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Sunday, 13 June 2010


OK, how long have I been saying I would do a Suzysmartz post! Well here it is. OK, she seems to be a nice, kind, smart, funny person. She has a cute face which is most likely what made me go into her room in the first place. She has huge breast, which if you have been reading my other posts you will know I am not attracted to huge breasts as they make me fill like throwing up, however Suzy, being a non nude model, makes me laugh as she pushes her chest out showing off how big they are. If she was a nude model, I would of stayed away from Suzy due the them and I am glad she is a non-nude as I meet Blaire fellow her.... Blaire.... I am missing her.
Suzy is a MFC non nude pimp, she has introduced both Blaire and ZoeySmartz to the site. Suzy is current work on "Earn To Learn", an idea when she study on cam, teaching the viewers what she learnt, testing herself and the views, posting her notes up on her blog and having the cam on in lectures. She is planning on getting more new models doing this too. I think it is a great idea and hope it does well. I have been on a couple on times when Suzy was in lectures and I found my self missing my time at University. Here is a bit from one of the times she was in the lecture. Note I have removed guests and not re added the smilies.

04:00:13 PM SuzySmartz: thanks guys for the TIPS
04:00:16 PM SuzySmartz: book money! woot
04:00:25 PM hornymandanny: any irish on these sites
04:00:31 PM SuzySmartz: i am paying attention im telling you what this is about.
04:00:31 PM saulo69: show tits
04:00:32 PM SuzySmartz: read
04:00:42 PM FrancesMute: i say we all tip her and buy her next book!
04:00:43 PM marcrossi: we need u to dare a little bit
04:00:44 PM joeletaxi: show us a boob!
04:00:45 PM marcrossi: we deserve it
04:01:13 PM robert9119: 150
04:01:17 PM SuzySmartz: broke off engagement cuz he didnt love a nice woman he was with,
04:01:23 PM dnr_if_doa: whoa there is a mysterious person over your left shoulder!
04:01:26 PM SuzySmartz: went to netherlands alone and starting writing books
04:01:33 PM fuckmy9in: WHERE are you??
04:01:39 PM SuzySmartz: started writing under a pseudonym
04:01:40 PM iowasteve25: how much for a flash?
04:01:42 PM robert9119: come on 150 lrft
04:01:43 PM FrancesMute: sounds like an epic adventure
04:01:44 PM dnr_if_doa: what terrible class are you in?
04:01:46 PM fuckmy9in: do public nudity lol
04:01:52 PM SuzySmartz: afraid of fellow ministers ridiculing huim
04:01:57 PM dre188: hey suzy
04:02:02 PM frah51: -_-''
04:02:05 PM SuzySmartz: life is by its nature stressful, and those stresses shouldnt be avoided
04:02:11 PM maxime31: what subject r u in rught now
04:02:14 PM SuzySmartz: they are an opportunity to grow and develop
04:02:20 PM FrancesMute: atching then 40845
04:02:20 PM SuzySmartz: in wisdom and capability
04:02:26 PM FrancesMute: y?
04:02:28 PM robert9119: blablablablablablabla
04:02:38 PM Frosh311: dgdgdgd
04:02:38 PM maxime31: right
04:02:40 PM alexdj87: hi baby
04:02:43 PM alexdj87: how are you??
04:02:52 PM nipplelicker:
04:02:52 PM SuzySmartz: "Fear and Trembling" book title
04:03:01 PM FrancesMute: im gonna read that
04:03:08 PM dnr_if_doa: I have had enough stupid classes in my life
04:03:09 PM SuzySmartz: one of the problems in facing stress, is that those decisions<<< have to be based ont he apst
04:03:12 PM SuzySmartz: based on what youve learned
04:03:30 PM robert9119: nnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdddddddddddddd
04:03:51 PM farahon: nice glsssss
04:04:00 PM curthutch: you should do a quick tit flash for us
04:04:02 PM huggybear66: what happen in private in such a public place
04:04:07 PM farahon: luv sha
04:04:08 PM BennyBenny10: wow this is awesome lmao!
04:04:09 PM Mikkar: u have no courage to blowjob your teacher
04:04:10 PM huggybear66: happens sorry
04:04:16 PM maxime31: you look sexy with those glasses
04:04:31 PM curthutch: can you just pull down your shirt a tad?
04:04:33 PM bigjime82: hi babe
04:04:43 PM Dannyboy8920: quick slip of the nip lol
04:05:06 PM FrancesMute: she can talk nerdy to me anytime!!!!!!!
04:05:06 PM neoscream: hi
04:05:08 PM Dathofthedead: shes in a public place lol
04:05:10 PM bigjime82: how can i do what u r doing
04:05:22 PM sircuumalot: are we in calss
04:05:23 PM hppygy: hello suzy
04:05:33 PM mahalono: hiya
04:05:35 PM Dannyboy8920: smile doll, it might never happen
04:05:36 PM SuzySmartz: yes
04:05:38 PM SuzySmartz: in personality
04:05:43 PM sircuumalot: wooo
04:05:48 PM neoscream: it would be a better idea to get a better mic
