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Friday, 5 December 2014

Gaming News from Neoscream: 5th December 2014

Welcome to “Gaming News from Neoscream”. This is my weekly gaming news post for miniature games, RPGs, some card games and computer games.

“Gaming News”

First off is the new version Paranoia news. The KickStarter has now finished and they have made £217,517 with 2,747 backers. Over the last couple of days they managed to unlock: Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues; and a third adventure was added to Ultraviolet. There were no Stretch Goals left.

Now for the Wireless Power Board Game Terrain and Miniature Lighting KickStarter. Sadly they could not get it funded.

Next is the Mantic news. The KickStarter has now finished and they have made $366,547 with 4,380 backers. Over the last couple of days they managed to unlock: An Orc War Drum team was added to the Orc Mega-Starter Army; three Ogre Berserker Braves was added to the Ogre Mega-Starter Army; three Abyssal Molochs were added to the Forces of the Abyss; two Goblin Warmachines were added to the Goblin Mega-Starter Army; a double sided pad for creating textured bases from Basius as an adding; twenty Salamanders, three Forest Shamblers, twenty Naiads; one Druid and one Greater Earth Elemental as part of a new Forces of Nature Starter set; forty Salamanders, six Forest Shamblers, forty Naiads, two Druids and two Greater Earth Elemental as part of a new Forces of Nature Mega-Starter set; one Greater Obsidian Golem was added to the Abyssal Dwarf Mega-Starter Army; set of four wound markers was added to “Living Legend” pledge level; Ronaldo the Bard was added to was added to “Living Legend” pledge level; Abyssal Fiend as an add-on.
Sadly there was a goal at $370k that was never made. It was a Centaur Hero that would have been added to the Forces of Nature Mega-Starter set. However knowing Mantic it will be unlocked during the Pledge Manager.
On other Mantic News, wave one of DreadBall Xtreme has started shipping. However it will JUST be the box game (maybe extra based on the box game content). Wave two will hopefully ship in January with a new Season 4 line-up and some of the third-party add-ons. Yes that is right, they relieved via Beasts of War Weekenders and NOT KickStarter that they have revised what team are in what season. Season four will be Brokkrs, Rebs, Sphyr and Hobgoblins. All but Hobgoblins were meant to be Season Five and the Hobgoblins were meant to be Season Six. Will this affect the teams that backer were thinking they are getting? I do not know and hope not. ALSO this means that there will now be a THRID wave.

Now for the Stonehaven Miniatures news. Shipment of the Coloured Pop-Up Miniature Terrain Kits has been delayed due to weather.

Next is the Ninja Division news. With Robotech RPG Tactics, containers 6 to 7 have arrived and the have be busy shipping. USA and Canada have all been shipped and European should be shipping by the end of this week to their European centre. It will take at least three to five weeks to ship and at least one week to ship from the centre to the backers.

Now for the Kingdom Death news. For an update on the state of the web store, they just now have People of the Sun, Pinups of Death - Hard Plastic Collection and Pinup White Speaker in stock after the Black Friday sells.

Next is the Dust: Operation Babylon news. The Pledge Manager will end this weekend, however they have started shipping to everywhere apart from US, Austria and New Zeeland.

Now for the Crooked Dice Games news. Five Chronal Commandoes from the Ministry of Time were just released this month.

Lastly is the Cool Mini or Not news. With Arcadia Quest I have missed an update last week say that the EU stuff should start December the 2nd, however there is no news that it has started. Also the AU stuff should start shipping next week.

“KickStarter Dates”

·         “Mechabrick” (April 2014), wave two of “Robotech RPG Tactics” (December 2013), wave three of “DreadBall Xtreme”(November 2014), wave two of “Journey Wrath of Daemons” (July 2014) and wave two of “Dust Operation Babylon” (August 2014) have all been delay due to problems and currently have no dates on when these will start shipping, but I feeling that they will be sometime in 2015
·         “Arcadia Quest” (September 2014) from all but the AU hub, wave one of “Shadows of Brimstone” (August 2014), wave one of “Robotech RPG Tactics” for USA and Canada (December 2013) and wave one of “Dust Operation Babylon” for all but US, Austria, New Zeeland (August 2014) and  wave one of “DreadBall Xtreme” (November 2014)  should have (or soon will) started shipping
·         The coloured ran of “Pop-Up Miniature Terrain Kit” (November 2014), the digital copy of “Mekton Zero” rulebook (December 2013), “Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Set” (comes with a digital copy of the old RPG rulebooks. August 2014), “Arcadia Quest” (September 2014) from the EU hub, hopefully the physical copy of “OVA” (Dec 2013), the physical copy of the “Mekton Zero” rulebook (March 2014), wave three of “Deadzone” (December 2013), “Last Saga” (November 2014), wave one of “Journey Wrath of Daemons" (July 2014) and wave one of “Dust Operation Babylon” for US, Austria and New Zeeland (August 2014) all should hopefully be shipping in December 2014
·         “Super Dungeon Explore The Forgotten King”, “Guild Ball” (December 2014), wave two of “DreadBall Xtreme”(November 2014) and wave one of “Robotech RPG Tactics” (Europe) should be ship in January 2015
·         “StarCrawlers” (November 2014) Episode One is listed to be done and out by February 2015
·         “Zombicide Season Three” should ship in February 2015
·         Wave 1.5 of “Shadows of Brimstone” should ship in April/May 2015
·         Both “Half-Orc Adventures” and the PDFs for “Paranoia” should ship in May 2015
·         Both “Paranoia” and “Slaughterball” should ship in June 2015
·         “Kingdom Death Monster” (Dec 2013), “Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain”, “Demigods Rising”, “Yashima: Legend of the Kami Master” and “Kings of War Second Edition” all should ship in July 2015
·         “Dragon Tide” should ship in September 2015
·         Both “Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest” and wave two of “Shadows of Brimstone” (August 2014) should ship in August 2015

“Painting and Converting”

Here is the Christmas painting so far. Yes I know I need to get a move on on these.

Until next time, Keep Rolling.