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Friday, 1 April 2011

Heroclix 31st March, Giant Size Smash

Welcome to another Heroclix post. This week we did a 1,200 points game, 4 actions, no colossal figures, usual house rules, battle royal. As Giant Size X-Men out and about we might see figure never played at our venal. However due to the high amout of points and low number of actions I decided to leave using the stuff I pulled in Giant Size X-Men until next time as the price bracket for most of the figures in the set is too low. I went for a Green Lantern team in the end.

Guy Gardner (75th) 110 + Green Lantern Honour Guard (ATA) 5 = 115
John Stewart (75th) 151 + Green Lantern Honour Guard (ATA) 5 = 156
Green Lantern (Blackest Night) 150 + Green Lantern Honour Guard (ATA) 5 = 155
G'nort (Green Lantern Corps) 70 + Green Lantern Honour Guard (ATA) 5 = 75
Ch'p (Green Lantern Corps) 80 + Green Lantern Honour Guard (ATA) 5 = 85
Tomar Re (Green Lantern Corps) 111 + Green Lantern Honour Guard (ATA) 5 = 116
Ganthet (Green Lantern Corps) 286 + Green Lantern Honour Guard (ATA) 5 = 291
Kyle Rayner (75th) 169 + Green Lantern Honour Guard (ATA) 5 = 174
Manhunter (Exp Cosmic Justice) 37 + Green Lantern Honour Guard (ATA) 5 = 42
=1,211 points and four re-rolls.

The others went for:

Darren – Asgardians
x3 Asgardian Warrior (Hammer of Thor) 37 x 3 = 111
x2 Valkyrie (Hammer of Thor) 38 x 2 = 76
Odin (Hammer of Thor) 295
Kurse (Hammer of Thor) 121
Executioner (Armour Wars) 72
Thor's Mighty Chariot (Hammer of Thor) 500 + Fortitude (Feat) 25 =525
=1,200 points and four re-rolls.

Adam – Non Themed
Nightcrawler (Web of Spider-Man) 86
Impossible Man (Secret Invasion) 72
Namor (Avengers) 151
Mandarin (Avengers) 156
Hulk (2099) 123
Apocalypse (Mutations and Monsters) 250
Domino (Rook, Mutant Mayhem) 35
Jean Grey (Rook, Universe) 31
Black Panther (Rook, Universe) 27
Thanos (Supernova) 267
=1,198 points and no re-rolls.

Adrain - Martial Artist
Bullseye (Web of Spider-Man) 117
Nightcrawler (Web of Spider-Man) 86
Kingpin (Hammer of Thor) 78
x2 Hand Ninja (Hammer of Thor) 38 x 2 = 76
Daredevil (Hammer of Thor) 81
Captain America (Hammer of Thor) 72
Tarantula (Secret Invasion) 51
Elektra (Human, Secret Invasion) 80
Howard the Duck (Secret Invasion) 35
Gamora (Secret Invasion) 73
Power Man and Iron Fist (Secret Invasion) 136
Shang-Chi (Avengers) 58
Hand Ninja (Rook, Universe) 11
x2 Hand Ninja (Exp, Universe) 13 x 2 = 26
Hand Ninja (Vet, Universe) 17
Black Panther (Vet, Universe) 46
Mandarin (Vet, Universe) 141
=1,184 points and nine re-rolls.

Michael – Non Themed
Klarion (Crisis) 76
Uncle Sam (Crisis) 140
Chief (Crisis) 63
Zatanna (Justice League) 72
Darkseid (Crisis) 210
Green Arrow (Crisis) 104
Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super Heroes) 70
The Question (Arkham Asylum) 37
Wonder Woman (Arkham Asylum) 248
Jinx (Rook, Legacy) 44
Major Disaster (Justice League ) 59
=1,123 points and no re-rolls.

