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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Neoscream's Life, the 28th of March to the 3rd of April

Iron Man Silver Centurion Armour
Well another week of is now over and done with and it is time to write it up. First of I like to say HAPPY ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY to this blog. You heard me right, this blog, Neoscream’s Log, is one year old today. About a month before I started write a log which I only shard with a select fill. But then one day Blaire, an online friend of mine which the log did talk a lot about, said that if I do not start posting them online she will stop reading. I asked her about a good place to do it and she pointed me to Blog Spot or Blogger and it is otherwise known as. Sadly this did lead too, I use to record mine and Blaire’s chats in my logs, but Blaire never realised how easy a search of her full name or the user name of a friend of hers SuzySmartz, would be to find my blog. This lead to people from MFC learning things about her that she did not want them to know. So I have to dump the chats. At first this felt like a major blow to the blog, but a continued on and things manage to work themselves out. The log has changes over the years and still is going strong. This has shocked me as I have tried making websites in the past but always gave up after several months. The two things that really help are the time table I have been doing and the fact that I can work all this up on the go on my BlackBerry so all I need to do is to transfer it to my laptop and then post it on the blog. Also the improvement to Blogger over the year has helped too.  Nowadays there are three main weekly blog posts “Neoscream’s Life” on Tuesday, “HeroClix” on Fridays and “Watch, Listen and Read” normal on Sundays but can be Monday. Also there is the “DreamClix Dial Designs” post which happens on days off work, the monthly “MS War Update” post and preview posts of the new Cosplay Deviants sets I that like or of models I like. I will not longer be doing “CosmicBreak Update” as I am just repeating what is said on their main website, however I will try to talk about them in the “Neoscream’s Life” posts on the day they happen. Well I best get to the post at hand.

Blaire on Tuesday
On Monday morning I posted the Watch, Listen and Read post I should have posted on Sunday. At about 10AM I recived a phone call from work saying to come in at 11AM. Luckly my dad had the day of so I could get in with the short notice they gave me. When I got in I realised why I was called in early, Mcdonals had closed their restant for a refit that will take a week and a half. They still had they drive-thru however it did mean Buger King, where I sadly work, would be busy. I ended up finishing at 6PM, two hours later than what I was down to finish. Also when I was heading to work I found out Cotswold, the the people who took over the old Boarders store by my work place is going to be openning on Friday.

On Tuesday morning Blaire came on MFC for a while and then went on to SkinVideo when cudda turned up to hers. Kola was back home too. I worked from 10AM to 3PM. As I was tired I decided to not go to the gym as I was down to finish at 3PM tomorrow. When I got home I posted last week's Neoscream's Life post and worked on a team from HeroClix. As I was about to go to bed I got an odd e-mail from 13th Floor, the web store I got my HeroClix brick from. They had set the Giant Size X-Men Chase Figure I orders to me. What Chase figure? I cheched the address and it was the right one to what I havwe stuff sent to me, my mum's Post Office.

Blaire on Wednesday
On Wednesday morning Blaire was on MFC again. She was not on as long as she has been, maybe because there was no Cudda. I worked from 11AM to 4:30PM. Sadly due to the late finish I did not get time to go to the gym I should have gone yesterday. When I got home I found that the thing 13th Floor sent in the post was the brick figure they never sent with the brick. When looking on HCRealms I found that WizKids are starting a serise of articals about the change they have done to the new rule book which they be releasing soon on-line. Also on Pockie Ninja, they beeping reset the whole game. Great I will need to build a whole new character.

On Thursday I worked from 10AM to 4PM. As I was leaving I got told to come an hour earlier tomorrow which I was OK with. When I got home there was a new artical from Wizkids. Because of reading it I did not got I did not get around to posting the CosmicBreak and MS Wars post before going to HeroClix. I did not even had the time when I got back as I got back late and had to work out the other players team for my HeroClix post. I decided to give up on the CosmicBreak Update posts as I was only really repeating. However I will try to talk about it here. The only major update to the game is the Battle Rating System. Battle Rating is a new rating which reflects your performance in combat, as opposed to Rank, which simply shows how long you've been playing. New Battle Rating Rooms have been added to Union Wars in order to make it easier for players to fight against opponents who are of a similar skill level. This system is still being developed, so it may change in the future. Also they reviled that they will be releasing a new moe character new week called Nicole Malice. Please oh please do not let her to another Land type, there are too many in the game.

Nicole Malice, the new CosmicBreak character
On Friday I worked from 10AM to 4:30PM. It was a nightmare, McDonnals were closed for most of the day, making use busy. Also Coswold openning does not help ever. After work I popped in to Coswold to have a look around. It is an outdoor shop that also deals with outdoor fittness training. When I got home I went to post the new HeroClix post planning to do the MS Wars post that I did not get round to do yesterday afterwards. However due to internet problems, I took all the everning posting it. Before going to bed I received a message saying that role-play will not be happening week as we can not find a day that we are all can do. I could not to all day Thrusday and daytime both Friday and Saturday. Nathaen could not do Friday evering. Richard could not do daytime Saturday and allday Sunday and Peter just realised he could not do Saturday evering. Never mind.

On Saturday morning I almost thought I missed Blaire. As I did not hear my phone go off saying that she was on line. It did not help that I sleped in later than planned. Luckly when she went off camera we had one of our chats. We many talked about the blog going to be one year old on Tuesday. Because of get up late I did not get time to go to the Gym before Coffee. At coffee were Richard, Darren H and Colette. We still needed toi find a formate to play Worms at Richard's, will it be my Wii, my X-Box 360, Darren's PS3 or a random PC or Laptop pluged into the TV. After coffee I worked from 12PM to 6:15PM. Due to the late finish I did not get to go to the gym. I am really thinking of giving in up as it feels like a wash of money as last three weeks I have not gone to it and the two weeks before I only manage to go one day a week.

Sunday was my day off work and Mother's day. As there was something I want to show my mum (the new 3DS) and I did noyt have a Mother's Day gift yet, I took my mum to the shopping centre MK. We first went to the 3DS Tour event. The event was a lot smaller than I thought. I had a look atr the new Street Fighter 4 game for it and it look great. However my mum did not like the look of the 3D of the 3DS, which is the same as 3D TV but without the glasses. We the had a shop about. My mum picked up a Freesat box to replace the analog TV when we loss it, I picked up Pokemon White and I got my mum a pair of cat studs. Due to Pokemon White I did not get round to posting any blog post. On Pokemon White I manage to get to the second gym before going to bed. I have not yet fought the gym leader, as I struggelled with the gym trainers so I have to do a bit of training before fighting her. Currently my team are a brave level 13 Pansear, a naïve level 14 Blitzle, a hardy level 14 Munna, a modest level 14 Lillipup, a lax level 16 Drilbur and a careful level 17 Dewott.

Well that is another week over and done with. Here is a list of up and coming blog post and the planned (not set) dates for them:

Thursday 7th April: Cosmic Break News Update (if it happens).
Friday 8th April: Heroclix.
Sunday 10th April: Watch, Listen and Read, DreamClix Dial Designs part 10, Units: Hattori, Standard Type (MS Wars only) and maybe a Cosplay Devient set preview.
Tuesday 12th March: Neoscream's Life, DreamClix Dials List part 11 (Maybe).

I will type to get the missing MS Wars post done when I can, when I do not know as the number of hours that I am doing has gone up again, plus I busy with my other blog posts and playing Pokemon White. Oh and my crap internet connection is not helping ever. Until next time, have fun.