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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Neoscream's Life, the 18th to the 24th of April

Hulkbuster Armour
Well another week of is now over and done with and it is time to write it up. Well the week before was damaging uniform cleaning, but what did last week had install for me.

On Monday morning Blaire came online, however as I was tired I decided to stay in bed and get more sleep, I worked from 10AM to 2PM. As the time table for this week was not up yet, so the manager said he will phone my when it is done to let me know what time I start tomorrow. However he never did. In Pokemon White I manage to train my team to a level 41 Lilligant, a level 41 Zebstrika, a level 41 Swellow, a level 41 Victini, a level 41 Excadrill and a level 43 Samurott.

On Tuesday morning Blaire was online again with Cudda like normal for a Tuesday morning or Monday night to her. She was on MFC than SkinVideo. Afterwards I posted last week's Neoscream's Life post and then headed to work for a 10AM start just in case I was meant to be is at 10AM like what normally been doing latelym However when I got there I found out that I meant to be starting at 12PM. So I went to PC World to pick up a digital picture frame as a birthday gift for my mum and then to Maplins for a new enfernet cable. I ended up finishing work at 2PM. When I got home, I did a bit of on-line shopping. I picked up a SD card for the picture fame, an electic egg boiler for my mum that she has been after, a new work cup for my mum with the words "First Class Mum" with a picture of a First Class Stamp (she is a manager of a post office) and a new laptop coolant pad as the current one does not work any more and the laptop is over heating. It is saying it is hitting temperture of 90D. I also looked at the prices of Cherry Bloosm trees. Then at 6PM there was a phone call, my mum was rushed into hospital. At first I was not that worried thinking it was just her standard high blooth suger or blood presser or tummy problems.

On early Wednesday morning Blaire was on-line again. As I was off work today and tomorrow, I decided to tidying room, which was in major need for tidying. I ended up moving all the stuff off the floor and sorting out all my HeroClix figures. In the evening my and my dad visited my mum in hospital. She was suffering from a major interal infection, however the doctors do not know where it is coming from. She was very out of it. After the visit I text Darren S to let him know that I will not be going to HeroClix this game. In Pokemon I managed to defeated the eighth gym leader and started on my journey to the Pokemon League. By the end of the day my team were a Lilligant that has levelled up to level 43, a Zebstrika that has levelled up to level 44, a Swellow that has levelled up to level 44, a Victini that has levelled up to level 43, a Excadrill that has levelled up to level 44 and a Samurott that has levelled up to level 45.

On Thursday I was off work again and was still tidying my room. I manage finish tidying the room, sorting out the HeroClix cards and the DVDs. When dad got home we popped into the city center to to pick up some bits for mum. Afterwards we visited my mum again. Sadly by the look of things she will not be back until Monday night at the very earliness. Ok, last week I forgot to talk about the updates to CosmicBreak. Last week they changed the part you receive when buying Rts and added three new hair colour opinions for Seraph Crimrose (Red, Brown and Silver). The week a new Quest and Garapon to promote the four new Comic Girls (Fan Girls): Aquila Girl, Mighty Byne Girl, Toybox Girl and Squidol Girl. There have also been some major updates to the Stage Editor too. I really like the like of Mighty Byne Girl but sadly she is a Land Type, but  Squidol Girl great too.

On Friday morning I posted the DreamClix Dial Desgin Listd post I was meant to do on Wednesday. It is meant every day off for these posts, not Sundays only. I worked from 10AM to 12:15PM. When I got home I posted to new HeroClix post. Sadly due to time and tidying I did not get around doing anything special about the post. I got a little bit of time to play Pokemon White and masnaged to level up my three members of my team by one level. My and my dad visited my mum. She was off the drip now, but suffering a little bit from the heat. After the vistit I went to Colett's Easter Party. There was a bunch of new faces there as well as most of the old one. I left to catch the 10:46PM bus, which was the last bus home. As I was about to got to bed Blaire came on-line. She was sorting out washing and sadly tried carrying too much, a ton of washing and her laptop when grabbing her keys. She ended up dropping her laptop and she shouldenly went off line. After a while of waiting I was about to go to bed again when I recived a Twitter from her. She had smashed the screen and the laptop is now unusable.

Blaire and her broken laptop
On Saturday morning I posted the DreamClix Dial Design List post that was meant to go up on Thursday before heading to coffee. At coffee this week was Darren H, Jake and Richard. Afterwards, Just before going to work I popped onto the book-store to picked up a guide book to Pokemon Black and White. I needed to maps from it as I keep on getting lost in complex cave and worrying that I have miss stuff. When I got to work there was no cars on drive thou and only one car in the car pack, the manager's car. And yes the resistant was open. I got sent home due to how dead in was. When I got home I started going though all the stuff I have missed to help power up my team before Victory Road and the Elite Four. By the end of the day my main team were a Lilligant that has levelled up to level 46, a Zebstrika that has levelled up to level 46, a Swellow that has levelled up to level 47, a Victini that has levelled up to level 47, a Excadrill that has levelled up to level 47 and a Samurott that has levelled up to level 48. When dad got home we had dinner and then we went to see mum. They doctors have worked out where the infection was coming from, but still did not know why it was happening. It also looks more like she will not be back until Tuesday at the earliness.

On Sunday morning I post thew last DreamClix Dial Design List post. It will be replaced with DreamClix Dial Design Revisited next week. This will be starting from the beging again, have new version of characters like Naruto that will use the Summon mechanic I made, some charges to fit into the new HeroClix rule, it will have ten dials instead of five and two new dials instead of one for each uncomplet show. Due to Richard then was some problem with travel to role-play as I could not get a left freom my mum as she was in Hospital. We got to Nathan's by gone 12PM. For the most part of the game I was out of it. Why, due to ther injuries me character received last week. By the end of the fifth seson, the school we were in was closed down and now we were is a training camp for Meta-Humans. After role-play I phoned home for a left at 4:30PM, but found my dad was not there. Odd I told him I would ber finishing between 4PM and 5PM. So I phoned his mobile and found that he has just got to the hospital to visit my mum, with out me. Nathan said that it would be alright to stay awhile, as we could talk about Mekton. So I said to my dad to phone my on his wat to pick me up. I was pissed off that my dad went to see my mum with out me but I never said anything to him. Me and Nathan chatted Mekton and a bit about Code Geass. We decided to turn to week after next into a character making and background learning sesion. Then later on I recived a phone call from my dad saying he was waiting outside Nathan's. What part of phone me when you a leave did he not understand? Never mind. Nathan gave me his Skype details and we continal the chat later vire Skype. I manage to play a bit of Pokemon White, I catchered the first of the three legaindry fighting dogs Cobalion. Sadly only had time to level up two pof my Pokemon by one level.

Well that is another week over and done with. Here is a list of up and coming blog post and the planned (not set) dates for them:

Friday 29th April: Heroclix.
Sunday 1st May: Watch, Listen and Read, DreamClix Dial Designs Revisited and maybe a Cosplay Devient set preview.
Monday 2nd May: MS Wars Update (been push back three days, but may be pushed back even more)
Tuesday 3rd May: Neoscream's Life.

Until next time, have fun.