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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Neoscream's Life: 11th to 17th August 2014

Welcome to the Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of some of the things I have done during last week and news on the great Geek Goddess, AJ. This would have been posted earlier, however when I opened the file to post it, all the beeping work I did on Sunday was missing with no reason why. BEEP. Beep. BEEEEEEEEEEEP.


Why oh why do I have to rewrite this all again. Work this week had been stressful. This could have been due to a long time in-between days off, all the going home early from short shifts the other counter staff were doing, or the thing that gets rid of the stress but cause other problems (the ones I cannot write about)  was not around this week. Ever way I was worn out by Sunday, my day off.

On Wednesday evening I went to the cinema with Richard, his nephew and Jake to see the latest Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy. A brilliant film, I would really recommended to people. Batista did not even try to act, which saved the film greatly.

"AJ and the WWE"

Here we go again. AJ had matches against Eva Marie on both Raw and Smackdown. However AJ sadly lost both matches due to interference from Paige. On Raw AJ beat the crap out of Eva afterwards, while n Smackdown Paige sadly beat the crap out of AJ afterwards.

Also this week AJ helped her husband to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 

The SummerSlim results will be in next week’s post. Why do I hear Barrett’s voice in the background?

“Watch, Listen and Read”

Watched: The rest of last week’s WWE Smackdown.

Watched: Part two of last week’s episode of Weekenders, last week’s episode of BBC’s Click, episode 4 of Persona 4 the Golden Animation and part of this week’s episode of WWE Raw.

Watched: Guardians of the Galaxy.

Watched: The rest of this week’s episode of WWE Raw.

WLR: Nothing.

Beasts of War
Watched: This week’s episode of Weekenders and this week’s episode of Smackdown. I sure that there was more but I last the original list.

Watched: This week’s episode of BBC’s Click and the first three minutes of this week’s Weekenders XLBS. I sure that there was more but I last the original list.

Still in the post or soon be should
A free BattleZones accessory sprue.
DeadZone Wave Two.

Until next time, Keep Rolling.