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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Heroclix 24th June, The Lanterns

Sorry for the late post, I have been busy playing Transformers: War for Cybertron on my Xbox. Had the post written on a notepad for day and never had the time to type it up. But this should change now that I have a SilverBerry, sorry, I mean BlackBerry.
This week’s format was 500 points, you must how and only have five figures. Oh and feats are band in the club now unless the game lets us. I was ifing and umming on ever going for a team based around the new FCBD War Machine or the new starter set Green Lantern. As I jokingly looked at teams for War Machine the other week and could not come up with anything interesting, so I decided to go with Green Lantern. After looking at the revised ATAs last week I decided to go for a Green Lantern Honour (I refuse to spell it the American miss spelled way) Guard ATA. Looking at Battle Planner, a program I use to build teams with, I found the old Manhunters had the Green Lantern Corps keyword, so I went for one of them to give me more points to spend on the meaning three figures which ended up being Ch’p, Katma Tui and Tomar Re. A grand total of 494 points. The other team that where field was another Green Lantern Corps team, a Sinestro Corps team (Yellow Lanterns) and a Mystical Team. My first game I was up ageist the other Green Lantern Corps team, which I lost but I did have their main Green Lantern on the run. The second game I was fighting the Sinestro Corps team and that game ended at a draw. Never of us manage to OK a figure, which was a first for our clix group. The rules for draws these days are that there can not be any, their must be a roll off where the player with the highest roll win. I ended up getting the highest dice roll, so I ended up being the winner of that match. The last match was the Mystical team. Both me and the other Green Lantern Corps player, Darren, were at first worried about fighting the Mystical team as several of the characters had the Mystics AT. But then we came up with a plan by only hitting the Mystics with Green Lantern on a push. With his special he should end up still on the same clix. It did not all go to plan because of there high defences but we both still did win ageist the team. So that was two wins and won loss, not bad at all.
This week's will be 300 points of characters that uses gear. I might use an Advangers team with the FCBD Warmachine and Hawkeye.
Last week I wanted to talk about the up and coming new stuff for Heroclix but never had the time to type it up. So here it is with all the new stuff I have seen between then and now. Wizkids have been reviving new figures and dials from up and coming sets. These sets are the massive Watchman box set, Brightest Day box set, Johan Hex box set and just reviled Web Of Spider-Man. I will not be getting the Watchman Massive box set as it cost far too much, the dials for the Johan Hex figure look too weak to get, I might pick up the Brightest Day box set as the figures look good and I am differently getting the Web of Spider booster as it has Iron Patriot and a Iron Man/Warmachine duo figure, plus its a Marvel set too.
Well that's it for last weeks Heroclix. As I did not watch much last week I will not be doing a Watch, Listen and Read post this week, I will be added last weeks list to next week. Next post will be the Cosplay Deviants one finally and then ever a Blaire one or this weeks Heroclix one. Until then, enjoy.