It was many a big fight between Adam, Adrian and Michael with me and Darren Fighting off each other which I tried to avoid but failed. Every one thought Adrian won the game when time was called at 11PM, but will the victory points follow what everybody thought. Sady I do not have the scores any more but I do know the end resalts. I got fifth place sadly, Michael got forth place, Adrian got a shocking third place, Darren just manage to got second and Adam got first place.

Next week will be 500 points, standard build. Choose one of you figures as the Mastermind. Everbody else becomes Minons. The Mastermind gains the Mastermind power as a Trait, but can only use on characters that are half or less the points cost. Also if a your Minon KOs an opposing Mastermind your gain double the victory points and if your Mastermind KOs an opposing Minion you gain half the victory points.

In general HeroClix news, Wizkids revild that they will be releasing a new rule book for 2011 soon. It will be PDF release instead of a box set and there will be a new Powers and Abilities card. Until the release they will be doing a series acticles talking about the changes. The first acticle on Wenesday was about actions and hints of some of change to powers like Stealth. The second one was about the changes to wild cards and themed teams, they also noted a major change to the start of game roll off.

On personal Heroclix news as you might have heared already I received my brick of Giant Size X-Men in the post durring the weekend. Here is a list of what figures I pulled.

1. Madrox
2. Purifier
3. Omega Prime Sentinel
4. ?
5. Mindless One
6. Skullbuster
7. Pretty Boy
8. Cyclops
9. Wolverine
10. Beast
11. Emma Frost (x2)
12. ? (Should be able to trade with Darren for)
13. Empah
14. Roulette (x2)
15. Tabitha Smith
16. Aaron Stack (x2, should be able to trade the double to Darren)
17. Domino

18. Caliban
19. William Stryker
20. Harry Leland
21. Tarot
22. Cannonball
23. ? (Might be able to get off Darren)
24. ?
25. Elixir
26. ?
27. Siryn
28. Elsa Bloodstone
29. Monica Rambeau
30. Rogue (x2)
31. ?
32. Ch'od
33. Blob

34. ?
35. Mystique
36. Professor X
37. Gatecrasher
38. ?
39. Lockheed
40. ?
41. ?
42. ?
43. ?
44. Bonebreaker
45. Vulcan

Super Rare
46. ?
47. ?
48. Storm
49. ?
50. ?
51. ?
52. ?
53. ?
54. The Captain

As you can see in the list above I manage to pull 15 out of the 17 commons in the set, 12 out of the 16 uncommons, 6 out 12 rares and 2 out of 9 super Rares. I also pulled the Gambit/Rogue duo figure, Apocalypse from my Super Booster and got Jamie Madrox brick figure (that came four days later making me think I was not getting it). From one brick I only got four doubles which is great, but less figures over all in it too which is bad, but that was expected from the lower number of standard boosters to a brick, 8 instead of 10. Doing the maths I should be able to great the rest of the commons and uncommon for just over £5 which I might do.

This week's DreamClix I am doing for ShounenClix the dial designs for Grand Fisher from Bleach and Cabaji from One Piece. For MAClix I doing Master Kon and for MechaClix I am design ideas for Charlotte Dunois and Laura Bodewig from IS: Infinite Stratos. There will be no MAClix this week as I am still waiting for the subtitled version of episode 11 and 12 of the Wolverine anime. They have both been aired but current no sub.

First off are the dial designs for Grand Fisher from Bleach and Cabaji from One Piece.

Next is Master Kon from the Wolverine anime. Kon was one of to conteneders for control of Madripoor, the other being Hideki Kurohagi’s father. However Shingen Yashida joined forces with Hideki’s father giving Hideki’s father enough power to take over Madripoor. Shingen sent an assassin to kill Kon, but she ended up falling in love with Kon's son. Then one day Shingen decided to finish the job himself, killing both the former assissin and Kon's son. Kon manage to excape, however one of his legs were badly wounded and he now needs a staff to walk. Kon build up an underground resistance force to one day take over Madripoor. Kon died save the life of his granddaughter, Yukio, the child of the assassin and his son. He was a skilled fighter until the injery and to some dagre he is still. Now we got to what powers and abilities he should have. Mastermind and Leadership comes to mind first as he is that beloved leader of the rebal force which his followers would sacufise their lives to protect him. Maybe a click of stealth and some Perplex too fill out the character. He should have about four clicks of health and starting states of Movement 4, Attack 10, Defence 17, Damage 2 and Range 4 or 6 with one target. He should not have any TAs and his keywords should be Madripoor.

