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Friday, 16 May 2014

Gaming News from Neoscream: 16th May 2014

Welcome to “Gaming News from Neoscream”. This is my weekly gaming news post for miniature games, RPGs, some card games and computer games.

“Gaming News”

First off is the HeroClix news. This week we had previews of: Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers from Marvel X-Men Days of Future Past; Shang-Chi and the Cat from Marvel Deadpool; and Indigo-1, Indigo Tribe Recruit, Munk, the Indigo Tribe version of John Stewart, the Indigo Tribe version of Sinestro, the Orange Lantern Ring and the Orange Lantern Power Battery from DC War of Light.

Next is the Ninja Division news. With Super Dungeon Explore we got 3D printed images of Bashful Boris, Brave-Mode Candy, Never Lost Cola, Silver Chevalier, Tabbybrook Mage, Wandering Minstrel, Royal Warden, Dragon Blade and Deeproot Wolf Rider.

Now for the long awaited Kingdom Death news. It has been delayed again sadly,  this time there is no new deadline. However I would guess it will be the third quarter. The delay is mostly due the nightmare they are having with making all the armour kit compatible with one and other. Due to the wait they are working on some more game and story contents so backers can get more from game due to the wait. This delay was not unexpected, but not knowing when it is coming now in a pain. The stuff originally meant to ship December 2013. 
The Pledge manager is now back up for the Backers (not including the Black Friday 2013 ones like myself). The original stuff people pledged for cannot be changed and resin figures can not be added.  Also several of the prices have gone up to be more realistic, but these price changes only effect new stuff added now. The price changes I know of from the comments section on KickStarter are: the Flower Knight expansion went up from $15 to $25; the Dragon King expansion went up from $30 to $45; the Manhunter expansion went up from $20 to $25; the Grom expansion went up from $40 to $45; the Spidicules expansion went up from $40 to $45; and the five packs of Armour kits deals (one pack comes with the parts to build four figures) went up from $50 to $75 (one pack was on average $25).
Also on the update there were pictures of Flower Knight, Gorn, the Lonely Tree, Slenderman and The King.
We also got the MSRP for the game and expansions from Adam on the comments section. The Core Game will be $200, the Flower Knight expansion will be $50, the Man Hunter expansion will be $50, the Lion Knight expansion will be $50, the Dragon King expansion will be $80, the Gorm expansion will be $80, Dung Beetle Knight expansion will be $50, Spider expansion will be $80, the Sunstalker expansion will be $80, the Lion God expansion will be $50, the Lantern Festival expansion will be $80, the Slender Man expansion will be $50 and the Lonely Tree expansion will be $60.
The Satan twins had been extended AGAIN. This is the final time they are being extended and they will end TODAY. So it you want them this is your last moment to get them. However their store is running low of everything else. Only the Experiment of Death, 54mm Twilight Knight Pinup, the Pinup White Speaker, the White Speaker, the Pinup Great Game Hunter and the 54mm Pinup Preacher. Luckily the Pinups of Death box set is back in stock again.
And on personal news the delivery I missed on Saturday was my Kingdom Death order, so I have the Satan Twins and Pinups of Death box set.

Next is the Crooked Dice Games news. They just got the masters for all the May releases are in and they are in production. No clue when they will be out yet, however the United Radionics starter set is out now. It contains Lancelot Cray, Lionel, Man In The Lead Lined Suit, five United Radionics Minions with UR helmet heads, an United Radionics Minion with Flamethrower, an United Radionics Dog Handler, a Dog and a Security Robot.

Now for the Cool Mini or Not news. With Arcadia Quest this week we got painted images of Chooloo and Pigsy. With Guillotine Games (the people behind Zombicied) we got an image of a sculpt for a folk of birds. Are these for Zombicied or a new game they are working on? We currently do not know.

