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Friday, 29 April 2011

DreamClix Dial Designs Revisited Part 1, Ten Piece of the One Piece

Welcome to the first part of the of the new DreamClix Dial Designs Revisited post, the second run of the DreamClix Dial Design List. I this run like with all the other reruns in the futcher, I am reposting all the HeroClix dial designs, posting some new ones and changing mistakes. Also in this run I will be updating the the special powers and traits to 2011 rules standard (for example, as the Move and Attach ability gives Hypersonic now, I do not need to state it in his Tiger Claw Trap special power) and added a new mechanic to some characters that I made called Summon. Also there will be ten dials per post and a new label "Dial Designs". Oh and I will be adding the appropeiut TAs to the post.

As stated above, the wording to Roronoa Zoro's special ability has been reworded to just Charge and Hypersonic.
 The wording to Buggy's special Loyal Crew has been change due to errors in the wording.

Now for the One Piece team ability: Once per game per character, a character using the One Piece team ability can choose one opposing character, this choice can be made only once per game even if the character has used another team ability. When this character attacks a chosen character, modify the chosen character’s defence value by -1.
Yes I have modify it a little. Ultimate X-Men TA, what it was originally based on, was choice a character or TA. However I wanted the One Piece TA more one on one than anything else. Well until next time have fun.