Next is Charlotte Dunois from IS: Infinite Stratos. Charlotte is a first year student at the IS academy and is the IS cadet representative from France. Charlotte was originally introduced in the series as "Charles", the second male IS pilot student that was transferred into Ichika's class but was actually sent to the academy to spy on Ichika. She's put in a room with Ichika, but he soon discovers her true gender. After hearing her sad story he decides to help her and then she falls in love with him. A Charlotte was a friend, Ichika gave her the nickname Char. Charlotte is the pilot of the Rafale Revive Custom II IS. Char's IS (could not resist the Gundam joke) is designs to be a rapide fire mid range IS. To represent this she shound have the Flight symbol, Running Shot thoughout her dial, Energy Explosion and Toughness. Also she should have Exploit Weakness to represent her Shield Pierce. She should have about five clicks of health and starting states of Movement 10, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 2 and Range 8 with two targets. Her TA should be the IS one and her keywords should be Armour, IS Academy, Teen and Spy.

Next is Laura Bodewig from IS: Infinite Stratos. Laura is a first year student at the IS academy and is the IS cadet representative from Germany. A genetically engineered super soldier, Laura is a member of the German military and holds the rank of second lieutenant. She has red eyes, long silver hair, and a black eye patch over her left eye. Laura was under Chifuyu's guidance when the latter was in the German army and thus holds Chifuyu in high regard. She easily defeats Lin and Cecilia but later loses against Ichika. She has a bandage over her left eye that had been subject to a failed experiment with nano-machines and if uncovered would overload. In despair at not being able to become stronger, she starts to admire Chifuyu Orimura, but when Chifuyu withdrew from the Mondo Grosso 2 tournament to save her kidnapped brother she began to hate Ichika from the bottom of her heart. At first she hated him and wanted to kill Ichika in a battle but she was defeated by the boy twice, even with the Valkyrie Trace System active. Later, in the Inter-IS subspace the two talk and when she asks him what real strength is, Ichika responds: "being able to do what one wants to do" and "being able to help those around him." This makes her think back to a discussion with Chifuyu who had told her to be careful of the great and mysterious power of Ichika that can make any girl fall in love with him. From that moment she begins to protect him from other girls and declares that he will be her "bride". Laura is the pilot of the Schwarzer Regen IS. Laura's IS is a heavy duty range type IS with tentacle like cables to knock her opponents about and a powerful force field to prevent her opponents from hitting her and getting near her. To represent is she should have Leap Climb, Range Combat Expert and two specials.
Out of My Way: Laura can use Telekinesis, however she deals one click of unavoidable damage to the target afterwards.
A.I.C.: Whenever an opposing character given an action attempts to move from a non-adjacent square into a square that is adjacent to Laura, it must roll a d6. On a result of 1-2, the opposing character cannot move to any square adjacent to Laura. Laura can use Toughness and Forcus Blast. One per turn durring one attack Laura can use Impervious instead of Toughness, buit this must be declaired before the the attack roll is made.
She should have about five clicks of health and starting states of Movement 6, Attack 10, Defence 17, Damage 3 and Range 12 with one target. Her TA should be the IS one and her keywords should be Armour, IS Academy, Teen and Soldier.

Next time in DreamClix I am there will be a couple of changes. I am planning on doing dial ideas for the remaining characters from the Wolverine Anime as well as Kiba, his dog Akamaru and Hinata from Naruto and maybe some CosmicBreak characters if I have the time. With dial designs I am planning on doing Momochi Zabuza and his Water Clone pog from Naruto, Don Kanonji Bleach, Lily Rain from CosmicBreak and maybe one more. Until next time, have fun.