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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Neoscream's Life: 6th to 12th April 2015

The Brokkr Team
Welcome to the new Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of what games I have been playing and what I have watch. Sadly as the great Geek Goddess AJ Lee has retired, there will be no more weekly news of her.


On Monday I went down for some Zombicide. We played the second mission from the first Compendium book, "Roundabout", twice. I decided to cut down to just Season One Zombies and equipment (with the extra Gas and Bottle I got from eBay). We won the first game with the recommended four players/survivors. Bob pulled out of the second game, but as it was so easy we played it with three players/survivors and we won again.


Like normal on a Thursday, I went to York House and for once in a long time it was to play some HeroClix. We played a special "Avengers vs JLA" scenario. There was no Adrian or Michael.  I had Avengers while Darren S had JLA. We 2,500 points of ours respected teams. We played three 600 point games that we built from the 2,500 points. All damage remains. During the games we can give a figure a power action and then summon a figure from the 2,500 points that was not on the field to your starting area. While doing this you may remove the figure doing this action from play. The figure cannot push your on field points value past 600 points.
Darren S kick my ass badly by KOing all 2,500 points of my team. Part of this was that I did not understand all the rules while building the 2,500 points team. Sadly I did not record Darren S’s 2,500 points team or any of our 600 points sub teams, apart from my first. But I do have my full 2,500 points team (which the first six characters are my first 600 points team).

Iron Man (201 Marvel Invincible Iron Man) 110 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 115
War Machine (029a Marvel Invincible Iron Man) 125 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 130
Scarlet Witch (006 Marvel Chaos War Fast Forces) 75 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 80
Hank Pym (014 Marvel Chaos War) 75 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 80
Moon Knight (032 Marvel Amazing Spider-Man) 109 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 114
She-Hulk (013 Marvel Incredible Hulk Fast Forces) 75 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 80
Captain America (013 Marvel Avengers Movie) 75 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 80
Havok (013 Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men) 81 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 86
Vision (013 Marvel Chaos War) 95 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 100
Wolverine (029 Marvel Chaos War) 90 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 95
Black Knight (031 Marvel Chaos War) 90 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 95
Hawkeye (039 Marvel Chaos War) 98 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 103
Black Widow (006 Marvel Captain America) 85 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 90
Justice (030 Marvel Supernova) 94 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 99
Black Panther (024 Marvel Avengers) 92 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 97
Luke Cage (014 Marvel Captain America) 98 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 103
Thor (014 Marvel HeroClix 10th Anniversary) 100 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 105
Ms. Marvel (023 Marvel Chaos War) 110 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 115
Wonder Man (028 Marvel Chaos War) 118 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 123
Ares (034 Marvel Chaos War) 199 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 204
Nova Prime (001 Marvel Galactic Guardians) 150 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 155
Falcon (030 Marvel Captain America) 79 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 84
142 SI016 Hercules (016 Marvel Secret Invasion) 142 + Secret Avengers (ATA) 5 = 147
=2480 points.

On this Thursday we should be playing (unless things change) the long awaited “War of Kings” scenario.

International TableTop Day

Saturday was International TableTop Day. I had book the day off for it. I went down to Wargames Workshop MK armed with Zombicide (Season's one to three), Arcadia Quest (with both expansions,), Boss Monster (with the exception), Red Dragon's Inn, Munching (the super hero version) and an old Iron Man card game from the first film. Sadly they had double booked (or you could say triple booked) as there was a Yu-Gi-Oh and Cardfight Vanguard tournament happening on the day too that took most of the room sadly. First I got in three games of Boss Monster with someone else's set. I managed to win the second game. After that I had launch and then managed to find a table to set up Zombicide. I picked the first of the two tutorial mission from Rue Morgue called “Learning to Fly”. Sadly I could only get Adrian (from HeroClix) to play. We both took two survivors randomly drawn from the Survivors deck I now own (minus the survivors I do not have) and then played the game, which we won. After that I picked up Castle Panic and the expansion "The Wizard's Tower", which we both had a game of. We did not use the expansion as I barely remember the rules for the main game from watching TableTop. The winner of the game was Castle Panic. Sadly that was all we had time for. However, at the start of the day, I was told that they is continuing International TableTop Day on Sunday as it is their board games day (apart from the last Sunday of the month). The raffle they are doing was being drawn then (I will cover the raffle later. The only other games being played that I know the names of and remember were Star War Armada, Pandemic and Magic the Gathering.
On Sunday I was planning to get a game of Arcadia Quest in. Sadly while setting up I realised that I had left the box with the tokens at home as for some odd reason I never put it back into the main box where it should live in. Face Palm. So I decided to do Zombicide instead, sadly. I managed to get in two games of Zombicide with Adrian and two other people. We played the “Gas Run” mission from Rue Morgue. We each had two random survivors and we managed to win it. We then played the mission “The Cleaners” from Angry Neighbours. It took ages and Seekers are damned annoying, but we did luckily won the game in the end. At the end of the event there was a raffle for some of the prize support from Geek and Sundry (TableTop). During the two days to get raffle tickets you had to:
  • Buy a board game or boxed card game (like Boss Monster, NOT something like Magic) that is not an expansion. This would earn you one ticket.
  • An extra ticket if they had an International TableTop Day label on it.
  • And if you bring a game on ever day or played a game you just brought, you gained a ticket.

I had three tickets due to bring games and buying a game with an International TableTop Day label (Castle Panic). Sadly I did not win ever of the two prizes they were giving out in the raffle.
The only other games being played that I know the names of and remember were Magic, Vanguard, Boss Monster and Necromunda.

“Painting and Converting”

For this post I have for you a Cygnar Ranger, a Convergence Reflex Servitor, Leveticus and two Hollow Waifs.

This post's figures front view.
This post's figures rear view.
The full Cygnar Rangers team. The unit leader never came with her lose hand so I had to make one from spare parts I have.
This post's Malifaux figures.

In the next post there should be three Mars Attacks Civilians and three Asterian Kalyshi Players.

“Watch, Listen and Read”

Events: Work and then Zombicide in the evening.
Brought and Received: A pot of paint.

Watched: Episode 17 of Flash, episode 18 of season three of Arrow and that week’s episode of WWE Raw.
Events: Work.

Watched: That week’s episode of the Gadget Show and episodes 10 and 11 of Transformers Robots in Disguise.
Events: Work.

Events: Off work and HeroClix.
Received: Painting Miniatures From A To Z Angel Giraldez Masterclass Volume 1 with free figure.

Events: Work.
Received: My Guild Ball stuff.

International TableTop Day
Watched: That week’s episode of Weekenders, that week’s episode of WWE Smackdown and a chunk of Geek and Sundry's live coverage of International TableTop Day.
Events: Off work and International TableTop Day at Wargames Workshop MK.
Brought and Received: Castle Panic and the Wizard's Tower expansion.

Watched: That week’s episode of Weekenders XLBS.
Events: Off work and more International TableTop Day at Wargames Workshop MK.

Still in the post or soon be should
Super Dungeon Explore (if my stuff ships with wave one).

Until next time, hope for a better tomorrow.