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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Blaire Update 6th June

To start off with I forgot to put in my last Blaire post something I learnt about her. Blaire had always said that she was a contortionist, but I always thought she was stating that she use to be very flexible. But I learnt that she was a contortionist in a circus when she was young and she also did other bits there too.
Well, over all of this time she has been on both Skype and MFC twice and made a hand full of posts on Twitter. On the night of the 16th of May, I noticed a Twitter from rangichan, a Anime Pulse field reports.

“Japanese couple married by robot:

I followed the link and thought it was cool. I am really into my Robots and I had to share it with everybody I know. I retweeted it, posted it on facebook and sent Blaire a message on both Skype and MFC PM too. I went to bed and not long after Blaire came onto Skype.

[16/05/2010 22:04:51] Robert : watch this LINK
[16/05/2010 22:32:54] Robert : hi
[16/05/2010 22:34:28] Blaire : thats crazy
[16/05/2010 22:34:32] Blaire : and very strange..
[16/05/2010 22:35:11] Robert : how was to yor time in San Fan

Sadly my laptop crashed and when I got back onto Skype she had left. The next day she made a Tweeter.

“Redefining Sexy with a Fashion Photoshoot! Pics to come soon :D”

But to this date she still has not post the Photoshoot sadly. She also posted another tweeter on the 19th.

"Feeling very sensual... Ready for a romantic evening eating steak and wine on the rooftop with the love of my life--My puppy buddie! Xoxo”

How cute. The next time she was online was the morning of the 22nd and it was on MFC. Sadly she was only on for half an hour. She had two friends over that were off cam. I am guessing she just came online to say hello to people and to let us know and see that she was ok. The next time I heard from her was the middle of the night of the 28th/29th. She came onto Skype (waking me up which I did not mind) and said.

[29/05/2010 03:18:22] Blaire : you need to change your blog
[29/05/2010 03:19:07] Blaire : please
[29/05/2010 03:19:27] Robert : hi
[29/05/2010 03:19:30] Robert : ????
[29/05/2010 03:19:56] Robert : whats worong
[29/05/2010 03:20:10] Blaire : i dont like it
[29/05/2010 03:21:17] Robert : what don't u like
[29/05/2010 03:21:28] Blaire : the info about my pvts
[29/05/2010 03:21:40] Robert : oh ok
[29/05/2010 03:22:07] Blaire : thank you
[29/05/2010 03:22:32] Robert : how have you been
[29/05/2010 03:25:50] Blaire : ive been stressed :(
[29/05/2010 03:26:38] Blaire : oh and our pvt convos please
[29/05/2010 03:27:01] Blaire : ok bye ui have to do hw
[29/05/2010 03:27:14] Robert : k
[29/05/2010 04:15:02] Robert : any better? sorry if I upset you

I altered the posts strait away, trying to leave out as much details as possible without reader getting lost on some of the things I talk about later. The only read details I gave were the same details she gather above her privets on open chat on MFC. I will have to be careful with what I say more. She came on MFC later in the morning. She was wearing a bear eared hoody that she made which was so cute. I told her she should try selling them to the Japanese as they love that kind of stuff. She was also introduction a new model to the site, NataliaRose, and showing some of the ropes and factures of the site. With Suzy (Suzysmartz) adding a new model too called ZoeySmartz, Suzy’s non-nude revolution is growing. I have not seen Zoey yet as the only time I have seen her online was in the middle of the night and I was too tired to check her out. Natalie is ok, she seems to be a very nice and smart girl, but there is no special spark like there is with Blaire. They went off cam about forty-five minutes later. Me and Blaire quickly chatted on PMs.

10:48:48 PM neoscream: hi is it better
10:55:31 PM Blaire: i will check later
10:55:33 PM Blaire: thank you for that
10:55:38 PM Blaire: its more private you know..?
10:55:43 PM Blaire: i hadnt read the blog for a while
10:56:07 PM neoscream: sorry about that
10:56:47 PM neoscream: it been cut to just what you say in show
11:32:56 PM neoscream: oh did u look at the other blog too?
11:33:02 PM Blaire: no??
11:34:16 PM neoscream: its the MS Wars one, line is on the right hand side of the main blog

I hope it is better now. Any more changes might cause problems later. An hour after both Blaire and Natalia came off cam, Natalia came back on in her own room. Blaire was on line too but only as a member to see how Natalia was doing than a model. She was not doing the mistake Blaire did when she first started by having the music too high which I jokingly pointed out. A lot of people asked to see Natalia ass as they liked it. I jokingly stated:

12:43:24 AM neoscream: blaires ass is better

Which it is too me, and Blaire reply:

12:43:44 AM Blaire: leave my ass out of this

LOL. They were only stayed online for another forty-five minutes as Natalia had cam problems maybe to do with connection. Also sometime before or during this all Blaire posted on Twitter:

“I would love a back massage and some sushi to cure my hw blues (Heart Symbol)”

I would love to help, however she live too far away sadly. Oh and talking about sushi, a Yo! Sushi restaurant will be opening up soon in Milton Keynes Shopping centre soon. When I did not know but it will most likely be within the next two months. Cannot wait to try it out. Then on Friday Blaire posted another Twitter.

“2 more weeks and no more school stress!! Summer!!!”

Still two more weeks of stress for her and most likely two more week of her not being online. And sadly you can see the leak of sleep in her eyes.
Well I best call it a day. I would like to note that this blog has finally gained a follower. Soul Bro Ryu, who is one of the presenters of a podcast I listen to called Gundamn!@MAHQ. Sweet. I should be doing a watching post ever tonight or some time tomorrow and like I said, I manage to watch more this week. Including Gundamn!@MAHQ. Until next time.