippy no more stress and more sleep for Blaire. Hoping to see her again soon then.