Are these coming to  Zombicide Season Three?
Next is the Privateer Press news. This week they revealed that they are doing a ton of pin badges. Sadly Convergence did not get any, not even the logo.
Also this week we got the list for the August 2014 releases. These are: The Mercenary Character Unit Alexia Ciannor and the Risen; the Mercenary Cephalyx Warcaster Exulon Thexus; the Mercenary Cephalyx Heavy Monstrosity that can be built into a Subduer, a Warden or a Wrecker; the Cephalyx Mercenary Unit Cephalyx Mind Bender and Drudges; the Trollkin Unit Trollkin Runeshapers; the Trollblood Heavy Warbeast Earthborn Dire Troll; the Legion Light Warbeast Nephilim Bloodseer; the Minion Unit Gatormen Posse; the Warmachine High Command Expansion pack called “Colossal Warfare”; and LEVEL 7 [INVASION]. However there is no official date for the second half of the May release yet on their site.

Lastly there is the Elven Adventurers KickStarter news. They are still waiting on the last three miniatures from the caster.

“KickStarter Dates”

·         Both “Mekton Zero” and “Kingdom Death Monster” have been delay due to problems and both currently have no dates
·         Both “Elven Adventurers Box Set” and the physical side of “Warmachine Tactics” have begun shipping
·         Wave one of “Robotech RPG Tactics” should be shipping sometime between now and the end of June 2014
·         “Zombicide Season Three” should start sometime between now and the end of June 2014
·         “Among the Sleep” should be done sometime between now and the end of June 2014
·         “Battle Systems Sci-fi Modular Terrain” and wave two of “Deadzone” should ship in June 2014
·         Wave one of “Journey Wrath of Daemons” should ship in July-September 2014
·         “Mechabrick” should being shipping anytime from July 2014 onwards
·         "Interface Zero 2.0" should begin shipping in July 2014
·         “Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Set” (comes with a digital copy of the old RPG rulebooks), “Shadows of Brimstone” and “Mars Attacks” are all listed to ship in August 2014
·         “Warmachine Tactics” Computer game is listed to be done and out by August 2014
·         The "Battle System Fantasy Dungeon Terrain" KickStarter should start sometime between August and November 2014
·         “Arcadia Quest” is listed to ship in September 2014
·         At a wild guess “OVA” main rulebook will ship in September 2014
·         Wave two of “Robotech RPG Tactics” should hopefully be shipping in September-October 2014
·         Wave two of “Journey Wrath of Daemons” should ship in October-December 2014
·         “StarCrawlers” is listed to be done and out by November 2014
·         “DreadBall Xtreme” is listed to ship in November 2014
·         Both “Super Dungeon Explore The Forgotten King” and “Guild Ball” are listed to ship in December 2014

“Painting and Converting”

This week we have a bumper holiday (I am off work) special. I have done a Toxic Zombie Walkers, two Toxic Zombie Runners, a Toxic Zombie Fatty, four Berserker Zombie Walkers, two Berserker Zombie Runners, a Berserker Zombie Fatty, a Zombie Dog, both the normal and Pinup version of Preacher from Kingdom Death, a Revenger Menoth Light Warjack, the Menoth Warcaster Vice Scrutator Vindictus, the Cygnar Character Solo Captain Arlan Strangeways, the Menoth Solo Hierophant and the Menoth solo Paladin of the Order of the Wall.

Group one of this week's figures front view
Group two of this week's figurers front view
Group one rear view
Group 2 rear view
This week's Zombicide figures
Wave one Toxic Zombies
Wave one Berserker Zombies
A comparison of the three Zombie types. Standard, Toxic and Berserker  
This week's Warmachine figures
This week's Kingdom Death

The next “Painting and Converting” section should have two Viktorias, a Ronin, Taelor, a Prone Judwin token, the MVP Mellisandra, two Prone Forge Father tokens and a TK-Zero Heavy Weapons Team. The next one will be in ever the “Neoscream’s Life” or the next “Gaming news with Neoscream”, all depending on if there is any AJ Lee news this week.

Until next time, Keep Rolling.