04:05:51 PM sircuumalot: are we passing this one
04:06:17 PM farahon: ur beautifulll
04:06:35 PM bigjime82: i would love if u eh
04:06:36 PM IRONLUNGZ: why r u on this site when ur in class
04:06:39 PM neoscream: bearly can hear the class
04:06:39 PM IRONLUNGZ: wierd
04:06:40 PM umakemyday: and so
04:06:52 PM Iwonder1: Don't fell asleep. Wake up.
04:07:01 PM bigjime82: u wher my g/f
04:07:13 PM edjarhead: makes my cock hard
04:07:34 PM FrancesMute: so would i big...chick is crazy sexi!!!
04:07:35 PM SuzySmartz: emmerson!
04:07:39 PM masterojack: hiya suze
04:07:42 PM marknicks91: lol your in class?? haha
04:07:48 PM masterojack: oooo class time yay!
04:07:56 PM bigjime82: but also a lady
04:07:59 PM IRONLUNGZ: soliderfy
04:08:02 PM FrancesMute: indeed!
04:08:02 PM SuzySmartz: one time emmerson got up at the church on sunday
04:08:04 PM SuzySmartz: and announced
04:08:05 PM noel26: your teacher sounds so boring
04:08:08 PM SuzySmartz: i dont think i can be the minister anynmore
04:08:14 PM SuzySmartz: i love you and think your wonderful
04:08:18 PM SuzySmartz: but i no longer believe in GOD
04:08:25 PM SuzySmartz: i believe in SPIRITUALITY
04:08:30 PM SuzySmartz: but not your GOD figure
04:08:34 PM neoscream: thanks
04:08:37 PM SuzySmartz: keep looking to the future and understand things
04:08:41 PM IRONLUNGZ: what is this r e
04:08:42 PM SuzySmartz: Harvard fired him.
04:08:47 PM maxime31: bye
04:08:49 PM FrancesMute: EPIC!!!
04:08:50 PM SuzySmartz: what he was getting at
04:08:52 PM nipplelicker: he was just after a shag !
04:09:04 PM SuzySmartz: its very easy to have a religion and come up with a GOD figure who is present
04:09:06 PM bigjime82: yea i think so to
04:09:06 PM SuzySmartz: 24/7
04:09:15 PM SuzySmartz: then to come up with a creedo, like the bibkle
04:09:20 PM SuzySmartz: and is unchangeable
04:09:26 PM TrowaDaryk: Got fired for not following a god O_o
04:09:29 PM SuzySmartz: this rox rigthn ow
04:09:31 PM masterojack: cool
04:09:32 PM SuzySmartz: PEOPLE CHANGE
04:09:34 PM SuzySmartz: life changes
04:09:38 PM SuzySmartz: we grow and develop
04:09:54 PM SuzySmartz: MANY people get stuck in their religion and cant grow anymore
04:10:00 PM SuzySmartz: GOD IS DEAD THEOLOGY
04:10:06 PM SuzySmartz: the courage to be,
04:10:11 PM nipplelicker: i bet he was growing thinking of that figure
04:10:12 PM Majestic: suzy yell something out
04:10:12 PM chrisbalke: not trur
04:10:17 PM SuzySmartz: you must have the courage to be, not faith in GOD
04:10:18 PM sircuumalot: GOD IS DEAD THEOLOGY ?
04:10:23 PM Majestic: scream something
04:10:26 PM Majestic: lol
04:10:29 PM sircuumalot: are you allowed to say that
04:10:40 PM Gertzy: suzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
04:10:40 PM Majestic:
04:10:42 PM SuzySmartz: Dont try to rely on a GOD figure, figure things out for yourself, grow develop and process
04:10:51 PM SuzySmartz: im telling you the professors words
04:10:53 PM curthutch: youve grown nicely!
04:10:56 PM SuzySmartz: im quoting him
04:11:02 PM bigdick9877: religion was essentially a way to police the world when they're werent police
04:11:02 PM Gertzy: hi suzy
04:11:05 PM Poxypriest: he sounds like a smart guy
04:11:06 PM bigjime82: so can i rely on you
04:11:18 PM SuzySmartz: hes talking about the book
04:11:22 PM SuzySmartz: the author
04:11:25 PM curthutch: can i rely on you to flash me a nip slip?
04:11:31 PM bigdick9877: put fear into ppl to do the right thing, fear of consequence blah blah blah
04:11:32 PM chrisbalke: if you stop growing in your faith you need to switch churches so that you can grow in another way
04:11:33 PM SuzySmartz: Heidigger
04:11:33 PM sircuumalot: o
04:11:40 PM bigjime82: i love god
04:11:41 PM SuzySmartz: yeah fear of death
04:11:56 PM Majestic: arent u jewish ?
04:11:58 PM SuzySmartz: Rallo May
04:11:59 PM Majestic:
04:12:01 PM Gertzy: suzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
04:12:08 PM bigjime82: i have no fear of death
04:12:10 PM SuzySmartz: his main student kirk schnieder
04:12:13 PM Gertzy: lol u look so serious
04:12:13 PM masterojack: she's telling us about an author guys
04:12:19 PM SuzySmartz: Kirk and my professor interact all the time..
04:12:29 PM Majestic: shes pretending to take notes
04:12:31 PM sircuumalot: i'm not sure about god. but he is very influential

That was just only one page of nineteen pages of chat I have in my MFC Archive for the section. Earlier during the week we chatted on PM's on MFC about my blog and now I have her Skype address too. I might post the chat on PMs and Skype later as it is getting late at the moment and I want to go to bed. Enjoy and speech to you all next time.