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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Heroclix the 30th of December, Trinity Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Sorry for not posting last week and must of this week. I have been too busy with work, Cosmic Break, Christmas and computer problems. I will cover all of this in next week's “Neoscream's Life” triple bill. This week’s Heroclix post will be the game we had this week and the Dreamclix I said I would do last week.

At first the bothers were not coming, but at the last minute they decided they can make it. Also Richy was back from Welse this week so he joined in too. However he had to borrow my figure as he can not get to his collection. This week's scenaio we are doing calls Trinity as it would be too much hasal to do the campaign. We each use three 300 teams, one most have Batman, one must have Superman and the other must have Wonder Woman. Oh and one more thing, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman must be the expensive figure on the team. We played five rounds with each play having a bye. My teams were:

Batman Team
Batman and Robin (Justice League) 138
Timber Wolf (Legion of Super Heroes) 60
Owlman (Collateral Damage) 87
=285 points and 1 re-roll.

Superman Team
Superman (Unleashed) 265
Robin (Starter Icons) 22
Easy Company Medic (Rook Cosmic Justice) 9
=296 points and no re-rolls.

Wonder Woman Team
Wonder Woman (Brave and the Bold) 108
Amazon (Brave and the Bold) 50
Amazon (Brave and the Bold) 50
Phillipus (Brave and the Bold) 84
=292 points and 2 re-rolls.

On round one, I was up ageist Michael's Wonder Woman team with my Batman team.

Michael's Wonder Woman Team
Wounder Woman (Arkham Asylum) 248
Jinx (Rook Leg) 44
=292 points and no re-rolls.

I ture apart his team without losing a figure. However Timber Wolf did get betten up badly. The next round, round two, I was up agains Darren's Batman team with my Superman team.

Darren's Batman Team
Batman (Azrael Crisis) 90
Hawkgirl (Brightess Day) 71
Blackstar (Exp Icon) 62
Lashina (Arkham Asylum) 72
=295 Points and two re-rolls.

I ended up losing as the new Hawkgirl figure is broken. High states to start with and a Trait that gives her a +1 to BOTH Attack and Damage agaist flyer. Add a Heavy Object and that is 6 clicks of damage. All for 71 Points. A very sick figure, must get one. What I should have done is attacked Hawk Girl first. On round three I was up agaist Richy's Batman team with my Wonder Woman team.

Richy's Batman Team
Batman and Robin (Justice League) 138
Zoom (Arkham Asylum) 130
Mercury (Crisis) 25
=293 points and no re-rolls.

At first I was creaming him. Then there Zoom. Without any good range I could not target him, but with his Hypersonic he could hit and run so I ended up losing that round. Next round, round four, I was ageist Adrian's Wonder Woman team with my Wonder Woman team. Yes there was a slight change to the plan of the same team not fighting each other due to they being more than one player.

Adrian's Wonder Woman Team
Wonder Woman (Vet Icon) 127
Chief (Crisis) 63
Kid Flash (Crisis) 45
Dawnstar (Crisis) 60
=295 points and no re-rolls.

Lambs to the slutter. The Hypersonicer were a pain, but my guys manage to catch them and break their legs. One ofc the most rememberal moments from that game and the week is an Amazon KOing the Chief with a soda can machine. The finial round, round five, was my bye.

Over all Darren got first place with five won, I got second, Richy third, Michael fourth and Adrian last. Darren brought over four of his dups from DC 75th Anniversary to give away as prizes. As they are Darren's dups and that there are only four he passed of the prizes, so I got to pick which of the four I would like. There was Dick Grayson as Batman, Deadshot, Mr. Terrific and Beast Boy in Bear form. I pick Batman of couse, Richy went for Deathshot which leaves the other two to the Brothers.

Next week we will be return to the campaign. It will be week eight of the campaign, round twenty-two will be 400 points and rounds twenty-three and twenty-four will be 200 point.

Well this week's Dreamclix is a Christmas special. All but the last one run on the same idea as the Stan Lee clix, if they were ever done the will not be torment legal.

First off is the jolly fat man himself, Santa Claus. He should have Phasing, Indomitable, Toughness, Shape Change, two specials "Gifts" and "Nurty List" and a special TA  called "Spirit of Giving".
Gifts: Santa can use Perplex. If he uses Perplex on a friendly character that is not himself, they gain a standard power of your choose while the perplex is in effect.
Nurty List: Santa can Perplex (yes he can Perplex twice, in fact more than twice). If he uses Perplex on an opposing character, you can use Outwit on them.
Spirit of Give: If a character with this TA is Perplex then they can use Perplex strait away even during you opponents turn. However you can only use this once a turn.
His states should be something like Movement 8, Attack 8, Defence 17 and Damage 2 with two targets. He should have about six clicks of health and the keywords Christmas, Mystical and Cosmic.

Next is Santa's Elf Helper. They should have Hypersonic, Willpower, a special called "Manly Little Hands" and a minion power called "Santa's Little Helpers".
Manly Little Hands: Santa's Elf Helper gain a +1 to its Attack value for each character with the name Santa's Elf Helper adjusent to It.
Santa's Little Helpers: Minion - If Santa's Elf Helper is within 8 squres of a friendly character called Santa Claus, they gain +2 to their Defence and gain Perplex. If they are not they then gain Shape Change.
They should have four clicks of health and starting states of Movement 10, Attack 7, Defence 17, Damage 1 and Range 4 with one target. They should have the Spirit of Give TA and the keywords Christmas, Mystical and Cosmic.

Lastly is Punisher in a Santa Claus suit. Even Punisher gets into the season of gift. He should have a trait call "Spirit of Giving", a special called "Gift from Punisher", Running Shot, Psyck Blast, Toughness and Willpower.
Spirit of Giving: Punisher can use Outwit, Energy Exposion and Range Combat Expert.
Gift from Punisher: Punisher can use Enhanced. Friendly characters adjusent to Punisher my use replace their Range Value with his.
He should have about six to eight clicks of health and starting states of Movement 8, Attack 10, Defence 16, Damage 3 and Range 8 with two target. He should have the Spider-Man Allies TA and the keywords Marvel Knights, Soldier and Warrior.

Next week's Dreamclix I am planning on doing a Iron Man anime special and then hopefully the week after, things should be going back to a stable formate, a new stabe formate for Dreamclix. Until next time, enjoy.