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Friday, 1 June 2012

MK HeroClix, the 31st of May, More Previews and Players

The X-Men TabApp figures
Welcome to another MK HeroClix post. First off is the HeroClix news for the week with another busy preview week. This week there were previews of Master Bruce Wayne from DC The Dark Knight Rises; Black Knight, Wasps (Hank Pym version), Ant-Man (Hank Pym version) and Giant-Man from Marvel Chaos Wars; Ms. Marvel and Thor from the Gravity Feed for Marvel Chaos Wars; both versions of Brainiac from DC Heroclix 10th Anniversary; both versions of Hulk from Marvel Heroclix 10th Anniversary; Joss Whedon, Morgan Spurlock and Harry Knowles from SDCC Combo-Pack; and Enchantress from DC Justice League 52. Also the dials for the both the Giant Size X-men and the DC 75th Anniversary fast forces sets were reviled in the Units section of HCRealms. The new Mechanic from the 10th Anniversary sets called Battlefield Promotion is an interesting ability which I might use in the future. Oh and before I forget the figures (not dials) for the HeroClix TabApp have been reviled. These will be cartoon style versions of Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Iceman and Cyclops.

This week’s game was another strait forward 400 points game. This week I went for an Avengers team with Red Hulk who ended up being:

Tony Stark (209 Avengers Movie) 50
Red Hulk (028 Incredible Hulk) 178
Scarlet Witch (057 Avengers) 35
Hollywood (013 Galactic Guardians) 138
*With Iron Man (205 Avengers Movie) on the side line for Tony Stark Alta-Ego ability
=401 points and four re-rolls.

There was no Adrian this week as sadly he was in the hospital, but we still have Andrew this week and another new guy, Robert. Yes that is right there are two of was now. On the first round I get the bye so I wrote down teams. On the second round I was up against Robert while Andrew had the bye. Robert was using an Avengers team too who were:

Luke Cage (014 Captain America) 98
Spider-man (001 Secret Invasion) 50
The First Avenger (002 Avengers Movie Starter) 100
The Incredible Avenger (006 Avengers Movie Starter) 150
=398 points and four re-rolls.

This was the longest of the games I played today. I took out his big hitters first and then white washed the rest of his team. Red Hulk’s special Hotter and Hotter was very useful in this game. (Red Hulk can use Poison. When he does, he deals 2 damage to adjacent opposing characters and 1 damage to nonadjacent opposing characters within 2 squares and line of fire.) On the third I was up against Darren while Michael had the bye. Darren was using a Brotherhood of Mutants themed team who were:

Destiny (028 Universe) 20
Sabertooth (040 Giant Size X-men) 93
Blob (033 Giant Size X-men) 76
Mystique (035 Giant Size X-men) 86
Rogue (030 Giant Size X-men) 128
=403 points and four re-rolls.

Like normal Darren creamed my team, but I did KO his Destiny. We manage to get time for a four round this week. I was up ageist Andrew while Darren had the bye.  Andrew was using a Fantastic Four theme team who were:

Reed Richards (111 Secret Invasion) 100
Human Torch (103 Secret Invasion) 100
The Thing (104 Secret Invasion) 100
Sue Storm (112 Secret Invasion) 100
=400 points and four re-roll.

Hollywood clobbered The Thing. Red Hulk smashed Reed Richards and Human Torch. And Tony Stark became a woman beater for beating up Sue Storm.  This led to another victory to my team.  For those interested Michael was using a Teen Titans theme team who were:

Aqualad (004 Crisis) 40
Speedy (005 Crisis) 45
Wally West (101 Crisis) 72
Nightwing (029 Crisis) 79
Captain Marvel, Jr. (050 Crisis) 157
=393 points and four re-rolls.

Next week should be 500 points, 3 actions, no figure over 100 points. I have an idea what I might run, but I need to remember it. I best make it after posting this.

Now for this week's DreamClix section. This week I am doing ideas for a MR-1 from Code Geass, a CMS-328 Desperado from Mobile Suit Gundam Age, Wedy from Death Note and Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy IX. But first I have designs of Gaara in his fully awaken Shukaku form from Naruto, a Pilot  card for the generic Black Knights Pilot, an Attack Buggy Horde token from the Gundam shows and the Under Dump map for CosmicBreak.

Next is Civilian Knightmare Frame the MR-1 from Code Geass. The MR-1 is a basic non-combat Knightmare that can fold itself into a more compact form. It should have Stealth, the Transporter ability and Shape Change. It should have about three clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 9, Attack 9, Defence 15, Damage 1 and Range 0. Its team ability should be the Knightmare Frame one and its keywords should be Citizen, Black Knights and Britannia. The next Code Geass idea should be the Pilot card for Kaname Ohgi.

Next is a CMS-328 Desperado from Mobile Suit Gundam Age. The CMS-328 Desperado is a construction mobile suit. It should have a special called "Dig" and Close Combat Expert.
Dig: Give CMS-328 Desperado a power action. Ever destroy one piece of blocking terrain or wall adjacent to this character or place a hindering terrain marker adjacent to this character.
It should have about three clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 7, Attack 8, Defence 15, Damage 1 and Range 0. Its team ability should be the Mobile Suit one and its keyword should be Citizen. The next Mobile Suit Gundam idea should be a Support card for Captain Grodek Ainoa.

Next is Wedy from Death Note. The second daughter in the Kenwood family, Wedy is also an expert with surveillance, and installs bugs in the Yotsuba Group's meeting room to secretly eavesdrop on the group's weekly meetings. She does the same for Kyosuke Higuchi's various cars, allowing the team to watch his desperate attempts to kill Touta Matsuda. After L's death, Light writes her name into the Death Note. She dies while at Colorado on January 10th in a traffic accident. In the anime version she seems to suffer a heart attack while driving her motorcycle only crashing after already being dead. She should have Leap Climb, Super Senses, Shape Change and a special called "Bugged".
Bugged: As a free action select one opposing character within four squares of Wedy. The target character cannot use Stealth.
She should have about four clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 8, Attack 8, Defence 16, Damage 1 and Range 4 with one target. She should not have a team ability and her keyword should be Kira Investigation Team. The next Death Note idea should be a duo figure of Light and L.

Next is Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy IX. Garnet til Alexandros XVII, alias Dagger and birth name Sarah, is the deuterogamist of Final Fantasy IX, and the heir of Alexandria. Garnet notices a change in her mother, Queen Brahne, and tries to escape Alexandria castle. Trying to hide her identity as a princess while travelling with Zidane, Garnet takes the alias Dagger, inspired by Zidane's weapon. Initially a polite and soft-spoken young woman, Garnet becomes wiser and matures as she travels with Zidane, eventually resolving to use her powers as a summoner to protect her kingdom. She should have Support, Energy Shield Deflection, Probability Control and a special called "Summon Eidolon".
Summon Eidolon: Give Princess Garnet a power action. Place a character with the Eidolon keyword from outside of the game adjacent to play at a dial number two higher than her current dial number.
She should have about five clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 8, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 1 and Range 4 with one target. Her team ability should be the Final Fantasy one and her keywords should be Final Fantasy IX, Ruler and Mystical. The next Final Fantasy idea should be a Mithra generic. Also there is a new Jsica set on Cosplay Deviants tomorrow. It will be her long awaited Rei Ayanami set. For these who do not know why I am talking about this here, one of Jsica past cosplays is Princess Garnet.

Lastly is the DreamClix Dial Designs page update news. On Sunday I did the first of three Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex updates. There were no new dial designs sadly this week. There should be at least an update on Sunday which will be the second of the three Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex updates.

Well until next time, Mecha Up.