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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Heroclix 3rd June, Spider- Man Clone Wars

Arrrr, bloody note books. I write down what I want to write in my blog on to them so I can type them up and when I want to sit down and type them up the beeping things disappear on me so I put off writing the blog until I find them and by time I find the note books what I have written is out of date and needs rewriting. And yes I know I said this on my M.S. Wars blog, but I thought it would be best to post here as well.

Last week's Heroclix event was a 400 points game where you have to have a Spider-Man or Scarlet Spider on your team. This is based on the clone war story line from the Spider-Man comics. I was original planning on using the 50 points Secret Invasion Spider-Man with Spider-Girl, Marvel Boy and others. However as I have done this before I decided to change my mind. I picked the transporter Spider-Man from Sinister. I looked at his keywords and decided to go for a Scientist themed team. Before I continual I best state that Darren, our Judged, does not let us cross universe in team builds so this is why I am not going for any DC Scientists. I only picked good guys as it would fill odd have a mix of good guys and bad guys while being a themed teams. I ended up with, the Avengers set version of Ultimate Iron Man, Ant Man from Super Nova and the modem version of Beast from the Mutations and Monsters set. I also had 30 points of feats which were Brilliant Tactician on Beast and Stunning Blow on Spider-Man. All together was 400 points on the dot. For once Darren decided to use the 3' by 2' maps instead of the 3' by 3' ones he always uses. The other teams were:

Silver Armoured Spider-Man in a armoured theme team.
Fantastic Four Spider-Man in a Fantastic Four theme team.
And Asgardian Spider-Man in a, guess what, an Asgard theme team.

I did not do too well again. I lost two games and won one game. The first lost was against Darren, even with his crappy dice roll and three or was that four critical misses. The second lost was due to my crappy dice rolls. Never mind.

Heroclix was called off at the last minute this week so the game we had plan for it has been moved to next week. It will be a highlander style (there can be only one) and at 300 points, no feats and no figure over 75 point. However it will be using the new rule as Darren and may be myself will have them by then.

The next post should hopefully be (famous last words) a SuzySmartz one.