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Monday, 14 June 2010

Blaire Update 14th June

Ok Blaire update! Blaire update! Blaire update?!? Ummmm! She made a Tweet on the 10th.

2.5 hours of sleep and another sleepless night to come... I love finals (Heart Symbol) Sewing 3 garments this weekend, wish me luck!

And according to MFC she did log on during the 11th, however as I never saw her on cam, I am guessing she only came on to look at her messages. This week should be the last week for school for her, back I can not be sure when she is going to be back on-line. As I am guessing she will be partying and getting lone lost sleep from the lack of sleep she has been have. Poor Blaire. I do really worry about her and the lack of sleep. Sadly I also do not know when she is going on holiday, for how long or if she be on lone too. What sadly might happen is that she will not be on-line during the weekend due to sleep and celebrating and then she goes off for her trip around Europe on Monday. However I have an odd felling that she might at least head home to San Francisco for at least a couple to a week or two to see family before going on holiday. However I am thinking on picking up something for her off Amazon to celebrate her finishing the term. The pictures above are two random old pictures that I hope I have not used before. With all the other posts up-to-date I did not know when I will post next, however I am thinking of doing a post on Cosplay Deviants, however if I do not do this by Thursday then it will be a Heroclix one on Friday at the earliness. Until then, have a nice time.